Happy birthday, Parker!

I’ve been a slacker when it comes to birthdays, so I hope no one will think I’m playing favorites by posting about Parker today.  My ovarian guilt will wake up at the slightest tweak, so y’all be nice, ok?


Parker is 3 today, and he announced earlier this week that he wants cereal for his birthday dinner.  See?  He loves me.  He also loves cake.


And cookie dough.  He loves cookie dough.  Not that he’s my favorite kid, or anything.


Perhaps you have seen his meme making the rounds?  Yes, my boy is famous.  I’m kicking myself because we didn’t add our url to the bottom of the image when we created it, because it has been shared EVERYWHERE.


Parker wasn’t the easiest baby.  He was high-strung, easily startled, and more needy than our other children.  But he is also incredibly easy to correct.  A bad attitude usually vanishes if we just tell him to be happy, and he is always ready to ask or grant forgiveness.

Recently he started waking up every morning in a foul mood, crying and grouching at anyone that crossed his path.  He always asked forgiveness willingly once he was thoroughly awake, but it was quickly getting old.  One night as I tucked him in, I told him how rude it was to greet his family that way in the morning.  “You should use a happy voice and tell them, ‘Good morning!'”  He cheerfully agreed.

The next morning he woke up grouchy as usual.  When I reminded him of his resolution to be happy in the morning, he grumpily responded that he had changed his mind.

But the following morning – be still my heart!  He staggered out of bed and groggily made the rounds greeting each person he met just as we had rehearsed, his smile growing bigger  with each greeting.  “Good morning, Perry!…Good morning, Megan!”  After the first 3 or 4, he looked around and asked, “Is that a happy voice?!”

That’s my boy.



  1. Is he really 3? Time has flown by! What a wonderful attitude he has!

  2. Oh, he is just precious!

  3. Happy Birthday, Parker!
    Listen to your parents and take care to heed their wise words.

  4. Rebecca P says:

    He is CUTE! I love that amidst all the training, that can at times get you down, there are light moments 🙂

  5. “Dad, ‘forgive me’ means NO spankins” – Parker after being caught getting into the gum the second time.

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