25 Days of Christmas, Day 7: Stocking for Bethany

Thank you to everyone who answered about thermostat settings.  It sounds like we’re in the right ballpark, and we just need to dress a little more appropriately while we wait to acclimate.  That process should finish just about the time it gets warm again.  Of course you tend to have that problem when you hit the 80’s in March.

But we’re not in the 80’s now.  We stayed in the 30’s all day.  It feels like winter, even though it’s technically still fall.

Today is the seventh day of December.  See?

2013-12-07 20.12.15

I made a trip to the Dollar Tree today, and found something that warmed 12yo Becca’s heart.  After hanging most of the lights outside, she really wanted a big bow for the front door.  I found one for a dollar.  This one even has a jingle bell!  I know the knocker says Sanchez.  Just go with it, like we do.

2013-12-07 20.13.37

Tonight as we were setting the table, we realized that all the cloth napkins were in the laundry and we had no paper towels or paper napkins.  Then I remembered something else I bought at Dollar Tree today: red napkins with white snowflakes.  I thought I would get them out for a nice little touch one evening close to Christmas.  It turns out, that evening was much closer to now.

2013-12-07 18.35.29

Notice the extra guy at the table?  Just in case you believed Lydia’s little joke on facebook, he is not her bf (boyfriend).  He looks way too much like me.


That’s my bro, dude.  There’s 25 years between us.  He’s actually a year and a half younger than Lydia, and just barely older than our 4th daughter, Megan.

Tonight we read Luke chapter 7.  As I read each chapter, I am struck by how many titles for Jesus are found right there in a single gospel.  I really want to make ornaments of all the names of Christ.  Not sure if that project will happen this year, but it’s definitely going to happen.  I really love this version, and it looks very easy.  I’m just wondering if there is a cheap way to get scrapbook paper.  Do you buy it by the sheet?

Speaking of crafts, I finally finished the stocking I started for Bethany last year.  These are roughly patterned after the stockings Perry’s grandfather made for him and his siblings and cousins.  Now I’m only two stockings behind, and only one is urgent since I have a little stocking for whoever happens to be the current baby – that’s the one that Bethany has been using for 5 years, and Parker has been used a store-bought one.  Now I just need to make Parker’s this year.  Calvin is covered unless/until he gets replaced by a newer model.  Then he will need his own stocking.  🙂

2013-12-07 23.19.34

Oops.  Did I say it was finished?  It still needs just a few white stitches at the top, and a braided loop for hanging.  If I hurry, I can finish tonight!


  1. Kim, did you see this pin? http://www.pinterest.com/pin/166562886191928259/ you could print these out as pictures and really make some cool things.

  2. I purchased scrapbook supplies Saturday to make Christmas cards. I used my Joann’s, Michele’s and hobby lobby coupons to get a nice stash of scrapbook stuff for $20. Look for coupons in the paper and online. It’s a great way to save money on crafting supplies.

  3. If you have a colour printer you can make your own scrapbook paper at home! Just do a search for printable scrapbook paper. My daughter and I found a lot of beautiful options for some Christmas cards we were making together. We printed most of ours on white cardstock using our colour laserjet.

    My hubby was in Austin this week for work and left a day earlier than planned because of the cold snap in Texas. All his flights were cancelled the next morning so he got out just in time.

    We live in northern Canada and it was -29 celsius here yesterday…I guess for Americans that would be -20.2F.

  4. ok. I admit it. I did wonder about the young man at the table. Happy to meet one of your brothers. What a darling stocking. And how precious that Grandfather made the originals. I knitted red stockings for my girls and nieces and cream stockings with a red band for my boys and nephews. I like your crochet ones. Don’t buy it by the sheet. Just get a nice fat book of scrap paper when it goes on sale for 50% off. You’ll use it for lots of things.

  5. Kim, you can buy it by the sheet or I could bring you some if you would like. Let me know a broad idea of colors.

  6. You can get scrapboom paper by the sheet @ Hobby Lobby and Jo-Anns, and maybe Michaels. If you watch Hobby Lobby ads you can get them 50% off sometimes. So, normally $.59 – $1.50 a page, down to $.30- $.75 a page.

  7. you can buy scrapbook paper by the sheet, but I’m guessing if you look on craigslist, you could find someone willing to give you a bunch for pennies. I keep some around for various DIY projects, but Hobby Lobby also has scrapbook paper reasonably priced. that is a great project. I’d love to make those also…

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