30 Days of Thanks, Day 21: Ice cream

Ice cream is my kryptonite

Ice cream is my kryptonite

Every day I plan to have a plan, but every day the same thing happens: evening comes, and I’m still asking myself what will be the subject of today’s post.

This time, I was deep in thought as I hid in the quiet of my bedroom and tore open the seal on my tiny tub of Haagen Dazs Coffee ice cream, given to me by a sweet friend.  What would I write about?

As I broke the little disposable spoon free from its tabs in the lid, I was still stumped.  Of course there are countless things to be thankful every day, but what specific thoughts of gratitude had filled me today?

I savored each tiny bite, trying to make my ice cream last until I had an idea.  I made it my deadline: “I must decide on a topic before the ice cream is gone,” I told myself sternly.

And slowly, the thought formed in my head: ice cream.  I am thankful for ice cream.

Really, I am.  I loudly proclaim my love for chocolate but the truth is: I enjoy ice cream even more.  It’s rich and cold and creamy, and the good brands are every bit as tasty as chocolate.  Especially if it has chocolate, coffee, nuts, or any combination of the three.  Or peanut butter.  Except peanut butter and coffee together.  That could be weird – but I would be willing to try it.  And also toffee.  Anything with toffee in it.

I am thankful for ice cream.  What is your favorite treat?

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  1. I just remembered milano cookies are an absolute treat. Graham crackers and chocolate frosting!

  2. York peppermint patties… brownies, chocolate chip cookies…. are all favorite treats… coffee ice cream is yummy… chocolate butter cream frosting is heavenly… as is chocolate cake… but I also enjoy a good pie… anything baked pretty much… if I can’t find a munch, I settle for a spoonful of peanut butter and a couple tbsp of semisweet chips 🙂

  3. I’m rather fond of the very occasional serving of butter pecan ice cream. I’m not in Texas but Bluebell is available locally. One of my childhood friends now lives in California, where there is no Bluebell. When she visited last summer, she bought an ice chest and dry ice to take a supply of her favorite brand home with her.

  4. Yes! Ice cream is my special treat! But, I’m a real ice cream snob;). My favorite is Blue Bell, Homemade Vanill (I grew up in Texas)a. If I’m going to have the fat and calories….I go for the best tuff! 🙂

    • Jennifer, I love Bluebell! I’m an ice cream snob too, since the night I left a cheap box of ice cream in the sink. It was so full of stabilizers, the next morning it still looked exactly the same. Gag!
      Now I go for the good stuff and just eat less. 🙂

    • Sorry, ladies! The Best Ice Cream is Umpqua brand ice cream up here in Oregon. We know this from experience: traveling from Oregon to Delaware across country in our vehicle and tasting along the way. And back. Jennifer and Kim, you are invited to come on up and have some with me! I will say, that there is not a good cup of coffee to be had once you leave our town until you get to Ohio. That’s when Starbucks becomes more prevalent along I-70. Thank you, Mc Donald’s, for holding it together for us coffee-wise in the interim. : )

  5. Aileen Johnston says:

    I am thankful for wine! (Sorry if that makes me sound like some sort of lush as I really am not!) but on the occasional night when my daughter has driven me crazy (as 16 month olds are prone to), she has been put to bed, the house is all tidy (cough cough) and any housework that hasnt been done can wait, there is nothing better than sitting in the quiet, maybe with a couple of candles lit and savouring a really nice glass of red wine. Particular favourites are Australian Shiraz and Argentinian Malbec. I really don’t drink a lot of alcohol but every now and then that glass of wine is AMAZING!!

    Apologies if I have offended anyone that doesn’t drink alcohol and Kim if you feel it is not appropriate then as always feel free to delete! 🙂

    • Aileen, if Jesus turned water into wine – really GOOD wine – then I won’t blame you for enjoying a glass. We really like the claret by Coppola. We drink mostly dry reds, but I also like riesling. It’s a fruity white that’s not too dry, not too sweet.

  6. It would have been ice cream years ago (Anyone remember marathon mint from Baskin and Robbins? Rich rich chocolate, with chocolatey minty big chunks?). But, alas, my 45yr old teeth just find ice cream too cold now. Good bye to ice cream and swinging, sadly (too seasickening now). My favorite treat is a cup of good coffee in the morning with a fresh wall street journal crossword puzzle. And a slice of cheese pizza on Friday night.
    What a sweet friend you have. One can be thankful for enablers. The enablers that enable us to do positive things. Such as freshen our outlook on life by giving us a treat and for enablers that think like the marketing people at Haagen-Dazs who thought thoughtfully to include a spoon.

    • Jamie, I love coffee but it’s not kind to me. It gives me heart palpitations, and decaf just isn’t the same. But I still enjoy the smell of good coffee in the morning and an occasional sip from Perry’s cup.

  7. pound cake, if is in the house it will end up in my mouth, every crumb, I have no self control, we always have ice cream in the freezer and chocolate somewhere either on the counter or in the fridge, I can go days even months without touching it and not feel deprived or crave it, but pound cake, it is like I have no control over myself. So I am thankful for a house full of sugar and treats and no real desire for any off it.

  8. Ice cream, now you’re talking. Ice cream is certainly something to be thankful for, and ice cream with chocolate in it is much better than just plain ol’ chocolate!

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