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Homeschool Moms' Winter Summit NEWS {Giveaway}

See that button above?  I want to win a pass to the Homeschool Moms’ Winter Summit.  And I want you to help me.

Smockity said I had to write an awesome blog post about this conference in order to enter the giveaway.  But the whole reason I want to go is because my awesome is all used up.  I need to recharge my awesome.  So I need you to pretend that this post is awesome.  Say lots of awesome things about it in the comments, because the winner will be chosen based partly on the number of comments.   Can you do this for me?  Will you do it if I tell you that one commentor will also win a pass?  And then if we both won, we could meet in real life!  And I could act all awkward because I’m actually really shy in real life, but you didn’t know that because I’m such a bigmouth on my blog.

The Homeschool Moms’ Winter Summit is in San Marcos, barely an hour from my house.  Interested?  Here’s how to register.  I know Perry will want me to go.  I know this even without asking him, because he just told me about it even though I already knew.  Also, he always encourages me to do stuff like this and I whine and say that I’m too shy for conferences and too tired to go get energized and encouraged.  But then we go to a conference and I love every minute of it while he gives me the “Are you ready to leave yet?” look.  So if I win a free pass, I’ll put on my big girl pants and just go.  I’ll do it.

So pop over to the Winter Summit facebook page and see what it’s all about, but first leave me a comment.  Better yet, leave 3!

Want to enter to win the pass for yourself?  See how here.


  1. So did you win?

  2. Kat Menard says:

    Kim you are adorable and fun! i hope you get to go! Wishing you would come by way sometime–i will gladly share a cuppa tea.

  3. Hannah Fourtner says:

    Recharging awesome…I can understand that! I hope you can make it!

  4. “I need to recharge my awesome. ” YES-I hope you get to go!

  5. You are so awesome!!! Love you, your blog, and your precious family!!!!

  6. Cindy in GA says:

    What an AWESOME BLOG POST!! 🙂 I hope that you win – and that it’s fun-but-not-exhausting. I’m a little too far away to join you – like about 1000 miles or so – but it would be great to meet you (once we both got past all of that awkward shyness!).

  7. I agree with Tracy….and everyone else who says you deserve a trip like this!!!!! I hope to someday meet you in person and hug you!!!! You go, girl!!!!!!

  8. i’ve missed your blog and have been enjoying seeing the new 31 days series. i had hoped with your giveway of the Worship of God conference that we would get to meet, but Perry let me know (on fb) that you wouldn’t be there… it is a pretty far trek from TX to NC! i’m so excited to be going!
    i hope you win this trip! i think you are awesome!
    oh… was it Bethany that didn’t crawl, but rather scooted sitting upright? My 10 month old daughter does her own variation of that and it is so funny to watch her get around. I had never seen a child do that before seeing the video of your daughter. 🙂

    • Yes, Bethany, Perry and Parker all scooted instead of crawling. Calvin is our first crawler in many years!
      Sorry I won’t be meeting you at the conference. Maybe another time. Do you ever come to Texas?

  9. If any one deserves to win a trip like this, you do Kim. You both amaze and tire me out when reading your blog. Plus you are one pretty cool lady with lots of class. Hope you win your weekend.

  10. You should totally win this. Though you’d have to promise to attend the sessions instead of day-trading on San Marcos Craigslist. 😉

    • Oh, I didn’t think of that – I’ll be in another Craigslist market! I just added San Marcos to my regular searches because I noticed it’s only about 40 miles from me. Maybe I can schedule some deals for Jan 24-25. 😉

  11. I don’t always read blogs but when I do, I read Kim’s blog “In A Shoe”!

  12. I’ve learned a lot from your blog and hope you will win a pass to the Summit!

  13. I really enjoy reading your blog. I hope you make the cut!

  14. Oh I hope you can go!!! 🙂

  15. Kim, you are already so awesome. I love reading your blog and knowing you in person. I have learned lots from you. Isn’t it amazing that a mom of 12 can teach a mom of 10 a few things. Hope you win.

  16. Your blog is one of my favorites. They should definitely give you the free registration.

  17. Hope you win!

  18. hoping you get to go. good luck

  19. Sounds like you need a recharge!! 🙂

  20. I would hate for you to run out of awesome… so you must go!

  21. I wouldn’t be able to attend, but I’m sorry to miss it, especially since Smockity will be presenting one of the workshops.

  22. You guys live out the idea that children are a blessing and that they should also BE a blessing. Yours bless my socks off on a weekly basis. ALL of them!

  23. And your family is testimony to your awesomeness.

  24. I LOVE your blog and I feel very blessed to be your friend in real life too. I hope you win this trip not because you need to be more awesome, you are already one of the most amazing people I know. But I know how encouraging these events are and if it helps you keep up the hard work of homeschooling your kiddos and encouraging others as they do the same then I am all for it. And . . . if I win too, we could ride together and I’d have you alone in the car for 2 hours! Imagine the things I could learn!!

  25. I appreciate your wit and humor. Your blogs are fun to read.

  26. I am excited about this conference as well, I have not made a homeschool conference this year and this is only my second year homeschooling, I know my husband wants me to go because he keeps asking if there is one coming up and how can he help me go. But I don’t like to do things by myself, so I am trying to talk some girl friends into attending as well! I’m actually more shy with people I will be around a lot than strangers, but I always worry I’ll be the wall flower no one wants to talk with.

    • Shannon, I don’t remember where you live. Are you close to San Antonio? Let’s be sure to meet if you and I both go!
      I know what you mean about being more shy with friends. When I’m with total strangers, I find it a little easier to step outside my comfort zone because, well, I’m already there. When I have a few friends with me, it’s too easy to stick with them and not meet anyone new.

  27. Oh and by the way, I’m kind of the same way regarding the shyness. Bloggers are often like, “Hey everyone, come to this-or-that and we can meet up!” and I wonder, ‘what would we talk about? I’m too awkward for that!’ And then I click away quickly from their post.

    • I know how you feel, but I’ve done a few of those meet-ups and find that the people who come to them are usually outgoing and talkative. I’m really only awkward with other shy people because neither of us is qualified to keep the conversation going. Ya know? So you and I will need a chatty friend to come along if we ever meet up!

  28. This post changed my life. Thank you. I’ll never be the same.

  29. Hey Kim, I’m glad you are back to posting regularly. Your tell-it-like-it-is encourages this Mom of seven. And I can experience vicariously some of my worst nightmares, like lice infestation, and see that you can indeed live through it and come out the other side and still smile, occasionally at least. Enjoy your day!

    • Andie, I learned through blogging that sometimes the worst experiences make the best stories in the years to come. That thought can help maintain sanity and a sense of humor when you’re in the thick of it. In fact, sometimes I find myself blogging in my head as the day goes downhill, and once the day reaches a certain level of “bad” I find consolation knowing that the story is just better and better.

  30. I think it sounds great! Hope it works out for you!

  31. What an awesome post!! Go Kim!!!

  32. What a fun family – inspiring! I think you are getting your awesome back – missed you!

    • Thank you. This series has been fun for me too. I feel like I’m getting back into what blogging was meant to be: a journal. I think it will be fun to look back and see what we did over the course of an entire month.

  33. Oh, and I’m so enjoying your 31 days series too 🙂

  34. Wow, Kim – your posts are awesome! 🙂

  35. Hope you win! The conference sounds like a fun time!

  36. Carol Brown says:

    Go Kim, go!!!!!
    You’ll get it, I know!!
    Love you, Mom

  37. Hope you get to go! Would love to meet you and be shy together!

  38. Sounds awesome….I hope you get to go!

  39. WOOHOO! I’m rooting for you!!! 🙂

  40. You made me want to go!

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