25 Days of Christmas, Day 4: Turkey dinner

Today we had pumpkin pie for lunch.  I couldn’t help it.  It just happened.

2013-12-04 13.59.31


After lunch, we continued our reading of Luke with chapters 3 and 4.  The younger kids actually begged me to read the extra chapter today so we could be on schedule.  I love it when they are really engaged and interested!

Pumpkin pie got me thinking about Thanksgiving dinner, and that reminded me how sad I was that we didn’t get to eat any Thanksgiving leftovers at all.  My dear mother-in-law has an obsessive compulsive cooking disorder, and felt compelled to cook us three meals/day, so we never had a chance to indulge in leftovers while we were in Austin.

So I did the obvious: I cooked a turkey.  I just happened to have a 20-pounder in the fridge.  Just for good measure, I did potatoes and sweet potatoes.  And corn, and cranberry sauce, because it’s so good with turkey.  And stewed apples since it seemed like overkill to make apple pies for dessert after eating two pies at lunch.  And gravy, of course.  Who would cook a turkey and not make gravy?

Do you like my necklace?  It was a gift from my 4yo niece.  I love the colors and wear it often, but I can’t decide if it looks like I’m wearing a gift from a 4yo, or if I have the fashion sense of a 4yo.

2013-12-04 16.45.39


Calvin loved helping me with the potatoes.  I peeled and chopped, he put them in the pan – or in his mouth.

2013-12-04 16.45.55



He couldn’t wait to enjoy the fruits of his labor.  He’s passing his plate so quickly, it’s a blur.

2013-12-04 18.22.06


We did just a little more decorating too.  Last night Becca and I hung some more lights.  We’re not done yet – at least, we hope not.  We want 2 more strands to replace the dead spots, and of course we’ll need some for the tree when we get it.

2013-12-04 17.42.39


This afternoon while I cooked, Becca helped Bethany make an Advent chain.  Bethany will tear off one link each day until Christmas.  I’m pretty sure we’ll need to make more of these tomorrow for the other young’uns when they see Bethany taking care of business.

2013-12-04 21.14.27


Natalie and Parker worked on a craft too.  Isn’t he cute?  Yes, he’s a little dingy.  Must be city snow instead of country snow.

2013-12-04 21.14.08


And I decided this handmade lace doily would be perfect under our little table tree.

2013-12-04 21.16.00

I got a whole bag of crocheted items like this at a garage sale recently.  An elderly couple was clearing out their attic, and the 82 year old man told me his grandmother had made them.  He remembered watching her when he was little, and commented that all the wives used to get together and crochet all day back then because they didn’t have televisions to entertain them.  His grandmother died when he was still young, so these items are probably 80-100 years old!

2013-12-04 21.16.09


What’s new in your family today?

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  1. Love the necklace. What a find for the crocheted items for your family to enjoy. Such a treasure.

  2. I like your necklace, too. Very colorful! I remember having cookies for breakfast around Christmas time when I was a child… And eating only chocolate pie for supper after Thanksgiving dinner. =) It was great when Mom relaxed the “food rules” for a day every so often!

  3. I like the necklace too, it’s perfect for some added color around the house. And away if you want, mommys have a different fashion sense than the rest of the world.

    Do you have a link to instructions for making the little sock snowman? I think my kids would like to try that.

  4. MotherLydia says:

    I like the necklace. its so colorful. Looks like it would hold up to little ones too.

  5. Yes, I did enjoy this post. There is so much in it that is fun. Thanksgiving leftovers and making your own. Pumpkin pie for lunch. The dingy cute snowman. And a bag of dear memories. How precious!

  6. I am not a grandmother, but I crocheted!

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