Giants in the land

There’s no denying that Facebook is a huge waste of time, but I also find some very cool articles passed along by friends.  Here’s one.

Did you know that over the years people have found hundreds of giant human skeletons buried all over the Midwestern US and the rest of the world?  They are sometimes found singly or in pairs, but often in large groups, with individuals measuring between 7 and 12 feet tall.  Apparently they don’t tend to find their way into museums, but it seems to be fairly well documented.

You can find an incredible amount of stories of giants, from the east coast to the west, from the north to the south. Bones, skulls, six fingered fossils, tombs, mounds, caves. Newspaper articles were written and archaeological research done. But where are the findings now?


You can even read the newspaper clippings for yourself!

many more newspaper clippings here…

I’m one of those crazy people who believe that there really were giants back when the world was young, and – here’s the shocker –  I think the clearest reading of Genesis 6:1-4 indicates that they were the offspring of humans and fallen angels.


1 And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them,

2 That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.

3 And the Lord said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years.

4 There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

Genesis 6:1-4

I know I am in the minority, so don’t take my views as representative of anyone else, but it really seems to the shortest distance between two points.  “Sons of God” was a very common phrase in the Old Testament and always referred to angels, fallen or otherwise; only in the New Testament do we gain the title of sons and daughters of the Most High.

Want to know something else?  I have my own hypothesis that these offspring had supernatural powers and often rose to positions of religious and/or political power.  The ancient Egyptian pharaohs claimed that they could trace their lineage directly to their gods; what if these “gods” were fallen angels?  The Bible itself bears witness that the magicians in pharaoh’s court could do real magic, although they couldn’t compete with God’s power.  Many of the Greek myths talk of “gods” having children with human women, and the offspring were demi-gods: supermen, mortals with long lives and incredible strength and sometimes magical powers.

I’m sure the list could go on and on, and to the best of my knowledge this idea is nowhere contradicted in the Bible.  The only thing that makes it sound crazy is our own assumption that it can’t be true.

What do you think?



  1. Hi Sarah. You haven’t rained on my parade. Jim isn’t a scientist, plain and simlpe. He is a brick/stone mason who became interested in “colonial ruins” and wanted to discover the history behind such ruins. I have watched the entire TED talk and found it very interesting. Believe what you will. I’m not here to persuade anyone one way or the other. Also, who is to say what is a “wild claim” or what isn’t? Our bible is filled with stories that secular (and some believers) find wild and or impossible!


  2. Sorry I spelled Vieira wrong. It is as I just spelled it and to clarify he has many videos on YouTube that are all very interesting.

    • Sarah :) says:

      T J – Thanks for posting this tip. I went to, and it turns out they’ve removed the video because of claimed inaccuracies in his talk. Look here for the detailed and official explanation of the removal:

      Some more interesting information and links can be found in a discussion here on the TED website:

      While I am very interested in this being true, it also bothers me that someone would give a TED talk and not be airtight (or at least not make what seem to be obvious mistakes) about it. Especially a controversial topic like this. I could definitely see people disagreeing with what he said, but if it’s legit why all those errors? I am not trying to rain on your parade, I just don’t understand why this discussion seems to be fraught (on the pro-giantism side) with (apparently) bad science. If it’s legit, we don’t have to resort to unproven theories or wild claims…… right?

  3. Hi Kim. You’ve just touched on a subject that I’ve been sorta obsessed about for a while now. I high recommend that you check out Steve Quayle and his books and website on this subject. Very interesting reading although, of course there are those who think he’s extreme. Also, check out Jim Viera’s TED talk entitled “Giants of Ancient America and Mysterious Mounds” on YouTube. Note the continual mention of double rows of teeth and six fingers on each hand, just as Goliath and his brothers were described as having in the bible. As for an interesting purely biblical perspective check out Beginning and End blog. His insight is incredibly eye opening! (He also delves into end times prophecy and what is happening today around the world and how these things line up). Anyway, happy reading! I hope you find it all enlightening!

  4. Didn’t read all the comments, so at the risk of repetition of all the smart people who post here I will say, I agree with you about the Sons of God / fallen angels debate. Thing is, Satan is always trying to imitate the power and wisdom of God, pervert what God does, and also has come to ‘steal, kill, and destroy.’ God’s plan was to have His Son born of a woman, born under the law. The Bible also says this plan was in place ‘before the foundations of the world.’ which could mean before the creation of the universe, but after the fall of the angels which sinned, because it also says the Son’s of God rejoiced to see God’s power exhibited in the Creation process. There has been plenty of media and press with the theme of ‘spawn of Satan’ with Satan himself impregnating a human woman, so it isn’t a far fetched line of thought at all. Also, many believe the result of such a union in the future would be the antichrist, and in the past near the flood the Bible says the earth was filled with violence (satan = death culture), and that the result of the sons of God and daughters of men getting together was ‘men of renown’ which indicates giants, and some super human characteristics. As for Noah having this in his lineage, I don’t believe he did because the Bible states that Noah was ‘perfect in his generations.’ Also, considering statements made in Jude and 2 Peter, there were some demons who were so wicked and did something so hideously evil that they have been chained in darkness until the ‘great day’ when God will cast all demons and Satan into the lake of fire forever. We know this isn’t ALL demons chained, because the New Testament and just a casual glance at our modern world tells us demons are definitely at work on the earth, and the context is about the Flood. So the hypothesis is that these were demons who co -habitated with human women, trying to pervert the blood line through which the Son of God would eventually come. God wouldn’t allow that to continue after the Flood. Anyway, I agree and I think there is some Biblical evidence that seems to support this position, so I don’t think you’re wacky.

  5. Kim Blight says:

    Genesis 6 mentions Noah being perfect in his generations. Interesting that, isn’t it?

  6. My thought on the false God’s in the world was similar! Fallen angels or their offspring! My husband thinks I am a bit batty but he also just doesn’t feel any of it is worth his time to think about.
    I also believe that if real magic didn’t exist the bible would not specifically tell us to not practice it.

  7. I think that if it’s in the Bible, it’s the very most honest truth.

    And, fossils and skeletons and bones and things of this nature that are found are usually pretty accurate too.

    Yes, I think there were giants in the land in those days, and also when the earth was young.

    This was a fascinating post! Thanks for posting!!

  8. Joshua Wiley says:

    I am PDFing as part of my research because, well, with all due respect, it strikes me that is a good example of how one can try to read far too much into the Bible. From my perspective, the main that makes it sound crazy is, well, the rest of what we know about biology, anthropology, etc.

    • Joshua, you and I are starting from different presuppositions. As you know, I believe in the inerrancy of Scripture. Scientists, on the other hand, are often proven wrong. I’ve chosen my starting point and you have yours, but that makes it difficult for the two of us to have a serious debate on the subject. You think my idea sounds crazy; I think you were crazy to ditch the Bible as your basis of truth. 😉

  9. Rebecca Burgener says:

    This is fun to think about. The Bible tells us everything we need to know to follow God, but it doesn’t say everything there is possibly out there to know. I wonder, will we have access to all the knowledge of everything that ever was once we reach Heaven?

    Funny thing is, some of the characteristics described in the article still show up. My great uncle had six fingers on each hand and no color to his eyes. I’m not certain if he had no irises or if they were just white. I don’t know how tall he was. There have been other babies born within our family tree with extra fingers, but doctors remove them now.

    Also, my husband has “shark teeth.” His baby teeth never fell out on their own. The dentist has removed most of them now, but he had two rows of teeth for years.

    Family history fascinates me, and this adds quite a twist. Like I said, it’s fun to think about.

  10. Uhoh. The Bible makes it plain that the deluge was global and that everyone expired except those inside the ark.. Gen 6:7, 6:17, 7:4, 7:18, 7:21

  11. Nice to see someone else believes similarly. Growing up those scriptures were never mentioned so I didn’t even know about this until I was grown and starting reading for myself (something not encouraged much where I went to church). There is also a possibility that the flood did not cover the whole earth but a portion of it. I’ve heard the chinese have written history that goes back before the flood and that they were not affected by the flood. Since the old testement bible mostly focuses on those in the lineage of Christ it is possible these things also are true. In which case there may have been other giants unaffected by the flood who continued to procreate afterwards. Just a thought. Some day we will know all that happened on the earth and I think we’ll be in for some big surprises!

  12. The cool thing is, is that if it’s true, the truth will shine forth at some point!!

    Kim says to keep digging….does she mean on the Internet or in the backyard? LOL!

    Seriously, I’m with you, Kim! I think these things are clues pointing to something worth finding. I guess I’ve read enough Thor Heyerdahl and Bob Cornuke books that help give that perspective. I think there are a lot of mysteries out there yet to be solved that will verify a Creator, Worldwide Flood, etc. It’s amazing to think about.


  13. Sarah :) says:

    Also, if you read a story about red haired giants found by a farmer in Iowa, it’s a load of poop. See the Iowa historian, page 4:

  14. Sarah :) says:


    I saw your post on facebook and went a little crazy with researching (3+ hours? O:) ). I found this article talking about it on AiG – The guy wasn’t as satisfactory about current giant “finds” as I wanted, so I wrote him, and he wrote back!

    my comment on the website: “In your article you basically dismiss 75-95% of all “we found giant skeleton” stories in the last few hundred years, though you do mention “Smithsonian” and “coverup” in the same sentence. I am wondering if your dismissal is based on anything more than lack of proof? What about the MANY newspaper articles published in the past (, or this video aired on Russian news in 2008? ( I am not trying to disagree with you, but to get to the bottom of this. If the Smithsonian/current prevailing scientific thought is covering up a previously unknown race/culture of people in the north americas (mound builders) because it doesn’t fit with their evolutionary timeline (which seems VERY plausible to me), I want to know. Are there any books or other reputable sources you know of? Thanks so much.”

    His reply:

    “Hi Sarah,

    Thank you for contacting Answers in Genesis and for your comments/questions about my article.

    Concerning supposed giant findings and Smithsonian cover-up conspiracies…

    I agree that it is very plausible that the evolutionary scientific establishment would squelch evidence that doesn’t fit their view of history, so I am not entirely opposed to this idea. In the article, I stated:

    “Scores of giant skeletons have been allegedly unearthed in the past couple of centuries. These claims were especially popular in the nineteenth century. So far, no concrete evidence of these claims has been brought forth. Although some claim the evidence was ignored, destroyed, or hidden by places like the Smithsonian, it seems more likely that the vast majority of these reports were hoaxes created for various reasons.”

    So if I find the Smithsonian cover-up angle plausible, why do I doubt this is the right answer? Two reasons: first, I think that solid evidence for these giant skeletons would have come to light at some point. Can the Smithsonian (or some other organization) really shut down information leakage from every reported finding in the world? That is, if I were to dig up a giant skeleton, I would take pictures and tell all sorts of people before the government was even aware of it. Why is it that in every one of these cases, there is nothing except the person’s word? Again, they could be telling the truth, but it seems like a bit of stretch to think the American government could cover up nearly every single worldwide discovery. Many of the reported findings were from the early 1800s and the Smithsonian didn’t open until 1855. Evolutionary teaching on man’s origin wasn’t popularized until a few years later with the publication of Darwin’s work (1859). So it seems strange that some of the finds from the early 1800s weren’t verified.

    Second, so many of the reports of giant skeletons in the 1800s just seem too fishy to me. I realize that my objection is somewhat subjective, but many of the reports seemed too fishy, too similar, as if some folks were just out to make a name for themselves or for their towns (make it a tourist attraction or whatever). The skeletons are often described as being about 8 – 12 foot giants that had red hair and many had double rows of teeth.

    Do I believe that some giant skeleton reports could have been legitimate? Sure, but I’d rather be safe than sorry when writing an article for publication. My wording still allowed for some of these reports to be legitimate while still recognizing the difficulties in chalking everything up to a vast conspiracy. I would be happy if giant skeletons were found and were shown to be legitimate. I just don’t know if we have anything like that yet.

    I hope this helps you understand where I am coming from and what I meant by that statement. Thank you for writing in with your concerns.

    God bless!

    Tim Chaffey, AiG-U.S.”

    In sum, I think his point about the newspaper articles being sensationalized/made up for the purpose of bring people to the area makes sense.

    Also the fact that, in all my research, I couldn’t find ANY reputable looking sources for current giant finds, except that Russian news video. However, that was filmed in….2008? I would have thought that if they’d discovered something concrete, we would have heard about it 5 years later. Maybe not, though. I would think that AiG, which has LOTS of material on ark expeditions, the current existence of which has much less proof than all these giant findings (apparently anyway), would talk about if they thought it was legit.

    so all this to say, it’s FASCINATING, and I hope it’s true, but I can’t find any trustworthy looking sources that believe it. Also, Carrie, you should read the AiG link. Giants are mentioned NUMEROUS times in the bible post-flood, mostly referenced as the Anakim. And then there’s King Og that the children of Israel fought before they went into the promised land.

    I made a pinterest page with the most reputable looking links if you care:

  15. I have thought some of the same things Kim, especially about the Greek gods who were always messing around with humans. What about the Atlantis stories? These giant stories are just like Deluge stories in that every ancient culture in far flung corners of the earth have them in common.

    The thing is, the Nephilim “Fellers” were destroyed in the Deluge, and their demon fathers went back to the spirit realm. So the skeletons must have been preserved in the Flood somehow… just like there have been mammoths found in the “wrong” parts of the Earth with preserved meals in their bellies, due to the changes the Flood brought about to the landscape of the planet.

    Another thing I think about all the time, the demons are sexually depraved (their coming down from heaven and engaging in sex with humans was a perversion since they were not created with those needs by God, they had to materialize human bodies in order to do so, which is totally debased for them since humans are also a lower life form) and they love violence.

    Since Revelation12: 7-12 says they were kicked out of Heaven by Jesus (Michael the Archangel), to the vicinity of the Earth, this sure explains the rise in sexual deviance and violence we see.

    Also, since the children of these demon/human couplings were destroyed in the Deluge, the demons are no doubt angry – perhaps they avenge themselves on our kids – hence the rise in molesting of children?

  16. Mother Lydia says:

    The only time these giants are mentioned was before the Flood.

    Was one of the spouses of Noah’s kids a descendant of these pairings?
    Or did the fallen angels continue to procreate with mankind after the Flood? Otherwise, all of these giants would have died out in the Flood.

    • “Was one of the spouses of Noah’s kids a descendant of these pairings?”

      Doubtful, because why would God have seen to it that Noah, his sons and their wives (8 souls in all) were preserved alive in the ark? They were the only humans alive that had God’s favor.

      “Or did the fallen angels continue to procreate with mankind after the Flood? Otherwise, all of these giants would have died out in the Flood.”

      The demons that came to earth were no longer allowed to materialize human bodies. So yes, the Nephilim died out in the Deluge. Of course their demon fathers didn’t because they weren’t human! Hence the trouble we see on the Earth today.

      • Carrie and Mother Lydia,
        I think it’s plausible that at least one of the people on the ark could have been a descendant of these pairings, if for no other reason than that the Nephilim are mentioned later in the Bible as a race, the children of Anak. There is also not just Goliath, but also his brother. Og the king of Bashan was a giant descended from a race of giants known as Rephaim. Interestingly, the Bible uses this word in two distinct ways: First, in referring to a specific race of giants. Second, as “shades” or “spirits,” inhabitants of Sheol. This second use is also found in other ancient cultures. Read this:

        • I don’t believe that God would have preserved alive the hybrid offspring in the Ark, since they were responsible in large part for the increased violence that inspired God to regret creating man and bringing destruction via the flood. But, the Bible doesn’t give us enough information to conclusively rule it out 🙂

          The Anakim, from my research, were a Canaanite tribe, not offspring of Nephilim, but the claim that they were was a story made up by the 10 faithless spies that tried to instill fear in the Israelites. It was only Joshua and Caleb that had confidence that God would make good on his promise.

        • Kim Blight says:

          I am concerned that these things can be relegated so comfortably to the past. The New Testament mentions the days of Noah as having relevance to this end of the age, and Paul has an interesting comment about women needing authority on her head because of the… angels.
          Do you think one of these nephilim descendants would have been on the ark in light of God’s emphasis in Genesis 6 on Noah’s being perfect in his generations?

          • Kim Blight,
            I see two possible interpretations for the phrase, “perfect in his generations.” These are not my own ideas – you’ll find strong support for either idea if you search google.

            1. Noah’s heart was perfect with God, in a time of great and widespread depravity.
            2. Noah was genetically pure, i.e. fully human (not part Nephilim). This could be important in that he would be the forefather of Christ, Who must be fully human. If this was the case, it’s still possible that one or more of his daughters-in-law was of impure descent, as long as she wasn’t part of Christ’s lineage.

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