30 Days of Thanks, Day 20: Salvation

My intention was to keep this series light-hearted.  I just intended to sit at the computer for a few minutes each evening and jot down a quick post telling about a thankful thought I had.  It wasn’t intended to be a list of priorities, or even a particularly serious series.  But oddly, with each passing day it gets harder to be flippant about gratitude.  I guess thankfulness is a heavy thing.  God is so good to us that it’s hard to take His gifts lightly.

I didn’t know what my thankful thought was going to be when I sat down just a few minutes ago, but having said that it’s hard to take God’s gifts lightly brings only one thought to mind: I am thankful for salvation.  Why did God choose me, a sinner?  Why did Christ sacrifice Himself for us?  How can the creature be valued above the Creator?  Why am I so foolish as to sin every day when I owe Him so great a debt?

My eternal soul is a gift, unearned and undeserved.  God is good.

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  1. Love it! And that is why Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!!

  2. Amen! God’s mercy toward us is staggering.

  3. I appreciate how you say that “God chose you” through no redeeming qualities of your own, when so many teach that God died for everyone and that we just need to accept/choose God and then be “good” Christians thereafter. This isn’t just an issue of semantics but sadly a major failing of doctrinal teaching. ALL the glory and sovereignty belong to God, thank you for reflecting that in your post.

  4. Absolutely!
    Could I also say how grateful I am that I live in an era when glasses and contact lenses are so easy to have for the asking?

  5. AMEN

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