25 Days of Christmas, Day 6: Baby, it’s cold outside!

Today Perry took 6 kids to work, and I took the other 4 to WalMart.  I know I said that there’s a basket to hold Santa hats next to the front door, but the truth is they usually get left in the car.  Since Perry had a total of 7 passengers, he took the van to work and left the car for me.  This time, we got the Santa hats.

2013-12-06 13.57.29

Uh oh.  Do you see what I see?

2013-12-06 13.57.22

Somebody is NOT wearing a Santa hat.  That’s a clear violation of stated regulations.

2013-12-06 14.03.36

See?  Even Calvin wears one.

2013-12-06 15.14.50

I thought we were going grocery shopping, but when we got to the store I realized that out of over a dozen items on my list, only 2 were food.  The rest were Christmas lights, more Santa hats, gloves, tape, etc.  A list like this seemed appropriate since we wore our Santa hats into the store.

2013-12-06 22.20.16 (1)

Hey! Bad dog!

Oh, and weatherstripping.  I bought three kinds of weatherstripping, hoping that I could seal up one or more of three very leaky exterior doors, cuz baby, it’s COLD outside and not expected to warm up for several days at least.  The good news: the first door I fixed no longer leaks when it’s closed all the way.  The bad news: it no longer locks, and barely closes all the way.  At least there’s less cold air coming from that direction.  Now we need to figure out what to do about the others.

By the way, where do you set your thermostat?  We try to keep ours at the recommended 68 degrees during the winter, but people keep turning it up.  They think they’re being sneaky, but I can usually identify them by their shorts and bare feet.  But 68 does feel cold to us; are we just spoiled southerners, or do a lot of people keep theirs higher?

Speaking of cold, here’s my favorite version of my favorite Christmas pop-song.  I love Christmas hymns, but this song is a little different.  I love this version because the couple is married, and the chemistry when they flirt is so very real.  They’re adorable!

Do you have a favorite Christmas song?  Hymn or otherwise?

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  1. Kim, who is the couple in the video? I came back to play it again and I can’t see it anymore. I searched youtube but that’s the cutest one I’ve seen. I love that song now!

  2. We keep the thermostat at 65 in the winter, and 73 in the summer. When I was a kid my mom kept the house at 60 during the day and 55 at night. It wasn’t unusual for us to be able to see our breath in the house, but we couldn’t afford the heat.

  3. Michigan: 67 during the day and 65 at night. We would keep it cooler at night, but the little one doesn’t sleep as well.

  4. In Indiana, we turned the furnace on at the end of November, set at 68. Prior to that it was dropping close to 60 in the house. This old house does not circulate the heated (or cooled) air to the upstairs bedrooms. The kids sleep up there, and reported temps near 40 in their rooms! That’s a little too chilly for me. They do have space heaters that they use periodically. Our bedroom is usually 63-66. Any warmer and I wake up sweating.

  5. We keep it at 67 during the day and 63 at night. Richard and I could go colder but we keep it there for Maggie who doesn’t sleep well when it’s colder. After reading this, I’m going to Walmart tomorrow to get weather stripping for our front door! Antique doors are sure pretty but they’re super drafty. I’ve been piling towels around the floor to keep out the drafts.

  6. When we lived in Maine we kept it about 65. We also had thermostats in every room and kept our bedroom even cooler. Now that we’ve moved and have a toddler we keep it at 73 since our son’s room stays much colder than the rest of the house.

  7. Here in connecticut in a 1932 house heated with oil we are positively stingy with the heat! 63 during the day if we’re home, 58 if we’re not, and 55 overnight! 68 would give my husband a heart attack!

  8. We are wimps of the highest order.
    72 degrees!

  9. We are battling our heater right now. During the day the second story of our house feels like it’s aflame, while the bottom floor feels perfectly comfortable. At night we have to turn the heat off all together because even set in the 60s it just gets too hot/dry. So basically we just snuggle up under A LOT of of blankets as the house dips down to the upper 50s.

    I know, totally first world problems, but I wish would could figure out a way to make the whole house feel comfortable.

  10. I’m not sure what our temp is set at, I do know I wear socks and sweats, whe our air conditioner isn’t running:D We are just a little north of you and this below freezing stuff is weird, today we are burning wood in our fireplace, it is wood we have had around for a year or more, we will need to find a source of more free wood before we can burn anymore.

  11. Wow! You all keep your houses cold in the winter. I live in Northern Canada and I have my heat set at 76 degrees. I hate being cold inside when it’s cold outside, but I do go around wearing tank tops inside in the winter a lot. It’s expensive to heat but its well worth the extra expense in my opinion.

  12. We live in Western NY State. 70 daytime and 69 at night.
    If I forget and leave it on 70 upon bedtime, we all wake up in the wee hours sweating.

  13. We keep our thermostat set at 69-70 during the day in the winter, depending on who’s around. 67-68 at night.

  14. It’s 68 here, but we’re not wearing socks here and some kids have short sleeves on. So, we’re going to try creeping it down to 66.

  15. Up in chilly PA with expensive oil heat (no natural gas in our neighborhood, but it is just 300 yards from our house, sigh) we keep the thermostat set to 63. With old windows, that gives us a windchill of 60. And we turn it down at night. Turtlenecks, fleece, sweaters–we layer around here! And usually try to remember to turn it up to 68 when we have guests, especially older folks.

  16. 66-68 and no one wears shorts…and if you are cold, but on a sweatshirt…I’ve kept it at 63 in the past…but our house isn’t drafty (this one…yeah) so even at 66 we are comfy without sweaters.

  17. We have natural gas here…..our fireplace, stove and water heater are all natural gas. The old baseboard heaters are still attached to the bottom of the wall in the dining room and the original thermostat is still hanging on the wall in the living room, but we’ve never used them. I’d say it’s about maybe 60 or so in here right now……I love it but, right now it’s 18 degrees outside, which is unseasonably cold for our area, so we’ve been keeping the fireplace on all night and leaving our bedroom door open…..our room and the younger girls room gets VERY cold because there’s no insulation in the walls!! We ADORE our natural gas!!!!!

    As far as a favorite Christmas song, I’ll have to think about that one!! It’s hard to pick. I listened to the one you posted. It was really great. The guy has a great voice and I adore that old, 40’s feel. I also like to flirt with my husband…….sigh……he’s still hot in my eyes after all these years!!

  18. It gets pretty cold here, and we heat primarily with wood, which only heats the main rooms. That said, IF we use the heater we usually set it at 58 🙂

  19. This Alabama girl like it on 70. But I am still bundled up in sweatpants and furry slippers.

  20. We are at home on the great plains.It is -5 this morning. Inside it is 72 unless I get cold and turn it up! We have an outside wood boiler that gets fed once a day so we set the thermostat at whatever feels good 🙂

  21. I live in the frozen north and have the thermoset programmed to be 65 during the day when we’re out, 66-68 in the evening when we’re actually home, and 55-58 overnight (it’s programmed to rev back up to about 65 about an hour before anyone is usually up). Anything higher than 68 and I think it’s sweltering!

  22. 65° (baby it’s cold inside!) I tell them put a sweatshirt on-in the summer you don’t wear a sweatshirt and ask me to put the AC on higher!!! Got to dress for it : )

  23. I’m sorry to ask…is Vision Forum seriously closing?

  24. Jacqueline says:

    I usually keep mine at 66 and wear my fleecy. I used to keep it at 72, but I worked my way down to save on energy costs. You can get used to it – 72 now seems really hot to me.

  25. If you think 68* is cold, try living on the South Island of New Zealand through a few winters. By now, 65* seems normal, and 70* is hot!

  26. 66-68 degrees, baby.

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