30 Days of Thanks, Day 27: Mother-in-law

Today, I am thankful for this lady, the sweetest lil mother-in-law in Texas.


Now that they have settled in Tennessee she’s not always in Texas, but I think Texas will always be in her.


She was raised in east Texas with her six sisters, and has a soft deep drawl that adds a syllable or two to almost any word.


Wait, where is she?


Not only is she the mother of the man I love most in the world, but she has also been a second mother to me for more than half my life.
Today is her birthday. Happy birthday, mom-in-love!

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  1. I remember Patsy as being a lot of fun and always smiling and laughing. Happy Birthday Patsy!

  2. Oops, I think your mom-in-love’s birthday is the 27th…..mine is the 28th. BUT, our anniversary is the 27th….42 years. Lots of celebrating going on. Love Thanksgiving.

  3. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Today is my birthday too! Enjoy the whole day with family and friends.

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