30 Days of Thanks, Day 1: Awkward moments

I do all kinds of embarrassing things, but fortunately most of them go unnoticed.  Yesterday, not so much.2013-11-01 16.35.16

I came out of the grocery store with my purse on one arm and several bags of groceries on the other.  As usual, my plan was to drop it all on the passenger seat.  I don’t always lock the doors since the radio was stolen because I prefer to let potential thieves into my car without breaking a window, especially now that there is no radio for them to steal.

Anyway, I was a little annoyed to find the passenger door of my car locked – then I remembered that I had locked the doors while driving, and only unlocked the driver door when I got out.  Of course the passenger door was locked.

I stopped jiggling the handle with a little grunt of frustration.  Then a voice inquired from right behind me,

“Is there a problem?  Because that’s my car.”


My car was 6 spaces up.

And just for the record, my passenger door was locked too.

On a similar note, and also because today is the first of November, traditionally a month dedicated to thankfulness: I am thankful to have a Mustang.  Even if it’s the most common car and color in the state of Texas.  It’s not a fancy car, not an expensive car, and not even a particularly comfortable car.  But it’s my dream car.

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  1. I did the exact same thing at the grocery store! Thank God the man was very nice about it. I’m not sure he believed me when I said I had the exact same car. I promise I do!

  2. Once when my daughter and I were sitting in our van waiting for my son to come out of the store, 3 boys in their late teens walked up and climbed in the back seat. We didn’t know if we were being carjacked and we just stared at them. They were all talking and didn’t even notice for a good minute or two. Then they all froze and stared at us with their mouths open and jumped out. The minivan they jumped into on the next aisle wasn’t even the same color as our 15 passenger, lol

  3. I have done this before, not by cars but with houses. I was asked by a relative to feed their cat while they were away, and the houses on their street all looked so similar, especially when I went around one time, after dark. After trying to open the door with the key several times, and failing, I then looked at the house number, and it was the wrong one. The house I wanted to enter was two houses down the street. Good job the people who lived there werent in.

  4. Sheila in MO says:

    I agree with Lindsey. You are too awesome. I keep seeing so many unexpected things on your blog lately. A Ford Mustang was MY dream car when I was 16, and I had a super generous and loving grandpa who surprised me with a new, blue one when I was in highschool. We were not rich, nor was I a spoiled child but my grandpa was just that cool. How nice it was to be enveloped in all that love every time I stepped into that car. There is nothing like family. Um, my dream car now is just something that has no payments, a radio, and runs- oh and fits my children inside. 🙂

    • Well, Sheila, my car currently has no radio, but I still love it. And it’s not actually *my* car; it’s *our* car, but since it has no radio Perry usually leaves it home for me. I’m totally ok with that. 🙂
      What an incredible gift from your grandpa! How long did you have the car?

  5. I’m excited to see that your stilling posting. I have a 1967 mustang that I’ve had for 30 years. (It is my dream car) My twelve year daughter can spot mustangs anywhere 😉 I was wondering if you would consider sharing how your family is able to stretch your budget on one income. I sure that you have some wonderful ideas and things that you do. (groceries, clothes, side jobs, Craigslist selling)

    • Monica,
      A ’67? That’s awesome! Is it a stick shift? That’s the only thing I would change about ours if I could: it’s an automatic. But I’m not complaining. 🙂

  6. I felt so happy to see this! I’m thankful for another month of posts!

  7. I was so surprised to see another post! Fun! Am I the only one surprised that a woman with as many kids as you has a mustang?! Well, I am. These posts are seriously so informative. I’ve learned more about you and your family this past month than I have in the past years!

    • Lindsey, there’s a bit of a story behind the Mustang. Short version: two of the girls used their savings to help buy it (they each paid 1/3). It was a great price and we all considered it a super-fun investment that they could use to learn to drive, then we would sell it and easily get our entire investment back.
      As it turns out, we couldn’t bear to part with. Instead, we bought the girls’ shares one at a time and kept it in the family. And we all lived happily ever after.

  8. Yea!!! Another 30 days! Woo-Hoo!

    And I LOVE the embarrassing moment! I haven’t had the actual owner notice before, but I’ve done it a few times and there always seems to be other people nearby when I have to look around and find MY car.

  9. Amy Davis says:

    Yay! Glad you posted again already! How funny about the car. 🙂 That totally sounds like something I would do.

  10. Oh, how embarrassing! I hope he was understanding when you explained.
    I’m glad you’re doing this 30 days thing again. I enjoyed last month’s posts!

  11. Usually the voice behind me is one of my kids saying “umm mom, what are you doing?” followed by “that is not our car”. My kids keep track of license plates, to my shame I am not always thrown off by the same model, but don’t all charcoal gray cars with tinted windows look the same?

  12. LOL!!! We once had a similar incident with my husband’s SUV. Fortunately, since the two vehicles were so nearby to each other, the owners of the other SUV realized what our mistake probably was before they approached us.

    My car is incredibly common looking (a silver sedan), so I often rely on registration/tax stickers still in the windshield from when I lived in a different state to pick it out in a parking lot.

    I’m glad you have your dream car. 🙂

  13. I have heard of people being arrested in similar circumstances. sometimes, when the cars are the same model, the keys even work in someone else’s car! I also have a very popular model, and colour, but thankfully, I can usually pick out my own by the copious number of car seats! You can be grateful you didn’t have to tell your story to the police 🙂

  14. Christina says:

    We always put one of those window clings on the driver and passenger windows plus one on the Rear window. Currently we’ve got little snowflake ones about 2-3 inches. they don’t get in the way of our driving and I always know my car (^_^)

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