Baby update: Calvin at 10 months

After such a long blog break, it’s only fitting for a mom of 11 to start with an update on the baby, right?  Here he is, by popular demand:

Our first blue-eyed blonde.

blue eyes

Bethany was blonde as a baby, but her hair seems to be darkening with age.


And her eyes have always been a striking hazel.


She’s a beauty, but I’m not talking about her today.  I’m talking about this guy:


Well, actually I’m not talking about that guy.  That’s Johnny Matthis.  I meant this guy:



He’s crawling at breakneck speeds now, and standing unsupported for several seconds at a time.  He always waits for the round of applause before he sinks back to the floor.  He has been known to take a few steps, but hasn’t decided to walk yet.

saying bye

He is also becoming proficient at communicating.  His spoken words include poop, Dad, dog, hi, bye, hello (spoken in his phone voice), and Mom – in that order.  He also understands and uses several signs: hungry, thirsty, please, tired, more, and no.  We’re working on thank you, but he fails to see the point once he’s already got what he wants.


Fair enough, once you see it from his perspective.  Now he just needs to learn to see it from ours.


  1. Wow, Kim, your child is very brilliant. 🙂 My little Marigold shares Calvin’s bday, and he seems extremely communicative for 10 months! And isn’t your gene pool full of surprises- looks at that blonde hair and those blue eyes. He is a beautiful baby. Is your heart starting to yearn for another one? Are you overwhelmed with the busyness of each day or have you dialed in a way to budget your time?

    Always enjoying your posts,
    Your friend in CA,

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