Day 12: Saturday

button1 Day 11: A few random photos, and we attend a bridal showerOn Saturdays, we usually start with soccer, then rush to the gym for Krav.  Krav was cancelled today, so the morning went a little differently.

I took Lydia over to the gym very early for another event, but for most of the rest of the family Saturday still means soccer.  Here’s a pic to help you visualize, although I cheated and found an old photo because I wasn’t there today.


To tell the truth, I’m almost never there, except the time our pastor kicked a ball into PerryBoy’s face at point blank range, picking him up and spinning him round in the air then throwing him face-first into the dirt.  I was there for that.  To his credit, 6yo Perry took it like a man and came up spitting gravel with a big red welt covering one whole side of his head but not a sign of tears.

I don’t do soccer.  Not yet, although Perry has very nearly talked me into giving it a shot.  Maybe soon.  It’s not because I’m scared of the pastor.  It’s because none of the married women in our church play yet.  Today Deanna joined them as the first married non-Peruvian woman on the field.  I don’t count our Peruvian friend who occasionally drops in with her husband and baby because she was a soccer player long before she was a wife.  But now that Deanna has bridged the gap between the teens and the married women, I’m feeling bolder.  Maybe I can do this.  But I didn’t this week.

Instead, Kaitlyn skipped soccer and went with Calvin and me on a vain search for garage sales.  In 90 minutes of wandering, we found just one sale, but believe it or not she found something she wanted there.  You’ll have to use your imagination and pretend that I remembered to take a pic of the boots and skirt that Kaitlyn bought.

[brown ankle boots and knee length black skirt with lace overlay]

Did you see them?  Aren’t they adorable?

After soccer/garage sale-searching, Perry and Kaitlyn went to the gym while I took Deanna home.  But first, she and I went to – did you guess it? – we went to pick up another Craigslist purchase.



My tiny garage – the part that wasn’t converted into the TV room and is really more like a walk-in closet than a garage – is now packed to the gills.  I’m going to have to stop buying and focus on selling.  I hope no spectacular deals pop up in the next 72 hours.  Except for that guy who turned down my offer last week but is now trying to sell me two 45 lb. olympic grip plates.  I hope he offers me a spectacular deal.

After all that, we joined some friends for dinner while their oldest son repaired our car.  We had loaned it to them for the week while their own car was being repaired, and their son decided our U joint needed to be replaced.  They invited us for grilled hot dogs and burgers, while their son did the repair as a thank you.  Best thank you ever!



We may have been guilty of being dull guests by the end of the evening.  Megan can blame it on this morning’s soccer game, but Lydia has a better excuse.  She skipped soccer to run a 5k this morning, followed by a wrestling class, and then a Muay Thai class.  I think the energizer bunny finally ran out of juice.


After that, it was home for baths and bed.  One more week behind us, and the Sabbath ahead!

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  1. Julie Tysh says:

    I loon forward to these daily posts. Too bad it’s only for 31 days! You should do it every year. (:

  2. I had to google Muay Thai. Interesting! I went on to links about its merits vs. those of Krav Maga.

    • We’re partial to Krav, but Lydia enjoys jumping into the Muay Thai class whenever Krav is cancelled. The two actually complement each other, so it works out well.

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