30 Days of Thanks, Day 18: The internet

A few minutes ago, I replaced the keyboard on our laptop.  Parker had pulled off over a dozen keys, making the old one nearly unusable, so we bought a replacement on Ebay for less than $20, checked YouTube for instructions on replacing the keyboard on our particular model, and I set to work.  After a little initial fumbling around, it was a 5 minute job.

2013-11-18 20.52.54

Lucky for him he’s so cute.

This is shallow, friends. This is so shallow. But where would we be without it? I’m thankful for modern technology.

Yes, today’s technology comes with a hefty price tag. It is addictive and presents temptations of every kind, but it is also a great blessing when used properly. The same could be said of food, sex and all the rest of life’s pleasures. I like computers, the internet, smartphones, and cars that beep at me when I forget to turn off the lights.

I have met so many people I never would have known, and learned so much from the internet. Our family has taken online classes in many different subjects. We have used YouTube to learn to do our own repairs on vehicles, household appliances, and electronics.

2013-11-18 20.53.26

I think this is where I reached the point of no return.

We have shopped online for items we never could have found locally. We checked online reviews before making major or even minor purchases, trying to be better stewards of our funds.  We looked online for ideas for cheaper alternatives before making purchases.  We have found amazing deals and found business people we wanted to support.

We have tens of thousands of digital photos of our children, friends and loved ones.  We have used the internet to save, store and share them with extended family.

We use it to schedule get-togethers, plan road trips, shop for a house, spread important news, find new recipes.

The internet has presented many opportunities for income, education, and fellowship for our family.  We don’t always use it wisely or well, but modern technology is a huge part of our lives, and I am thankful for it.

2013-11-18 21.04.34

See? Shiny new! And it works, too!


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  1. Kim, I love the technology too! Having lived overseas for a while and having friends scattered all around the world, its an amazing thing when a grandmother can read a story to her grandchildren serving the Lord half way around the world! Yes it can, like you said be a very addictive and destructive thing too. But really that is more lack of my (our) self control then the technology being bad. We too have used it to fix things that we otherwise would have had to pay someone to do. I don’t know that your being thankful for the technology is exactly shallow. I could be wrong but how I see it is the Lord allowed it to be created and therefore we can praise Him for it and that is a good thing. Also think about how many people now have access to Biblical teaching they might not have access to. Just this morning, I used it to read some great commentary on James and I am so grateful for it!! So I will join with you in being thankful for technology!!

  2. You are SO brave to tackle that keyboard! I call my brothers up and beg for their help…but sometimes they refuse and call my laptop a “dinosaur” and say it’s not worth it!

  3. I have a little keyboard destroyer, too. I showed him this picture, and he protested, “that wasn’t me!” Well, no, this particular keyboard is thousands of miles away, but it bears a resemblance to the one in our living room.

  4. Yes, indeedy! We have used it to be better menders of the family’s clothing and better tailors to adjust my husband’s suits and jackets. As my husband has tried to fix major home repair issues right before he leaves for work, we have quietly googled the problems and had them fixed upon his return. Many a delicious dinner has been whipped together by googling random ingredients from my cupboard and ” voila!” all recipes.com has the answer. Many “moments” have been smoothed over and appropriately dealt with because wiser women than I have answered the call and taken the time to share their experiences and wisdom with us! Thank you, God, for giving us access to the internet as it has enriched our lives. I really enjoy netflix!

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