25 Days of Christmas, Day 15: AAARRRGGGHHHHH!

Sorry.  I just had to get that little scream out.  Today will definitely make it into the archives of the Gone Awry category, if I can ever find the presence of mind and nerve synapses to remember and recount the events gone wrong.  Or maybe we’ll just pretend today never happened.

In the meantime, our Christmas tree still stands naked and forlorn, leaning against the far corner of the living room.  I guess we need to get it dressed for Tuesday’s Christmas party.

The church Christmas pageant is just over a week away, and we have yet to make costumes, although kind volunteers have done much of the work for us.  We also need to start the backdrop for the stable.  Not sure when that will happen since all my big people are working again this week.  We’re hoping it will sometime before the first-and-only rehearsal.  Did you hear that?  FIRST AND ONLY?!  Oh, this should be interesting.  🙂

I have not started Christmas shopping.  At all.  Nuthin.  And I don’t think it’s happening this week, unless I can get it done at the grocery store.  Don’t know when that’s happening, but it has to at some point. Right?  Right???

My Christmas spirit is flagging.  I’m not a grinch, or a scrooge.  I’m just keeping it real for you.  With a family working in retail, this is  an extremely busy time of year for all of us, and I don’t mean because we’re busy addressing cards, wrapping gifts and baking cookies.  I stay home, but when all my help is gone I’m still cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry for 12 – and nursing an active toddler, and teaching an eager 5yo to read, and keeping 3yo Parker from auto-destructing and taking down the whole house with him.  Ooh, that boy.

And the dog follows me around the house all day, calling me Mom because he wants a bite of whatever he thinks I have.

We are very blessed, and I know many others have much worse problems than ours.  Excessive busy-ness is not a big deal.  It just feels like it sometimes, especially when you want to say yes to everything and everyone, because who wants to be like Ebenezer Scrooge?  This is time for rejoicing, and rejoicing takes work.

Tomorrow, we make cookies.


  1. This sounds like my house! I have 3 boys 4 yr, 3 yr old, 7 month old. This year the only Christmas activity we will be attending is on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with extended family. We just had to say no to all parties/activities. Decorations is one 4 foot already have lights on tree that took 3 minutes to put up and one strand of lights outside that took 5 minutes to hang and have sat not turned on because I keep forgetting to find an extension cord! I am seeing the world through my boy’s eyes and realize our month is still going great- even if it is not want I imagined. We enjoy our tree, seeing Christmas lights as we drive home for a late dinner, and counting down the days until we sing happy birthday to Jesus. Best of all, we get to go see relatives we only see a few times a year. I am forgetting the rest and enjoying what I have! Merry Christmas!

  2. Stores are open late. Late night shopping it’ll be! You can always sleep after Christmas.

  3. Thank you for keeping it real during the cascade of things going awry!

  4. Sheila in MO says:

    Best Christmas Post Yet. This for sure is my favorite from the “25 Days of Christmas.” I personally like it when you keep it real for all of us. Funny how you were trying to talk yourself into a better frame of mind there at the end. Nonsense. Who can be gracious and thankful for everything and calm ALL the time? I for one feel a little better knowing someone else can hardly keep up with the craziness. Let us know when you do go shopping. I’m just curious how Last Minute you’ll go with this. LOVE YOU! (In a sisters in Christ sort of way ofcourse.) And if it makes you feel any better I am just heading out today- yes, Monday, December 16- to START my Christmas shopping. I may warn the children to keep their expectations low this year so as not to disappoint anyone. There’s still time to turn this baby around, right? There’s still time.

    • Sheila, is it entirely obvious that I was trying to talk myself into a change of attitude? When I blog, I often end up learning from myself. Somehow the act of putting my feelings into words helps me to come up with a plan for dealing with them, or at least a better perspective. It’s surprisingly therapeutic, and I frequently sit down to write with no idea of what I’m going to say. I’ve learned not to stress over writer’s block, because sometimes those turn out to be the best posts. I don’t know if they’re always the most entertaining for readers, but they tend to mean the most to me.

  5. Sometimes I think Christmas would be a whole lot easier if real life could be put on hold for the whole month of December. You know, if kids didn’t need to be bathed, laundry didn’t need to be done, and people didn’t want to eat anything other than cookies and candy . 😉

  6. Sheila Mom to Seven says:

    I’m blowin a few kisses your way, Kim. 😉

  7. Ditto on Amazon…then I’m paying kids to wrap their sibling’s gifts(last year I securely taped boxes and some of them wrapped their own!
    Our tree is still in its box, but it did make it out of the attic. . .there are hopes of getting decorations on it at some point?!?
    Hang in there, you’ll get it. Sounds like you’ve got a good perspective, too.
    Enjoy the cookies. Or let the kids enjoy them(isn’t that how it usually works?)

  8. I’ve got one word for you: Amazon! I’m pretty sure 75% of my presents came from there this year. We live an hour from real stores and my husband works a lot, and we share a car, and with 4 littles, it just wasn’t gonna happen this year. So the online fairy to the rescue!

  9. I hear ya, Kim! Christ’s birthday will come and go whether or not I ever get my cards sent or my house in order or anything other than lights on our Christmas tree. I would hate to miss the moment because I’m annoyed it’s not all working out right now. Enjoy your day tomorrow. Whatever happens.

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