Day 3: Impromptu date night


Today was much less busy than yesterday.  I had the house all to myself for an hour.  I ate ice cream, all by myself.  Nobody even asked for a bite.  Except the dog.  Have I mentioned we have a talking dog?  I’ll show you a video someday, if I can get him to perform on demand.  Mostly he does it when we’re not paying attention to him.  Once we start paying attention he gets so excited all he can do is bark.  Silly dog.

As you can see, school happened again today.  Two in a row!  Score!  Witness the aftermath below.  Get it?  Aftermath?  After math?  After math?  I slay myself.

Where were the kids?  On their way to the community park.  Hence, my ice cream moment.


Have I mentioned my new hobby?  I’m a day-trader, but I don’t trade stocks or options.  Nope.  My products come from Craigslist.  I specialize in weight benches, barbells, free weights, and other fun fitness stuff!  We’ve managed to build a nice little home gym in the TV room for free, reselling what we don’t want at a profit to buyers who are thrilled to have found a great deal on what they want.

Tonight Perry and I picked up a smokin’ deal on a TotalGym XL.  The kids are making sure everything works.  Or maybe they’re breaking something.  It’s often hard to tell the difference.


After our Craigslist deal was done, we used our Book of Free to get some free Arby’s sandwiches, then stopped in for the grand opening of a new Goodwill.  When we have a date night, we do it with style.


I said today was less busy than yesterday, but I still ran a few errands:  Deanna called in a panic because her in-laws were coming for dinner and she needed to borrow my vacuum cleaner.  I told her I would bring it over if she made me something chocolaty.

This Brownie in a Mug was way better than my chocolate cake in a mug.  And just in case it wasn’t wonderful enough already, Deanna used coffee instead of water, and topped it with lots of real whipped cream.  She can have my vacuum cleaner any time she wants it.

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  1. I have a question about the tablecloth…
    We don’t use one, because the messes I end up cleaning would probably mean 3 tablecloths a day! Do you find it useful?

    • I find the tablecloth useful, but only for two reasons:
      1. It covers the finish of our table, which is in very poor condition.
      2. It’s covered by clear plastic, purchased by the foot from WalMart. If the tablecloth was not covered, I would go crazy trying to keep it clean. I would not be a happy person, and my unhappiness would suck all the joy out of the rest of the family. I’m sure of this. 😉

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