30 Days of Thanks, Day 26: Family

I may have already said it, but it bears repeating:I am thankful for family.
It bears repeating partly because family is just that much of a blessing, but also these are different family members than the ones I was thankful for earlier this month.



Oh, by the way. I’m totally coveting the crocheted Coghlan.  If it disappears while we’re here, I’m not answering any questions.

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  1. Would I tease the woman who has now given me a chance to return some of the heart which she has given to us (me)?

  2. Dear Kim, I would be happy to make you your own Coghlan Crochet just like that one. I’m thankful we live in a culture where family is sweet. Not all cultures have pleasant familial relational structures. May God continue to be with us. Regards-Jamie

    • Jamie, are you just teasing me or would you really know how to do it?! I would love to receive, buy or learn to make one myself. Can we talk?

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