Art museum


At the McNay


  1. I used to have the kids hold onto my pants pockets until they almost pulled my pants down…pants were apparently too big 🙂

  2. My dh always sings the “hands in my pocket”jingle anytime my kids do that too, but hey, they are well trained and not running at large!

  3. Ha. I always had the children hold on to my skirt! And if I had the stroller out, they held on to that! They never roamed ungrounded. Isn’t it funny–that’s two of us that instantly zeroed in on that in the photo.

  4. Do you do the pockets thing too? When I need hands free, but all hands on deck, I have everyone grab a hand, a pocket, whatever they can grab! Great for crossing the street/parking lot with my crew! (7, 5, 2, 6 months)

    That being said (isn’t it funny the first thing I picked out was the hand in the pocket?) Beautiful picture. Wonderful to have children who are so interested so young! 🙂 This picture made me smile.

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