Day 4: Pizza night


Today is Friday, and Friday means pizza, but that’s not until dinnertime.  First, we have other stuff to do.

First, I took Natalie to pick up some adorable new shoes she ordered from Payless Shoes.  She’s a smart girl: she has learned that she can save 20% or more by ordering online with a coupon, choose from a much greater variety than she will find locally, then choose free shipping to a local store.

WomensComfort Plus by PredictionsWomen's Interest Oxford

While we were out, we also returned some boxing gloves to a local store because we didn’t need a sixth pair, and stopped at the hardware store to buy some screws that Becca needed.

Why did Becca need screws?  She felt her birthday bike was sadly lacking in accessories:


To remedy the problem, she invested in a water bottle holder, a frame-mounted pump, and a spiffy new seat.  After installing the updates, the two of us took a long leisurely ride around the neighborhood.


Then the real fun started.  When we got home it was time to make pizza and get ready for company!  In fact, it was so much fun I forgot to take pictures at all. You’ll just have to believe me when I say we had 2 families (besides our own 12 people), 6 pizzas, and so much laughing our faces and abs are sore!  We even had another family drop in for a bit near the end of the evening.  It’s midnight now and we’re just winding down.

Are you doing 31 Days?  What did you do today?

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful day! We stayed home during the day to catch up on some things at home, but when my husband got off of work early, we all headed out for a quick dinner and a few errands.

  2. It sounds like such a fun day! I have to admit a little jealousy at the idea of such an evening of fellowship. We live in a very rural area and actually have to travel an hour and a half just to get to church! There aren’t many people willing to travel that far …even for pizza!

  3. I am doing “31 Days of a Farm Family’s Life”. I’m enjoying hearing about your family

  4. Judging from the pics it looks like you guys moved to the city, or at least to a small town but definitely IN town… are you loving it? Because weren’t you guys very much in the country before? I would love to hear more about what brought about that change.

    I think I would love living close to town, being able to walk to actual destinations instead of just walking around the neighborhood. We’re definitely considering such a move.

    • I already knew you guys moved, but because it’s been asked here, I had a question too. How do your neighbors react to your big family AND you guys homeschooling? Specifically, do you let your kids have outside time throughout the day (during traditional school hours)? And because you said your kids are naturally loud, are you now worried about disturbing your neighbors? I ask because these types of things weigh heavily on my heart and mind as my family considers a move. We are much smaller than your family but we homeschool and are an interracial couple so we stick out just as much and I worry about having close neighbors and them being nosy and calling the cops or something because I would want my kids outside throughout the day and my kids can be quite loud too. SO….your input would be much appreciated!

      • Lindsey,
        We love our neighbors and they seem to love us. We chose a very quiet neighborhood, with mostly older residents who seem to appreciate our old-fashioned ways. They love that we have a big family, and they think it’s nice that we homeschool because our children are intelligent and respectful. They say we are quiet and they hardly know we’re here – we joke that they must need new batteries for their hearing aids, but we’re happy that nobody seems bothered by our children’s enthusiasm for life!
        Our children are outside at various hours, but not all day long.
        I don’t know where you live, but here in San Antonio multiracial families are so commonplace I don’t think anybody would give it a second thought. I guess that might vary a lot from one area to another.
        I had a lot of your concerns before moving to town, but the warm welcome we received quickly put all my fears to rest.

        • Thanks for your reply! I’m sure I’ve just googled too much about nosy neighbors and cops being called and such, but when you aren’t “the norm” and you already stick out, these things come to mind. Maybe we should move to San Antonio! We are currently in KS, but my husband is from Houston so TX is the best in his book.;)

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