Day 11: A few random photos, and we attend a bridal shower

buttonQuestions: For these daily posts, are you more interested in an overview of what we did for the day (e.g. bullet points) or a few highlights?  OR a combination of approaches?  Photo heavy posts, or more verbal descriptions?

Once again, I forgot to take any significant photos for the day.  No wonder I have no memory: If I can’t remember to take snapshots with my phone, I’m probably not taking them with my brain either.

Not to worry.  My peeps have me covered.  I found this on my phone today:


Hooray for blanket tents!

I think there’s a clue as to who the mystery photographer was.  I know those feet.

I also found this one.  That’s a lot of hair.  The guy who bought Lydia’s hair recently contacted Kaitlyn to ask if she wanted to sell her hair as well.  She declined.  She’s a good girl, she is.  [Can you name that quote? Try saying it in the first person, with a British accent.]


This afternoon while I bought a wedding gift and picked up another deal from Craigslist for resale, the girls prepared and froze 80 pounds of mashed potatoes.  They are on the home stretch in this project.  Just 40 pounds left!  It’s a good thing, too.  The wedding is a week from tomorrow!

This evening the girls and I attended a bridal shower for the same bride.  On the way, we stopped at Starbucks for some free treats, and since I had a captive audience we practiced the alto part of two hymns until we were sick of hearing them we knew them perfectly.  We are not highly trained musicians so it takes a lot of effort for us to sing in parts, but I love when we really get it!

At the shower I got to spend some time with several dear friends that I haven’t seen in a very long time.  I already confessed that I forgot to take photos, but that’s not entirely true.  I missed all my friends, but I did get just one photo to memorialize the event.


On our way home, we stopped to pick up another Craigslist purchase.  The seller turned out to be a boy we recognized from our gym!  It’s a small world, even in the big city.  I’ve got quite a few items to list now, but we’ll be busy most of the weekend so I won’t list them until Monday morning.  There is no point in frustrating potential buyers who want instant gratification, and it’s much easier to schedule meetings when my schedule is open.

After a quick stop at WalMart, the girls and I arrived home just in time for the little ones to watch a movie with Dad.  By “just in time,” I mean that they can watch the movie and still be in bed by midnight.  Tonight is Friday, after all.


Oh no! What will happen next?!

How did your family spend Friday?  Was it a typical Friday?

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  1. Oh my! You know what I love most about your blog? Not that you make me laugh and laugh, coming back for me as often as possible, nor that your family is entertaining in general, nor even the photos…it’s your writing style. You make me write blog posts-in my head!- all the time! Everytime I think of posting a comment on your blog, it comes out (in my head) like a odd sort of echo of the way you write. ;D
    Thanks for all the laughs, the better picture into your new world, and sharing the fun with us! I’m enjoying the style of your 31 Days, but having read them all in one big gulp, I’m not sure which was my favorite way you write them; as a whole, it’s great! Thank you for writing answers to Jamie’s comment back in Sep when you weren’t sure what to write next…
    (And if your ear is achy, I highly suggest garlic heated in olive oil, rubbed on ear and feet! sounds crazy as no-poo, but works even better.) :]

    • Thank you, Serafina. You’re so sweet!
      I used some peroxide in my ear, followed by coconut oil and more peroxide. The pain is mostly gone, but I still have blockage and pressure. I’m hoping it goes away without a visit to the doctor. The blockage has been a recurring problem, but it always resolved pretty quickly in the past. In the meantime, I’m grumpy, slightly disoriented, and nearly deaf on the right side. It’s especially bad when people talk to me with a lot of background noise.

      • I have recurring blockages in my ears, too. It’s amazing how it affects my whole outlook and leaves me grumpy, even when there is no pain involved. Sometimes my blockages will resolve themselves, but 4 times over the past 20 years I’ve had to have my ear irrigated. They use a water pick to clean the wax build-up out of my ear. I’m always, always glad I’ve had it done, but it can be painful since the wax can adhere to the delicate skin of the ear and cause bleeding when it is removed. Ugh! The last time I had it done, I also had an outer ear infection (sort of like swimmer’s ear), but when the wax was cleared away, the itching and pain cleared, too.

        • Kristin, that sounds a lot like what I had. I think I caused the infection myself trying to dislodge the blockage last week, but it was driving me crazy and I had to do something. It feels so much better now. There is still a lot of wax, but as long as it’s not blocked I’m happy – and I’ll keep irrigating it myself. I just hope I don’t manage to move a chunk back into position and block the passage again.

  2. I enjoy your writing style and think you are a terrific story teller. Hence, I started to say I prefer highlights over bullet points, but sometimes bullet points provide part of a story and keep it from getting too text-dense, so I guess I’m for highlights and bullet points. Being an avid reader, I always seem to prefer text over photos, but I like some photos to illustrate the text. So, overall answer, I like the mix on both counts! Also, like Lindsey above, I hope you will keep posting. I missed you during the hiatus.

  3. I think whatever you decide to do is great….as long as you keep posting.;) These glimpses into your life are awesome. I know I’m learning a lot more about you than what I knew and with blogging, you only know what you are able to read so you’re proving to be different (in a good way!) than what I imagined. Seeing pictures is really great too. It’s nice to see you’re “normal.” I think that I’d decided you were just a lot different than me and my family and having these peaks into your life is proving otherwise. I’m really enjoying them!

  4. I like a mixed bag approach to your posts, 😀

    It was not a normal Friday for us. We have been homeschooling 4 days a week, and spending Friday at having lunch at one of our homeschool friends home’s then going to the park with the rest of our homeschool friends. I say 4 days, but we do really do a 4 day curriculum in 3 days, take one day for extra curriculars in a co-op, then Friday at the park. But I just wanted to sew and my girls where totally up for an easy day at home, plus my oldest had a writing assignment to finish(grr 3 weeks late and she is still working on it, BUT she IS doing it, for some reason she wants to fight me about doing English assignments, everything else is going well.

  5. I don’t know what you would call the approach for today’s post, but I like it. I guess it’s a combination of approaches, with more on the highlights and then a brief summary of the rest.
    Did you all do school work today? I assume you did it in the morning, but didn’t post about it. I’m just curious because I plan on homeschooling once my kids are old enough, and if you didn’t do it, that’s fine too. One of the great advantages of HSing is the flexibility.
    I assume your older kids are more self-directed and don’t require as much time from you, and the younger(elementary to middle school?) ones are where you spend the most time?

    • Gencie, you’re right. The older children need very little direction and oversight, and the even the younger ones are relatively independent. Most of my one-on-one school time is while they are learning to read and do basic arithmetic. After that, education becomes a much more organic process.
      Today? Most of the kids did at least some bookwork, but it came in fits and spurts, during free moments between other activities. But you know what? They were still learning, actively socializing (in a good way!) and/or working productively almost all day.

  6. I love the photo heavy ones the way you are doing them! That is some beautiful hair!!!

  7. Natalie’s feet?

  8. My fair lady 🙂

  9. Why did someone buy Lydia’s hair?

    • Because Lydia sold it. 🙂

      • how much does ones hair go for? Just curious

        • I kid you not…I was just looking up THIS WEEK how to sell my hair. And seeing as how I’ve never looked up such a thing before it’s pretty odd to see you post this this week. May I ask which site she used? I think I found most of the “hair dedicated” sites but they seem odd and when I read of hair fetish men/people emailing me wanting my hair I got disgusted and stopped entertaining the idea…..momentarily anyway. Any advice/help would be appreciated. Maybe Lydia wants to do a post?

          • Lindsey, I’ll ask Lydia if she wants to post about selling her hair. Or maybe Kaitlyn, since she actually did most of the work – Lydia paid her a commission. 🙂

          • Stephanie says:

            That’s actually why I was curious. I know a man who had a pretty extreme hair fetish, I would hate to think it would be for that :/

        • maryjo,
          Lydia is in bed now, but I’ll ask her in the morning if she wants to discuss the specifics of the transaction. Maybe we’ll do a post about it. 🙂

          • I would be interested in knowing about selling hair, too. I have about a foot I want to get rid of. I could donate it, but I could use some cash, too; if it’s worth the effort and mine is the type anybody’d want.

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