31 Days of…what?


Are you jumping on the 31 Days of ______ bandwagon?  I’m not usually one to follow trends, but I like this one.  It’s like New Year’s resolutions on a more achievable level.  365 days is just asking for failure, but I can do 31 days – maybe.

But true to my nature, I didn’t plan ahead.  I just heard about this thing yesterday, and today it starts.  Of course I heard about it last year too, but that was a year ago.  Surely you didn’t expect me to remember?

Now I have to decide what to do.  NOW.  Because today is Day 1.  And as a blogger, I assume I have to blog about this stuff every day, right?  Isn’t that how it works?

I have a few ideas:

  1. 31 Days of Lists – just for fun.  Every day, a list, any list.  I’m keeping expectations low with this one.
  2. 31 Days of Memory – because I always forget stuff, you know?  This could be fun and useful, if I manage to actually improve my memory.  It could be a combination of my own memories, my attempts to remember or memorize stuff, articles/tips on improving memory, etc.  I’m leaning toward this idea – if I can remember to post about it today before midnight.
  3. 31 Days of Life in a Big Family – Just a quick photo and a few words about something we did each day.  This could be fun and easy, and would make a good journal to look back on.
  4. I think I had another idea to put here, and then I forgot.  This, again, inclines me toward #2.  But it’s also the hardest, and that means I’ll probably fail.

Which would you choose?  Which should I choose?  Or do you have another suggestion for me?


  1. Yes, number 3 sounds good!!

  2. 31 days of blogs! anything and everything – but a new blog a day.

  3. I’m doing it too. On 2 blogs. Ack!

    I like lists. They make me feel all warm in my belly.

  4. #3 appeals to me too.

  5. Ooo. I love #3. Honestly, I think I just like to hear that you’re not super mom and messes happen at your house too.

  6. I like #1. I’m a list maker and I love checking items off my lists. Love it! Sometimes I even make little boxes next to each item so I can make a check mark in*a*box! Those are the best!

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