AMA: Ask me anything

Well, that was painful.

After much psychological trauma, I’m happy to announce that my blog has moved to a new webhost and should be faster and more stable.

I have more complex feelings about the fact that my blogging addiction seems to be thoroughly broken.  After years of being glued to the computer screen, I now find it hard to sit down and focus on the glowing screen in front of me.  I’d rather be talking to my kids, reading aloud to them, reading to myself, lifting weights (my new addiction!), riding bikes with them, spending time with my hunney, or doing a hundred other things.

I also have a sneaking suspicion that I now waste as much time on my smartphone as I ever did in front of the computer.  I’m sure there’s an app to tell me just how much time I spend using my phone, but I prefer not to know.  It’s bad.  Oh, it’s soooo bad.

And it’s a hard habit to break because the dratted thing is so very useful.  I do my banking on the phone, pay bills and even use it to deposit checks.  It holds all my shopping lists.  It is my cookbook.  I use it to log the exercises I do.  I use it to snag deals on Craigslist and map my way to the seller, then I use it to resell my Craigslist deals.  I use alarms on my phone as reminders to water the trees, plan dinner, go to bed at a reasonable hour.  I use the calendar to remind me about dentist appointments, dinner engagements, church fellowships at home and abroad.  My Bible is on my phone.

My phone is my brain, and my connection to the world around me.  It’s eating me.  It ate my blog.  I love my phone, and I hate it.

Oops.  That was depressing, wasn’t it?  What I meant to say was,

I’m back!  I’m ready to blog, but I forgot how.  What do you want to know?  Ask me anything!

I don’t promise to answer anything and everything, but it’s a start.


  1. I missed this blog so much! Wondered where you had gone.

  2. With the recent visit I had to the dentist, and the news that I “definitely have a cavity”, I’m curious…

    What kind of tooth paste do you use? Home made? Commercial? Organic? Natural? Do you go with traditional dental care, or do you do a more holistic dental care? Do you or any of your family struggle with tooth decay, and have you seen any improvement with whatever changes you have made? Is that a big enough topic for a post? 🙂

  3. Yay! You are back! So excited. I was beginning to think you weren’t coming back.

    I want to know what happens when you have friends who you really like and your kids used to get along so great but now, their kids are starting to do things you don’t want your kids to do. But your friends still love hanging out, and you love to see them, but then you spend the next few days cleaning up/ recovering attitudes from the playtime your kids had. Did that make any sense?

    • Dear Janet-That’s what the local bookstore/coffeeshop is for. You and your friends and no children. Solves a lot of different problems. Have fun.

  4. Tour of your home sounds great!
    How are you battling food prices and budgeting?
    Supporting your husband?
    Obedience to God.
    How do you handle your own mood changes?
    Thanks for this opportunity!
    By Grace Alone,

  5. Sheila in MO says:

    I like what Jamie said. The first time I read your blog was when you posted a video of some of your girls enacting “A Child’s Story.” I was hooked. I just like hearing about your everyday life at home. I like hearing about what the kids are doing. By the way, this has nothing to do with anything but- do you like Duck Dynasty? Also, I think your life sounds wonderful (all the things you do instead of being in front of a computer screen.)

    • Sheila, Perry just started watching Duck Dynasty on his phone and has shown me some of his favorites clips. We think they’re hilarious and we love to be entertained by intelligent God-fearing men who don’t take themselves too seriously.

  6. What Jamie said!!!

  7. I truly miss your exceptionally engaging writing style! In addition to the topics suggested above, I’d be interested in reading about your family’s media fast earlier this year and a crisis that you once mentioned you might write about later, still too nerve-wracking of a close call to write about at the time. Also, I agree with your stance on the conventional dating scene. Have you found more pressure toward that for teenagers in the more urban environment?

  8. I know you’ve said you love city living, but are there any things you miss about living in the country? Do you miss the privacy or the quiet? Do you miss raising chickens? Do your kids miss anything about your previous home?

    I love your blog!

  9. No, no don’t desert us forever! Will miss you so much 🙂 You are so much part of our lives that its strange without you. Funny to think we’ve never met 🙂 So glad you’re back! Just blog about whatever pops into your head each day! Doesn’t have to be all structured. love, Karyn

  10. Amanda Wells says:

    How do you deal with all the hair, housekeeping – wise? With all the girls in your household, and all the shedding that happens after pregnancy, do you have any tips for keeping the bathroom floor from constantly being covered with hair?

  11. What was that epidemic your household had a year or so (could have been even longer) ago that you mentioned in passing but you said you wouldn’t be ready to elaborate on for a while (I think because you were afraid it would worry people you know in real life)? Just curious. I’ve been wondering about it and guessing all this time. 🙂

    • MMmm, I’ve been wondering about that too – you said in a post that ya’ll had survived a crisis of some sort but you wouldn’t be ready to talk about it for at least a year… well, I think that was at least a year ago. Oh, and Calvin updates? You posted several cute updates about Parker, Calvin is probably feeling a little neglected.

  12. WHAT JAMIE SAID I couldn’t agree more. Ever since you moved and had the last baby there’s been nothing. Fill us in!!!

  13. Dear Kim,
    It has been a blessing and an encouragement to read your blog for a number of years now. Before you leave us for good, though, there is something you need to do. Wrap it up! : ) Your life before you moved to the city is well documented and we know about you in that context. Then…..Your first daughter was married, you had a baby, you moved to the city……We don’t know any thing about all of that really. I know you’ve shared photos and had some posts on the subjects. Everything about the daily doings must be different and we’d like to hear about it. It must be different in the family when your first child/daughter is married. How is it? You have three little boys now. Wow. That has to be different. How? Life in the city without long drives and easier access to shopping must be different. How? Your principles of life must still be the same. However there must be some radical changes with these three radical events. I feel we know so little about this new phase in your life. How is it going? Are you enjoying or are you lost and overwhelmed? I guess I’d like to hear about everything you used to blog about only from the perspective of a city dweller now and the mother of young adults at home. Take us up and onward with you and continue on. That should do for us for a few more years and then you can give us your wisdom on grandparenting. If you don’t spend a few more years “wrapping it up” I’ll feel like I never finished a really good book that I was really interested in before the book got lost. A book I was reading and enjoying with a highlighter pen in hand! It’s not the nosiness of how you put on your socks but why you put them on in the first place.
    Of course, all of the things you mentioned that/which you would rather be doing are excellent and should be a priority as long as you are doing them and havent’ just thrown Blogging to Us over in favor of Playing with Your Phone. Then I would take exception!
    Best regards-Jamie

    • Yes. What she said! 🙂

    • I agree! I’d also love a good tour of your new house. Maybe you did post that, but, if so, I missed it.

    • Yes yes yes please!!Yes yes yes please what Jamie said.

    • Yes, I was thinking the same thing. Also now that you are down one daily adult appetite and you live in town do you shop differently or feed the crowd differently?

    • I want to know the same as Jamie! I agree, it’s like stopping a book halfway through to not know what’s going on with you all in the new house 🙂 I’m really curious how life is in the new house, if you have any new systems that are working there, and how you’re handling suburban life vs living in the country. A house tour would be fun! I always love seeing how bigger families make good use of space in their home, even if it’s not design-magazine-worthy!

  14. I see AMA and I think: “Against Medical Advice.” That tells you what kind of choices I often make….! 😉 Just an FYI, I can’t seem to get back to your home page very easily. There’s no “HOME” button, and the header isn’t a link to home anymore. Maybe I’m just missing something… I’ve been wondering about Deanna too.

    • Cindee, thanks for letting me know about the problem. I can’t imagine why the menu disappeared, but I put it back.
      Next question: where did all my pretty header fonts go? I know some disappeared quite a while ago, but now I think even more are missing!

    • I though “American Medical Association.” (I’m a doula.)

      • I’m sure it’s American Medic Association but as a nurse I’m quite familiar with it as against medical advice when patients don’t get what that want (different from what they need) and you have to explain that it may not be beneficial for them to leave at that point (still need more medicine, tests, time to heal-whatever)-a common thing when someone is drug seeking (other times as well)

  15. Haha, that’s about what happened to my blog when I got my smart phone last year, too! Seriously, though, the things are so useful… I have my shopping lists, my homeschool assignment lists, my Bible, and all kinds of useful things on mine, too. 🙂

  16. Here´s a few to get you started 🙂
    What´s your favorite movie?
    Favorite novel?

    I thought you mentioned one time that you grew up in Portland, so… Ducks or Beavers? Favorite Voodoo Doughnut flavor? Favorite elephant (at the zoo)? Do you carry an umbrella when it rains? Favorite beach to visit on the Coast? That´s all I´ve got! Welcome back.

  17. How about an updated family photo? Do you have any of those?

  18. What does your daughter do that’s married? Do you see her often?

  19. Why are you so beautiful?

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