Science Friday: the octopus

Amazing stuff here for your viewing pleasure. Science Friday is not from a Christian perspective, but we enjoy it nonetheless.

Aren’t God’s creatures incredible?

Let’s make it even more fun. Share a fun and educational link here today.

And if you think camouflage or cuttlefish are cool, you might enjoy this full-length Nova episode devoted entirely to them. Our kids – who aren’t overly fond of documentaries – devoured it with delight!


  1. Wow, I wonder why more people didn’t comment on this?
    Anyway, I saw it as I trying to scroll through three or four tabs worth of Life In A Shoe, which I’d missed since you “came back to blogging” 😉 and when I was going back over them again, I noticed the small number of comments…some of the funniest things I’ve read on your blog (and I usually go to your blog when I need a laugh) have been in the comments…often your responses! 😀
    Well, here’s a link…maybe not so intriguing -but it is educational! 😀

  2. That octopus video is AMAZING! Watching that resulted in dropped jaws and audible gasps in my household! 🙂

    You asked for fun and educational links to be shared. Well, I’m not sure if this qualifies or not, but one of the most astonishing things we learned about recently was the Tacoma Narrows Bridge that was built in 1940 and collapsed just a few months later. The story of that bridge certainly is educational from an engineering point of view; but more significant for me and my children, the spiritual lessons are unmistakable: don’t be a “galloping Gertie”; stand firm in the faith.

    Here are two video clips about it:


  3. This was great fun! Thanks for recommending it! We just watched it while we folded laundry and it was a big hit. So big, in fact, that the laundry didn’t get folded. 😉 My kids love nature films, but I never know where to go to find movies that aren’t over their heads or too subjective.

  4. Wow. God is truly THE Creative Genius! (not that I was wondering)

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