In which I sleep better at 40

I turned 40 back in December.  I had heard that the 40’s were great, and so far I have no complaints.  In fact, I just realized one HUGE perk.  I sleep better.  Here’s why:

They say your hearing is the first to go, and you lose the higher ranges first.

I’m a light sleeper and I remember many sleepless nights, lying awake in my bed listening to a mosquito in the darkness.  She would buzz near me, and I would swat wildly.  Then I would listen.  Silence…silence…silence…neeeeeeeeee.  The high-pitched whine of the mosquito’s wings.  Eventually I fall asleep and wake up with an itchy bump or three, but it’s always a losing battle.  I would have happily thrown in the towel if I could have just willed myself to ignore the hum and go to sleep.

But it’s all over.  Today I realized that in spite of this year’s bumper crop of mosquitos and all the itchy bumps, I have not heard the whine of a mosquito in at least 6 months!  I can sleep in blissful ignorance while they drain me to their evil little hearts’ content.

Want to check your own hearing?  The Online Tone Generator lets your test your own hearing range and then see how it compares to others in your age group.  It also lets you test yourself on specific frequencies.  I think 17,000 Hertz is the sound of a mosquito, but  I could hear up to 16,000.  How high can you hear?

Here’s something I want to try out: I read that dragonflies are natural predators of the mosquito, and their wings beat at 45-67 Hertz.  Some claim that a tone generator in that range will repel mosquitos.  You can get your computer to do it, and with the speakers turned way down low it’s really not bothersome.  I’m going to use the tone generator linked above and try the dragonfly frequency on my phone as a portable personal mosquito repellent.  Cool, yes?




  1. Hmm… I couldn’t hear past about 14,000. My kids could hear up to around 18,000. I’m 32. Sigh…

  2. I got to 13755 and I’m 43.6. I’ve got really good hearing and can hear what people whisper a few rooms away so I’m surprised my # is this much lower than yours.

  3. I swear by these bracelets: I have crazy sensitive skin and mosquito bites have always resulted in huge welts on me. I’m also a super light sleeper, (seriously, I sleep in a hood or with a scarf tied around my head/ears depending on the season) so the noise drives me crazy too. It’s the only thing I found that really works. They’re kind of pricy, but totally worth it. I keep the bracelet by my bed at night, when I don’t want to wear it. It still works really well. You should check them out if the computer thing doesn’t work.

  4. Ummm, I have selective hearing so I think I am better off not knowing then, I can always just blame the selective hearing and live on in ignorance, LOL.

  5. I heard up to 18000! 🙂

  6. Either there is something wrong with my speakers/headphones OR I have worse hearing than what I thought. I could only get to 14,400. :O

    I will be thirty this fall and I can sleep through a lot of noise but kid/baby noise always wakes me up..especially if they obviously need me. We ran the fan in our room last night and the baby has been sleeping in the living room for the week – I left the door open and the sound of the fan still drowned out his crying for at least a bit this morning. Oops!

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