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This giveaway has ended.  The winners are Melanie, Elizabeth and Lori

By Kaitlyn

Having long hair is a great accomplishment, or so I’ve been told, but I haven’t had a real haircut in nearly 4 years and it is boring.   Just to clarify, I don’t keep it long because I think lightning from heaven or the rod of correction will strike me if I don’t, but every time I think about cutting it I have a horrible dream that I shaved my head bald on a whim, interpret as you will. 😉 That, and I promised myself I’d see it at my knees one day.

So here I am trapped like Rapunzel while Megan chops and hacks at her curly mass changing it as she will.   I had to find some way to curb my appetite for change, but that’s just it, I’m afraid of change. After rolling this dilemma over in my head I finally settled on the idea of having red hair, partly inspired by a red-headed photographer friend.

In the name of health, fear of change and inexperience I decided on a natural semi-permanent dye.  With some research I found Tints of Nature to be the closest match to my criteria, and with some conniving I managed to get it for free, er, I mean, Tints of Nature was generous enough to sponsor a review. They sent me two boxes of Semi Permanent Golden Copper Blond, which is really similar to this color (I think they discontinued my color).












Megan and I set to work on application less than ten minutes after it arrived at our door step, the time it took to convince Mom that it was a good idea to start 2 hours before we were due at the airport. The instructions were very clear (once you found English among the other 23 languages).  Even homeschooled newbs can follow without too much trouble.


She started at the front hairline, per the instructions suggestion and worked her way back.  Application took a total of about forty-five minutes.  I was a little worried that the front would come out drastically brighter since it was in for more than twice as long, but it all looked pretty even. It brightened up my natural tone while still letting my natural highlights shine through.

The dye left my hair feeling really soft and there wasn’t a trace of distinguishable chemical smell.  Megan liked the smell so much she was about ready to eat my hair.  The color is lovely and brilliant outside. I definitely look like a red head with direct light and sunlight. Inside it’s a little less obvious.


Left: Zing! Right:My natural color with a little bit of coconut oil 🙂

  Since the dye is semi-permanent a little bit comes out with every shampoo.  Honestly it’s a bit depressing. Every time I shower I see orange rinsing down the drain and I feel like the wicked witch of the west, “I’m meeelting!”, but it’s a good incentive to take care of my hair and use the least amount of harsh soap possible. At first I noticed a very small difference in the color each time I wash.  After 4 washes I was still a red head (see below), but the fiery look was almost gone.  Now that I’ve washed it 12+ times (6 weeks) I keep thinking it’s gone then I catch a flash of red and realize that I still have a lot of red undertones that I don’t get naturally.


Overall I’m very happy with the results. It was fun, easy and super exciting.

The Giveaway


Now it’s your turn! Tints of Nature generously is supplying three boxes of dye for us to giveaway. We will choose three winners randomly midnight June 24th. To enter go over to Tints of Nature’s store then leave a comment with your color choice. For a second entry share this giveaway on Facebook and/or Twitter.  Remember to leave a separate comment for each if you do both. Again, entries will be accepted until midnight June 24th, then we will choose three winners who will be contacted by a Tints of Nature Representative.


  1. Kelly Zak says:

    Shared it on Facebook as well. Thanks!

  2. Kelly Zak says:

    Golden Copper Semi-Perm…it would be fun. Haven’t colored my hair since the college days. How fun! Thank you!

  3. Bethany says:

    Copper brown! Pretty, but not drastic enough for my husband to panic. I’d love to do something different with my hair after baby 4 is born! Haircut and color would be perfect!

  4. copper brown is gorgeous!

  5. I am trying to lighten back to blonde after doing Henna for a year- the dark color is getting boring, and I look like a skunk LOL
    I want to try the Lightener Kit

  6. Hi, I too have long hair. I dyed it once way back in college, had to use 2 boxes, by the way. However, now that I’m a busy mommy, I’m actually thankful that I have long hair, because it takes me less time than a short hair that needs washing more often, and must be styled to look like I didn’t roll out of bed 🙂 Long hair is great because it absorbs more natural scalp oil than short hair. After a vigorous brushing, a long tight braid is easy and effective. If that gets boring, learn to braid in 5s or 7s for interest. Or fishtail or dutch etc…Learn quick, cute up dos that look complex, but are faster than most think 🙂

  7. Lisa Westendorp says:

    I would go with the copper red, I think, although the golden copper blonde is nice, too. (Both semi-permanent)

  8. The copper brown is beautiful.

  9. I also shared it on facebook.

  10. I would choose the Golden copper Semi Permanent. It’s a lovely shade.

  11. Fiery red or earth red, depending how adventurous I feel 🙂

  12. Elizabeth says:

    I Shared this on Facebook.

  13. Elizabeth says:

    I like the Copper Red Semi-Permenant.

  14. I would try the Golden Blonde Semi-Permanent!

  15. Melanie says:

    Dark Brown
    Thanks for the review.. this was very helpful. I’ve only colored my hair once before
    and was allergic to the smell of the hair color.

  16. Golden Copper

  17. Its been a long time since I’ve done anything fun to my hair either, so this sounds very cool.. I like the Copper Red Semi-Permanent

  18. medium chestnut brown is my favorite color!

  19. shared it on FB!

  20. Kaitlyn, the link isn’t working right when you click on it. Dark Copper Blonde…I’ve never done ANYTHING to my hair, but this is intriguing. :o)

  21. Olivia Powers says:

    Golden Copper, please. 🙂

  22. Mahogany Red Semi-Permanent!!

  23. Also shared on facebook…..:)

  24. I think I would also choose Golden Copper Blond. I am a natural redhead, yet it is getting darker as the years go on ~ might be nice to refresh the color a bit! Without any huge commitment 🙂

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