Day 6: The Sabbath


It’s about 9 PM, and I’m sitting at the computer nursing Calvin for the last time tonight… until he wakes up in the wee hours of the night.  Today is Sunday, and I guess I took a rest from taking photos.  Until just a few minutes ago, I completely forgot to take any pics for today’s post, and even now I only have one.  That’s ok.  I have three more chances to get Sunday right this month.  And this post will give me ideas for when to snap photos next week.

This morning, Lydia was the first up.  She is always first on Sundays, and most other days too.  She makes the communion bread every week, four big beautiful braided loaves of Challah Bread.  Two are used for communion, and if they look good we usually take the other two for the fellowship meal that follows church.  If they don’t quite pass inspection, they may get eaten before we leave the house or left home for later.  As you might guess, the standard varies according to just how hungry the inspector is, and sometimes a perfectly beautiful loaf is declared unfit for church just because it smelled too good to resist.

The rest of us woke up about an hour after Lydia.  Actually she woke about that time too, because she usually goes back to bed while the dough rises.  Megan made breakfast, I made dinner for the fellowship meal, and Kaitlyn, Natalie and Becca helped get the younger ones ready.  Perry worked on his Sunday school lesson: he teaches the church history portion.

We left at 9:25 and arrived just in time for bagels and cream cheese before Sunday school started.  First was church history – we learned about Bishop Ambrose this week.  Then we moved on to question 125 of the Heidelburg Catechism.  We are nearly finished, and will probably start the Westminster Catechism again next (the Shorter one, I hope).  Then we practiced O God of Earth and Altar in four part harmony.   We are so close to mastering this one, and it’s beautiful!  Finally, the pastor taught on II Kings 6, in which Elisha prays for God to open the eyes of his servant to see angelic armies, then prays that He will blind the armies of the Syrians.  Our family likes to say Elisha did a Jedi mind trick on the army: “This is not the city you are seeking…”

After this was the worship service, followed by the weekly fellowship meal.  Because this was the first Sunday of the month, the meal was followed by our monthly Psalm sing – which is not actually limited to Psalms.  We sing from the Cantus Christi, and everyone takes turns requesting personal favorites.

Afterward, Lydia and Megan left with Deanna and Tyler, and the rest of us went home.  Our friends dropped in briefly to bring 140 more pounds of potatoes to be peeled, cooked and whipped for their upcoming wedding, and the rest of the day was just the ten of us.

My one photo of the day?



The fridge looks different when you’re only two feet tall.

How did your family spend the day?

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  1. I, too, am enjoying these posts. And I LOVE the pic this week! What a great perspective!

  2. I LOVE Sundays! We are so blessed to be covenanted with a Reformed, family-integrated church in NW Alabama. We have 2 elders. We have family Sunday school, then worship service, then fellowship meal , then 2nd preaching service at 1:30. Several families just don’t want to leave and we are usually there til 4 or 5 (or 7… 🙂 ) fellowshipping together. God is growing our church spiritually and physically (mostly that by convicting people that children are a blessing!). The church truly is a wonderful gift.

  3. Stephanie says:

    I’m getting a big kick out of these daily posts. Keep up the good work!

  4. Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your day of rest! And the fridge probably looks cleaner from two feet tall too. I’ll remember that next time I’m feeling overwhelmed with too much to do and not enough time. The kids can’t see half that dirt! 🙂

  5. We sing from the Cantus Christi and have psalm sings and weekly communion too. I’m just curious – is your church reformed and/or a part of the CREC? I know there’s not a lot of psalm singers out there! Our pastor is going through Acts. Today a big theme was not to worry! Ever notice that the things you worry about the most aren’t usually as bad as you think they’ll be? But God will surprise you with other things (that you would have worried about if you had had time to!) out of not where!

  6. So enjoying these – thanks! Wow, I wish our church did all that – its just the service usually 🙂

  7. We spent our Sunday at the opening of the Independence Reformed Bible Church. It was refreshing. The service began at 9am with singing of some old hymns Then the Pastor and Elder were ordained, and the sermon began (excellent sermon from Revelation: The Tale of Two Churches.) After the service there was a break for snacks, tea, coffee, and Sunday school commenced. The lesson was on “The True Nature and Necessity of the Church of Jesus Christ.” Afterwards, there was a fellowship meal, and fun was had by all. It is nigh unto impossible in our area to find a church whose emphasis and authority come from God alone, scripture alone. There was so much MEAT in the sermon and service. It was a wake up call to our family, not to mention a breath of fresh air. We have a lot of thinking and re thinking to do after today. There is something precious in spending an entire Lord’s Day with brothers and sisters in Christ, worshiping together, instead of 2 hours in church, plodding through, because “well, we just go to church on a Sunday.” Can’t even describe how different, and refreshing it was.

  8. Well, thank you for taking time to share your Sunday while you nurse your little one. I was wondering how you premake mashed potatoes. Are you freezing them? Just refrigerating them? How do you reheat all the mashed potatoes? These are questions that demand answers. My day was spent up here in the Pacific Northwest on a beautiful day in Oregon. Spent all day outside reading and keeping my ill daughter company. Happy to read your post. Best regards!

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