30 Days of Thanks, Day 25: The little things in life

The little things in life

I have now posted for over 50 days straight, and I plan to continue for 25 Day of Christmas in December.  That will be 3 months straight, if I don’t crumple into a heap of post-partum emotions like I did last Christmas.

Last Christmas was an emotional roller-coaster for me – and probably for everyone around me, thanks to the trickle-down effect.  I was a mess, and I didn’t do a great job of keeping it to myself. Although I look toward this holiday season with some apprehension, I am thankful to be feeling much better this year.

That’s big, but I’m also thankful for the little things in life:

  • soft fuzzy socks
  • fleecy jackets
  • pretty scarves
  • birds
  • squirrels
  • clouds in every shape, size and texture imaginable
  • a cool breeze on a hot day
  • ice water on a warm afternoon
  • hot shower on a cold morning
  • the lock on the bathroom door
  • naptime
  • the smell of coffee, even when I can’t drink it
  • coffee flavored ice cream
  • a child’s smile
  • a baby’s laugh
  • Chili Cheese Fritos
  • my coffee cup with pics of the whole family

I’d love to hear from you today.  What are some of the little things in life that remind you to be thankful?  Why?

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  1. I am Thankfull for my children, and for nap time, my husband, my ability to homeschool our children, This life the Lord has blessed me with and all the people in my life:D I have only been homeschooling for a year and half, but the friendships I have made are awesome and I am so thankful everyday that we made the switch.
    I am thankful for so many things. Our Lord is good and so is the plan he has for my life.

  2. Thankful for an answer to prayer this past week. Thankful for the smells of Thanksgiving preparation in my kitchen and thinking of those who may go hungry this year. Sometimes those people are as close as my own extended family….thankful we are able to help with food.

  3. Amanda Wells says:

    My dishwasher. Not really little, but often unappreciated for the huge convenience that it is. I run that thing several times a day (and I only have 5 kids). My husband says it is the height of man’s achievement.

  4. Simple things for me, really. Roof over my head, wheels under my feet, clothing on my back, family by my side, and a good book to read when times are tough, rough, good, and great. I may not have much, in contrast to the Joneses, but I don’t need that stuff to be happy.

  5. I am thankful for my tennis shoe inserts. I can spend more time on my feet with much less pain! 🙂

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