Day 7: Monday says it all



First I got up early to take Kaitlyn to her once/week childcare job.  Actually, I just took her to our friends, who take her the rest of the way.  But I was up, dressed and out of the house.  And it was early.  And I quit drinking coffee months ago.  Did I mention it was Monday?

Then I wasted the entire morning trying to make my phone, Ebay and Craigslist all play nicely together.  It was so bad I actually called Ebay customer support and spent 20 minutes on hold.  In the end, everything worked and my sales and auctions were listed, but it was lunchtime.

Starved, I wolfed down some chips and salsa and served up the same to the kids – fortunately they are good little Texans who love chips and salsa.  It’s our equivalent of Ramen noodles: cheap, easy carbs.  Don’t worry.  Dinner had lots of protein and fresh veggies.

As we were finishing up, Perry came home for lunch like he does nearly every day, a bright spot in the middle of the never-ending hustle and bustle.  But today I couldn’t hang around and enjoy his company.

I kissed him and headed out the door to take Natalie and Becca to help a new family in our church, unpacking boxes and setting up their new household.  These are some of the friends who joined us Friday for pizza, and we are really enjoying getting to know them.

On my way home, I dropped Perry and Rachael at Deanna and Tyler’s house for a few hours’ visit to meet the new kitten.  I also stopped at a convenience store for 3 gallons of milk, taking advantage of a sale price on the best tasting brand around.

Later in the afternoon, Megan and Lydia made a few more batches of mashed potatoes.  This time they did a paltry 15#, barely scratching the surface of the mountain of potatoes lurking within our apple cupboard.


There may or may not have been some embezzlement after the work was done.



Monday night is Krav night, so after dinner Natalie and Becca held down the fort while the five of us learned how to beat up bad guys.



We learned four new ways to throw down some guy who knocks you down then stands over you punching you in the face.  It was fun.


Have I mentioned our gym is called The Spartan Pit?  The owner does not cater to weakness.


Megan did throw up once.  She earned a round of applause from the entire Muay Thai class and everyone else who happened to be in the gym at the time.  Apparently it’s a badge of honor to push yourself that hard.

Edited to add: She didn’t throw up this week.  It was back when we first started taking Krav, because she did a very rigorous warm-up with a belly full of Starbuck’s frap.  It’s not a mistake any of us have repeated.

Parker, on the other hand, takes his exercise a little less seriously.


How do you feel about exercise?  Throw up, or feet up?

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  1. Well, I think krav sounds awesome! It’s funny how stuff appears on your radar….after you mentioned it, I looked it up and read a little about it. Then I was watching an old rerun of something and it was mentioned in the show. I probably never would have caught the mention of it if I hadn’t already heard about it here. 🙂

  2. I love this look into what ya’lls everyday life is like. I feel like we’re in the trenches together, although you seem much busier than me…..

    Sorry I haven’t commented lately……I’m purposing to be a better commenter!

  3. Same here, Camille.

  4. “four new ways to throw down some guy who knocks you down then stands over you punching you in the face”

    Whaaaaa? Was he just pretending to punch you in the face? I mean, I get that you were engaged in some sort of self-defense training, but…you don’t actually get hurt, do you? Call me a wimp, but this sounds completely unappealing to me. Why do you do it?

    • No, we don’t get hurt. When we practice with each other in the class, usually it’s one giggling girl standing over another pretending to have a slap fight. But we do take the lessons seriously, and when they’re practicing with the instructor, those girls of ours can look downright ferocious!

      • Okay, I get it (sort of). 🙂

        • After your comment, I reread the post and added this to clarify: She didn’t throw up this week. It was back when we first started taking Krav, because she did a very rigorous warm-up with a belly full of Starbuck’s frap. It’s not a mistake any of us have repeated. To answer your question about getting hurt, we do sometimes practice pretty intensely. With chokes, for example, once we know the defense we want to practice doing it when surprised or scared. This means we need our “attacker” to take us by surprise and use enough force to trigger that panicky feeling, though not enough to actually cut off breathing. With punches, we use gloves to soften the blows and we don’t hit with our full strength, but we do practice actually getting hit so that if it happens in real life we won’t just fall apart and give up. It’s a delicate balance, but it gives us practice at reacting under pressure and confidence that our self defense classes will actually enable us to defend ourselves if ever need to.

  5. I misread that as Megan earned a round of **applesauce** for throwing up! HAHA!

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