25 Days of Christmas, Day 18: The final countdown begins

Today was another beautiful day, with a high in the low 70’s.  The little ones played outside a lot, running in and out in short sleeves and bare feet.  Strangely enough I smelled snow in their hair and clothes each time they came in.  I’m sure it wasn’t wishful thinking because I hate snow.  I’d love to hear a hypothesis if you have one.  I’m thinking it has to do with ozone.

I can’t believe it’s only a week until Christmas.  Less, since I’m writing this at the end of the day and you’re reading it at some point after that.  [breathe…breathe…]

This morning we finished the last chapter of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.  The end was more moving and less comical than I remembered.  It was also the best part, where all the funny snarking became sweet, simple observation of human nature.  It was still funny, but in a kinder, gentler way.  My little ones were alternately horrified and in uproars at the antics of the Herdmans until the end; then they were suddenly quiet and thoughtful and full of questions.  I’m glad we read the book.

I spent most of the afternoon running a series of errands with Rachael and Perry.  We made 5 stops in 3 hours.  It was hardly a record, but we covered a lot of ground and spent a lot of time wandering around making decisions.  You can’t rush these things.

2013-12-18 14.01.27

I didn’t actually buy any gifts unless you count a single stocking stuffer, but I’m feeling less panicked.  What gets done in time will be done.  I’ll do the rest later – or not at all.  Have I told you about my stack of unmailed Christmas cards?  They stretch back at least four years, and come out to haunt me every Christmas like one of Scrooge’s ghosts.  One year we made it as far as addressing the envelopes.  Another year I bought 100 postage stamps.  I’m still working my way through those.

Anyway, I think I have a plan for most or all of the kids.  Now I just need to get final approval and execute it.

Oh, we also ordered 10 dozen handmade tamales from a friend’s brother.  These will be for the nth annual Brown Family Tamale Party on Christmas Eve.  I say nth because I have no clue how long this thing has been happening.  I guess I should ask somebody what year it started before we all forget.  We’re hosting it for the first time, since the sister who has always hosted in the past moved away.  She and her husband and 4 children will be driving in to join us along with a wide assortment of our siblings, their families, and Mom and her fiance.

After tamales, we’ll try to drag as many as we can to the Christmas pageant that evening.  Maybe we’ll hold dessert until after the pageant, to motivate them to stay.  What do you think?  Would it work on you?


  1. Are they still in Oregon? I caught the fiance’ too. How wonderful for her. And him too. Does he have kids? I guess he’s not scared of them since he’s still around after she presented him with the # she has and then the grandchildren #. I love that. What a sweet happening.

  2. My maiden name is Brown. 🙂

  3. Hold the dessert:-)
    Your mother’s fiance’?

    Happy Christmas!

  4. Of course it would work for me. I’m there to be with family and whatever they are doing! Handmade tamales. Delicious! Are we invited!? What is for dessert?

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