25 Days of Christmas, Day 11

When somebody mentions Christmas videos, most of us think about full length films, but this one is special.  This version of White Christmas has almost become a tradition of its own in our house.

I don’t care a bit for snow at Christmas.  I’d rather be wearing sunglasses and a pair of shorts, but I can’t hear this song without seeing Santa’s skinny little pipe-cleaner legs sticking out from under his Santa suit, and I laugh every time I hear the reindeer solo on the radio.  Looking for more serious, thoughtful recommendations?  Deep Roots At Home has a list of five worthwhile Christmas films.

What are your favorite Christmas videos?

Also, this is not specific to Christmas, but it’s certainly related.  I just wanted to share it because I love it.  It is posted on the inside of my front door.  I really love that the panels on the door form the shape of a cross in the photo.  I didn’t plan that, but Somebody did.

2013-12-11 22.27.38

Every time I leave the house (or come down the stairs, or cross from the dining room to the living room), these words serve as a reminder to us that we are servants of the Most High.  My dad always used to remind us that when we are in public, we are like ambassadors for the Lord.  If people peg us as Christians – and they should! –  our actions and behavior affect how they think of God.  We need to be a good witness for Him everywhere we go.




  1. Like the quote on your door. I’d heard (can’t remember when or where) that the “cross” shape on doors is intentional. A long time ago, like middle ages, people started shaping their doors with crosses to show that they were Christians. It may have been a monk thing. Not exactly sure. Maybe I should google it… =)

  2. I’m going to become a regular reader of “Deep Roots at Home.” Thank you for the referral!

  3. Our current favorite is “The Nativity.” I love your door idea! I need to do that. Did you stencil that on yourself or is it one of those stick on quotes? BTW – every week at church we pray for blessings for a CREC pastor and their church. Your pastor and church made The List about 2 weeks ago. 🙂

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