Day 14: an old-time Monday

button1 Day 11: A few random photos, and we attend a bridal showerToday, we reverted to an old family tradition: we spent almost the entire morning doing morning chores, cleaning bedrooms, and catching up on laundry because we let things fall apart over the weekend.  One bedroom alone was hiding about 3 loads of laundry.  Well, maybe hiding is the wrong word, since the laundry was actually doing the hiding.  It was hiding the floor.

After the unnamed residents of the Room of Shame finally got it cleaned up, I found myself wishing we had Before and After photos.  Yes, the difference was so incredible that for one moment of insanity, I considered letting the world see what the Room of Shame looked like before they cleaned up.  God kindly prevented that by ordaining before the foundation of the world that my short term memory would be too fried to remember to take the Before pics.

I should mention that the three oldest girls got up early and went running in our neighborhood.  I alternate between wishing I could join them, and gratitude for the damaged tendon that is my Get Out Of Jogging Free card.

Kaitlyn is usually gone on Mondays providing childcare for a homeschooling co-op but they took this week off, so she spent some time finishing up the newsletter for our own group.  Tomorrow, our church/homeschool group will meet at our home, and she wants to have the newsletter ready for distribution.

In between loads of laundry, I posted 5 separate ads on Craigslist to try to move some of the weight equipment in my little garage.  By the end of the day, I had 2 sales.  Not the best response ever, but I had nudged prices up a bit.  It’s nice when things sell very quickly, but makes me wonder if my prices are too low.  Now I’m wondering if I should have kept prices low just to keep things moving.  There’s a learning curve and a balance to find, but it’s fun.

When cleanup was finally done and school was underway, I took Natalie to return the shoes she bought from Payless.  It turns out she was too hasty in proclaiming them “comfy.”  Ten steps at the store was not enough, but ten minutes at home was way too much.  She was hoping to exchange them for a different style, but even though she really wants something new for the wedding this weekend, she couldn’t bring herself to pay full price now that she knows the magic of RetailMeNot.  Her desire for a better price won out over her desire for instant gratification, and she decided to shop from home.  Good girl.

When I got home I tried to start another load of laundry, but the load in the dryer was still damp.  This has been an ongoing problem, and I finally got up the gumption to pull out the dryer and clean the vent.  To improve the airflow, I also cut off about 2/3 of the length, since it was just a short trip from the dryer to the great outdoors.  All that extra twisty tubing was just gumming up the works.  I even got ambitious and pulled the whole back off the dryer to see if I could find something else to clean, but I didn’t find anything particular fuzzy looking, even when I opened the inner housing that led up toward the lint filter.

As I put things back together, Perry arrived home for lunch.  Bethany met him outside with her new friend. Remember Parker’s snails yesterday?  Today Bethany found the grandpa snail.


He’s big for a snail.  I know they say everything in bigger in Texas but that mostly applies to bugs, not snails or whitetail deer.  Most of our snails are about the size of a green pea.


Since I was behind the dryer, Kaitlyn made her dad’s lunch today.  She made him a plate of raw veggies and cooked up some sausage/mozzarella quesadillas, with spaghetti sauce for dipping.  We call these Pizza Quesadillas.  The sausage was a bit of a treat.  More often, he eats leftovers or an egg/cheese quesadilla.

After lunch, Perry took Bethany and PerryBoy back to work with him for the second half of the day.  Later in the afternoon, he found a post-it note stuck to his monitor.  See?  I told you he was a good kid.

i love you dad

Usually Monday evening is a rush to serve dinner and get out the door, but not any more.  Krav Maga class has been moved to Tuesdays,  Thursdays and Saturdays instead of M/W/S, so dinner was more relaxed than normal for a Monday, and I finally remembered to get a shot of all of us around the table.  We had Black Bean & Quinoa Chili, and Becca made popovers, a rare treat.  We ate every last one even though she quadrupled the recipe.  Yum!




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  1. The dryer vent in our house vents up through the attic instead of out through the side of the house meaning the dryer has to work against gravity to blow the wet lint up out of the vent. When I start having to run the dryer two cycles I know its time to send my son up to the attic and clean out the vent where it meets the roof. I have no idea what the builder was thinking to design it that way!

    • MotherLydia says:

      Our dryer does the same thing!

      I wanted my dad to teach us how to clean it the last time it was down and he suggested we get a shop vac (6HP at least) and suck it back down! So now we’re in the market for a shop vac

  2. MotherLydia says:

    We had an infestation of those large snails earlier this week (Monday evening!) It became a family excursion to count how many were in our driveway and garage door. No pictures though! Maybe it was the rain?

  3. In our family, the dryer vent and back of the dryer are in my DH’s domain; also, a dryer-saving operation he did once, replacing a belt.

    The snails bring to mind a hermit crab that got loose and lost in the house shortly after we got home from the beach with it.

    Kudos to Natalie on her frugality!

    • Lora, I normally leave repairs to Perry unless it’s very minor (I’ve replaced the element in my oven, replaced light fixtures, etc.), but this seemed more like cleaning than repair so I tackled it without asking him to do it. But we’re even; he replaced the wax ring under one of the toilets last week, and you know how I feel about wax rings!

  4. We have had an infestation of snails in my 4×4 garden this year, but they are all tiny compaired to yours! I wouldn’t be able to touch a big one, yuck (shudder) but the tiny’s I have no trouble flicking into another part of the yard, they can eat my weeds all they want but stay off my peppers! 😀

    I went over a year with it taking two cycles to dry a load of anything, till it finally stopped drying at all:( My new dryer amazes me, LOL, and my electric bill thanks me.

    • Most of our snails are tiny, too. That’s how Parker knew this one was the Grandpa. 🙂
      What kind of dryer did you get? What do you love about it? I don’t know how much longer ours will last, so I should probably keep an eye out for a replacement.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Today is laundry day here. There are only 6 of us but I haven’t folded any clothes in quite a number of days. I’ve been washing them as try come with intentions of folding but the folding just never came. We have 6 hampers of clothes i think, maybe more. There’s likely ironing in there (yuk) and the sock hamper that needs sorting (double yuk) as we are definitely short on wearable socks.

    • Elizabeth, I sometimes let the clean laundry pile up too. It’s such a good feeling to get it all folded and put away, and I always vow to never let it get ahead of me again…then another weekend rolls around…

  6. Are you doing any school at all;-)?
    Enjoy this series.

    • Sandra, every day is a school day. 🙂
      Seriously, all of the older kids are good about doing the basics. The younger ones are hit-or-miss, but that’s ok. They don’t have to sit at the table with a pencil and paper to be learning!

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