30 Days of Thanks, Day 23: Gratitude attitude

I am thankful to have a thankful family.  We all have our lapses, but for the most part I find myself surrounded by people who say the words “Thank you” many times each day.  I was concerned about dinner because the new soup recipe I tried out didn’t look too appetizing on the table.  But they dug in, they thanked me for dinner, proclaiming it delicious.  If anyone didn’t like it, they graciously held their silence.

Our little ones learn to thank us for diaper changes, and we thank them for kisses or for handing us miscellaneous bits of fluff they find.  We try to practice gratitude as a way of life in a myriad of little ways, and while we often miss the mark, I think overall they have developed an attitude of gratitude.  A gratitude attitude.  It even rhymes, as if the words were made to go together.  🙂

A bad attitude can sometimes be contagious, but so can a good one.  I’m thankful for the good ones – especially for gratitude.  Giving thanks recognizes in a certain sense that we don’t deserve anything good.  It’s all a gift, and that should point our hearts and minds toward the greatest gift ever given.

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  1. Whoa — The saying thank you for a diaper change sounds like a miracle to me! How on earth do you teach that one? My 22 mo old would rather scream and kick most of the time…

  2. “Thank you” is one of the first phrases our children learn. Of course, it doesn’t sound like “thank you” when they are real little, but we know they are trying! =) When my sister visited this summer with her 18mo daughter, she was surprised to hear my 14 mo daughter saying “thank you”. By the time they left, her daughter had learned to say please and thank you as well. =) It is contagious!

  3. We try to teach that to our children as well. I once had my daughter, at 2 years old, thank the nurse for giving her a shot. Someone through her tears she managed to get out “thank you”.

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