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I haven’t done this in a long, long time, but I’m starting again.  I’m doing pretty well at posting regularly here again, and now I’m going to post at least once/week over at my other blog, Frugal Hacks.

Well, ok.  I’m planning to post at least weekly over there.  I have quite a few ideas.  Now I just need to find time and motivation to do it.  It’s been pretty quiet over there for a long time, so could you help motivate by keeping me company over there?

The headmistress from The Common Room blog posts at Frugal Hacks too, so I’m sure she would appreciate a little company and conversation as well.  You should check out the free Kindle books she links to nearly every week!  She also shares lots of frugal recipes.  I plan to print them and keep them in my kitchen so I can remember to try them out soon, instead of just saying, “Oh, yum!” and then promptly forgetting.

I mentioned that I have ideas, but what would you like to hear about on Frugal Hacks?



  1. I’d like to see more post that are actual hacks, adapting something you have into something you need. I like frugal tips a lot, for example I really like the post your daughter did awhile ago about changing the neckline of a hand-me-down shirt, but I’m not interested in the free ebooks at all.

  2. What about how to make sewing more frugal? From adapting or the new word “upcycling” to finding ways to sew with out shelling out big bucks on patterns and fabric and notions, I think I do pretty well, but always looking for things I may have missed. (I used your tutorial on gathering a tshirt neckline with elastic!)

    • yes, sewing without patterns is something I’m interested in too- especially kids clothes. Geez, the price of patterns are ridiculous, I’m pretty sure its cheaper to buy clothes than patterns in most cases, and usually there is something I would change about the pattern anyway if I were better at sewing. Fabric, I am sort of able to get good deals on sale and clearance if I’m willing to wait long enough and make do with a fabric that might not have been my first choice.

      One thing I’m really bad at as a new-ish housewife is managing my groceries, as in preserving them and not letting them go bad and not really knowing what to do with leftovers, so I’d be interested in learning anything about how to better manage that. I am really lacking at the basics of knowing how long things can be kept in the freezer, etc. or even how to best freeze vegetables and if you have to do anything before freezing them. Learning about canning would be great too, especially tomatoes.

      • I second hearing about managing the groceries, especially in a two person household* with a small freezer and no ability to get a bigger one. (The landlord won’t allow a bigger freezer because there is only one outlet deemed capable of handling such a big appliance.)

        *I know you have a household just slightly bigger than two 😉 but thought maybe you might recall your early days?

    • Joann has sales every once in a while (usually around holidays) where patterns are only $1.00 each. I stock up on basic patterns,with classic shapes. Then I just adapt those patterns to get the look I want. I get things like basic yoke dresses and A line skirts for girls and dress pants with button down shirts for boys. T-shirt and P.J. patterns are often universal for either gender. There are really only a few shapes for clothing. It’s really easy to alter a dress pattern by changing sleeves, adding ruffles, altering necklines, etc.

  3. I’m glad you are back. I agree with Kelly’s comment on Facebook. My favorite posts are those that include personal experience related to the info.

    Frugal Hacks is one of the blogs that I have checked less frequently since Google Reader ended. I’d be grateful for recommendations of a replacement for Google Reader that has worked out well for others.

  4. Is canning really cost effective? Once you lay out that first amount (jars, canner, tools, etc.) Is it really cheaper, over time, to can your own foods? If so, which foods are most cost effective?

    • I would also love to see an article broken down on this, but I can tell you I canned for the first time this year and yes, after the first outlay of jars and supplies it is very cost effective. I was researching canning this summer, and I had to go to quite a few places and really crunch numbers to figure out if I should or shouldn’t. The answer by the way is a resounding YES and my kids want to open a jar a day, but I have to keep it down to 2 times a week, the same number we would have opened a can for.

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