25 Days of Christmas, Day 22: Pageant rehearsal & fellowship

There was no Sunday school today, so we celebrated by sleeping in late.  No, wait.  We didn’t.  We like getting up early SO much that we decided to schedule our only full on-site rehearsal for this morning during the time that we could have been sleeping in.

I sound like I’m complaining, but really I’m not.  It was very necessary and went very well, and we all had fun.  I stayed up late last night sewing a very simple stable scene as a backdrop, and after church several families stayed late to hang lights over the curtain, and we oohed and aahed over how wonderful it’s all going to be.  Just in case you can’t tell, we moms are VERY excited about this.  Probably more excited than the kids who will be in the pageant.  Too excited, in fact, to take pictures.  It’s going to be THAT good.

Between worship and the fellowship meal, our congregation always sings happy birthday and/or happy anniversary to anyone with birthdays or anniversaries.  Since my birthday is closer to this Sunday than next, today was my turn.

my birthdaymy birthday

After church, I came home to an early birthday gift from my in-laws: my very own huge box of See’s chocolates!!!  How often do you see me use the triple exclamation point?  Haven’t I always said I have the best in-laws ever?  This is good stuff.  Our family receives a big box from my grandparents every year for Christmas and I do my best not to eat them all, but this box is MINE.  I feel it’s my duty to personally consume as many of these chocolates as possible, to show my appreciation for the gift.  I’ll share, but it would be rude to share too generously, as though I didn’t value the gift.  It’s a matter of courtesy.

birthday chocolate

You’re too late. That square toffee brittle in the center of the bottom row? Already gone.

After church, we hid the chocolates and had two families over for food and fellowship, our two favorite combinations.  We had four kinds of cheese, four kinds of meats, and four kinds of…other stuff…



Adults and teens fellowshipping over food

Younger children fellowship over the iPad

Younger children fellowship over the iPad

See?  The food is decimated and we still enjoy each other’s company.  That’s true friendship.



  1. See’s California Brittle is my favorite!


    • Deanna, that has always been my favorite too. It’s like chicken fried steak: if that is one of the choices, there’s NO choice. It’s a done deal.

  2. Happy Birthday, and I hope the pageant goes well. Are the Herdmans coming? 🙂

    We woke up to an ice-encased world, so we really did have the opportunity to sleep in. I empathize with those who had to wrestle with the decision of cancelling cantatas and pageants. It was the safest and best decision–and we had 200+ cancellations in the county, so no one had to stand alone.

  3. I love these daily posts. Wishing you and your family an especially blessed Christmas this year, and a new year filled with the kinds of gifts and blessings that you aren’t even yet imagining!

  4. I think I see some dark chocolate covered marshmallows in the box….

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