30 Days of Thanks, Day 29: Grace

I am such a flake. I made it for 28 days in a row, and on the day after Thanksgiving, I dropped the ball: I completely forgot to post.
But that gave me something to be thankful for. I am thankful for grace, both from God and from those around me. I am thankful for God’s kindness to forgive my sins and shortcomings, and for friends and family who reflect His grace in their willingness to love and forgive me.
Forgetting to write a thankful post is hardly a cardinal sin, but it’s just one tiny illustration of my fallen nature: I failed to follow through in a simple, specific goal: 30 Days of Thanks. And the fact that no one I know of is shaking their head with hands on hips, muttering about how disappointed they are in me – this is the grace from friends that makes me thankful.
I fail daily in countless ways, and there’s no excuse for that. But I am thankful for friends, family and a God who love me anyway.


  1. Will your husband be losing his job now that VF is closing? 🙁

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