Day 1: Neighborhood Night Out

buttonThis year, I decided to keep October fun and simple by sharing 31 Days In The Life Of A Big Family.  These will be brief daily posts built around a snapshot or three of what we did each day.  I will probably post pics with captions directly from my phone each day, then add more text when I have time to sit down at a computer.

Of course it’s impossible to cover all the activity in a household of our size, and I won’t even try.  I just want to share a quick sample of what we do.


Day One:


Tonight we attended our local Neighborhood Night Out.  Since we live just a few blocks from our subdivision’s community center, we decided to walk.  That’s a lot of kids in front of me.

We had a good time making new friends – met a homeschooling family, and another family with 2 boys the ages of PerryBoy and Parker, less than a block from us.

The kids met some firefighters and climbed around the inside of a fire engine.


There was a family with 3 little adorable curly redheads, too. I wanted to kidnap them, but their parents were watching.  Instead, Parker just mooched cheese curls from the littlest guy, who was glad to share.


Did your neighborhood have a National Night Out? Did you attend?

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  1. This is fun, maybe I’ll remember and jump on next year, LOL, cause today is the 2nd so I am already a day late with no ideas!
    We have no organized anything in our neighbor hood, someone wanted to start a neighborhood association back when our neighborhood was new, but no one wanted to pay dues, or give up any rights, really that was what they wanted, I think neighborhood associations with the idea of putting on events and keeping things safe is a great idea, giving them any more power than that, not so much.

    • Ours is voluntary, which I think accomplishes exactly what you suggest. It does have rules and residents can get written warnings for violations, but it does not hold any force of law. It’s really all about reminding and encouraging everyone to be courteous neighbors.

  2. I’m ready and looking forward to this!

  3. No, and therefore we didn’t. It’s been raining, raining and raining here and rather cool. But thank you for sharing yours, Kim. Regards-Jamie

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