30 Days of Thanks, Day 19: Health

credit: Migraine Chick

I spent much of today with a migraine.  As migraines go, it was mild.  I was able to function through the busy day with just a few doses of ibuprofen and a scowl that I hope wasn’t too obvious.   But I still don’t enjoy migraines, or the dull,dazed, surreal feeling that follows.  Colors are just a little wrong, and my eyes don’t seem to be connected to my brain with a good HDMI cable.  It’s like everything is running through a filter.

But it did leave me a little thankful.  Maybe not as thankful as I should be, but the last 18 days have trained my thought patterns.  I am thankful.  I am thankful for my health.  I may be able to list off a dozen current health issues that I wish would just disappear, but my body is running pretty smoothly considering the work that it’s done so far in this world.

Like First World Problems, my health problems should remind me of how blessed I am.  My back hurts due to that herniated disk?  Mildly.  I get migraines occasionally?  Only rarely, and I have the luxury of staying in bed if I really need to.  I damaged a tendon in my ankle so that it swells whenever I run?  I live a life in which running is unnecessary.  I suspect my adrenals and/or thyroid are not functioning properly?  They’re functioning well enough to get me through daily life.

What if my problems get worse?  What if I become the other example, the one of those I’m using now to remind myself that I should be grateful?  Well, I’m grateful that God has not put me to that test, but I’m pretty sure there are things to be grateful for in each of those conditions as well.

When I was on my feet, big boisterous pleasures provided only fleeting satisfaction. In a wheelchair, satisfaction settles in as I sit under an oak tree on a windy day and delight in the rustle of the leaves or sit by a fire and enjoy the soothing strains of a symphony. These smaller, less noisy pleasures are rich because, unlike the fun on my feet, these things yield patience, endurance, and a spirit of gratitude, all of which fits me further for eternity.

? Joni Eareckson Tada

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  1. Hi Kim! I’ve messeged you before about adrenal and thyroid issues. Thing is, I’ve been doing something new for mine! I ditched steroids last year in September (hydrocortisone for my adrenals to be exact). I was able to do this by using the Circadian Method outlined in Paul Robinson’s book “Recovering With T3”. Chapter 16 delves into the adrenals being “sluggish” when they do not recieve thyroid hormone during the main cortisol production window of 4-8 am. I belong to the CT3M group on Yahoo (I found them through Stop The Thyroid Madness). They have been a Godsend! I can’t get into all the particulars here as that would result in an extremely long message….But many people have been able to restore proper adrenal function (or HPA axis, Hypothalmic-Pituitary-Adrenal feedback loop, function) using this method. AND, some of them don’t need thyroid hormone after this! It seems our modern lifestyle of up too late-sleep too late, eating toxin laden food, drinking toxin laden water, eating foods rich in bromide, vaccines, heavy metals, chlorinated/floridated/contaminated water to bathe in and wash our clothes in, etc., etc, have really done a number on our endocrine systems. These things seem to “interrupt” our HPA axis and some of our hormone messengers are lost, or smited out altogether. Methylation and getting it going have a lo to do with proper HPA function also. Methyl folates, methyl b-12, and other quality b vitamins help to regulate methylation so these toxins are removed from the body and thereby “free up” our hormone pathways! I also take as much vitamin c as my bowels allow as more than 50 different adrenal hormones are produced from vitamin c. Please look into the Circadian Method for healing adrenals. I used to constantly shake, sweat for no reason, spend day after day in bed due to extreme weakness, have crippling migraines, have a ridiculously high heart rate and dangerously low blood pressure, on and on. This is the most natural holistic method for restoring adrenals that I’ve found (and believe me I’ve searched and searched!). A couple other things you may want to add are Progesterone cream vaginally (our bodies will steal our own progesterone to convert to cortisol. When our Progesterone is naturally lower due to nursing or age, you can see the bad situation this creates), and Vitex 500 mg. morning and evening (Vitex works directly on the hypothalmus and pituitary, helping to regulate hormones and again “wakeup” the HPA axis!). Celtic Sea Salt in water a couple times a day, (about 1/4 tsp, and half a banana twice a day for potassium) will help also as the adrenals need sodium to function adequately. I hope all of this helps! It has certainly helped me, Praise God! Oh one more thing, make sure your iron is really good. Low iron inhibits the cells uptake and conversion of thyroid hormones thereby stressing the WHOLE system and throwing the door wide open for adrenal issues!

    God bless you and yours and may you all be well! :o)

  2. You have described a migraine perfectly.

  3. Kim, this is a business comment. Ever since you changed your keyboard, your blog is not loading as smoothly and I get a box with a message in it telling me something about a script. And I get the whirly rainbow circle. It seems to have coincided with your new keyboard. Any tips? Regards-Jamie

    • Jamie, I’m sorry for the trouble. My guess is that it’s caused by the bookmarking script – the one that makes it so easy to share my posts on facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc. I guess I’ll have to take it out and try something similar. Let me know if it gets better.

      • Kim, Did you try something similar yet? Because I just left a comment on your thanks for salvation post and whatever was causing the glitch seems to be gone. The blog is loading fine and I’m not getting the whirly circle and no box about script something or other. Regards-Jamie

        • I did change the way that the sharing icons are generated. I guess that was the problem. I wonder if they were causing trouble for others? Thanks for letting me know!

  4. My mom drinks a super-strong cup of coffee when she feels a migraine coming on (she can usually tell because her vision goes weird) and then rests in a dark room for a while. Usually, this helps her avoid the pain, though she still feels the exhaustion that follows a migraine. Apparently some migraine pills are 99% caffeine, which is why she got the idea to drink a strong cup of coffee.

  5. Look into iodine for your thyroid.

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