Day 15: Homeschool group

button1 Day 11: A few random photos, and we attend a bridal showerEvery evening I type up my post and miss the last, most relaxing part of the day.  It’s the time when the little ones are in bed, and the older people hang out and chat, exercise, and possibly waste 30 minutes of our lives playing video games or watching an episode of something stupid on Netflix.

I don’t really mind though. I just told you that to make you feel guilty. Did it work?

Today was our church’s homeschool group meeting, which happens at our house on the third Tuesday of every month.  I went to the chiropractor this morning because I am old and fragile and my back apparently can’t handle crawling around behind the dryer.  The rest of the family put the house in order, and got ready for a houseful of company.

When I came home, I found this on the counter.


Isn’t she beautiful?



Kaitlyn took her out for a portrait, and she posed very nicely for us.


Photo bomb!


When I said we were getting ready for a houseful of company, I really meant a houseful.  I think we had about 35 people, plus our own 11.  Today we opened with prayer, followed by music. Then we worked on scripture memory : we are learning Ephesians 6, 4 verses at a time.
After that, we learned about the effects of lighting, and reviewed some of the paintings we saw recently at the McNay Art Museum in light of this lesson.


Then the kids tried their hand at copying some of the same paintings.


These poor guys hesitated, and were forced to labor in the realm of darkness.



Oh, remember the newsletter our homeschool group does?  Bethany’s drawing was featured in this month’s edition, which was distributed today. It was based on our Sunday school lesson in II Kings.  Do you know what it’s about?


HS group ran a little late, so my planned trip to Costco for rotisserie chicken (plump and juicy for $4.99) was cancelled.  Instead, the kids had homemade macaroni and cheese with steamed carrots, and Perry and I had a low-carb pizza salad.



I stayed home from Krav tonight because my back still feels fragile, but after class Perry and the girls made their usual trip to WalMart.


Yes, we are The People of WalMart.




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  1. I’m glad our family isn’t the only one that does that stuff in Walmart! One of my brothers actually dresses wildly hoping he’ll make it onto

  2. Yes, it worked, I feel guilty! As Elizabeth mentioned, your efforts are appreciated.

    We saw a similar awesome-looking praying mantis on our storm door recently.

    What a blessing to have the space to host such a large gathering in your new home!

  3. Good thing you didn’t get those rotisserie chickens at costco, anyways! I read just today that costco rotisserie chickens have been fingered as a source of the current salmonella outbreak, which is a pretty nasty strain of the bacteria!

    • Oops. We got a Costco chicken for tonight instead. We deboned it and used it for chicken & dumplings, so it was cooked again before serving, but I was the one who deboned it. I was also the one who snacked while deboning. If there was any salmonella in that bird, you’ll know when I publish tomorrow’s post.

  4. MotherLydia says:

    I figured it out. its the question as to whose baby it is? And Solomon was able to give a wise answer to determine the real mother.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Just wanted to comment and let you know that I’m enjoying this series, so even though it may be a burden to you, know that your labors are not going unappreciated! Also, it’s kind of inspiring me to keep a journal like this a month out of the year, because how much fun would it be to read it years from now when life is totally different? Anyway, it’s a fun read, so thanks for doing it!

  6. I LOVE reading about other real families…thank you for keeping it REAL!

  7. Did Perry buy the hoodie? Sharp!

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