25 Days of Christmas, Day 13

I’m going to stop saying that the day was a blur, and just tell you if and when I have a December day that isn’t. 

Instead, I’ll just hit a few highlights:

I finished Parker’s stocking!  I did it last night, but it was after 1 AM when I finished, so technically it was today.  He wanted solid green, like the Hulk, but I insisted on adding a little color because I had a feeling he would change his mind in future years.  He approved.

2013-12-13 13.00.33


This morning, we had a snowflake party, cutting snowflakes out of coffee filters.  This may be the first time we actually made six-sided snowflakes.  Becca went over them with an iron when we were done, but we agreed that they probably need starch.  Right now they’re in a pile on the mantle, but I’m hoping to hang them from threads over the mantle.

2013-12-13 13.23.59

This afternoon, I went shopping with a little elf.  He turned a lot of heads and got a lot of compliments.  He loved every minute of it, but his favorite part was probably when we bought bananas.  He doesn’t go the grocery store as often as the older girls did since I usually have a convenient sitter.  He never goes with just Mom, and I’ve never been to the grocery store with an elf, so this was a new adventure for both of us!

2013-12-13 16.10.22

Later this evening, our family attended a Christmas party hosted by a family in our church.  I loved what she did to personalize the wine glasses – little beads and pipe cleaners, with tiny name tags in case we forgot our colors!

2013-12-13 19.56.16

Also at the party: an elf sighting.  I think this is the wrong kind of elf, though.


  1. What a cute elf in the shopping cart! I had to laugh at what you said about buying bananas. Bananas are my 15 month olds favorite food. Recently when we were at the grocery, his mouth dropped open in amazement as we stood in front of all the bananas for sale. Then he yelled “ba!” (obviously “banana” hahahah)

  2. I love the stocking! Did you knit or crochet it? I’m an amateur crocheter, and just made an infinity scarf Im quite proud of. 🙂

    • Thanks, Gencie. It’s crocheted. I’m quite an amateur too, so these stretch my abilities. 🙂 I have children begging me to teach them to crochet, though, so maybe we’ll all learn together

  3. Glamour elf!

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