25 Days of Christmas, Day 9: Shopping

Today was a shopping day.  Not groceries, but gifts.

This morning, I took Natalie, Becca and Rachael to Hobby Lobby where they bought some carefully planned gifts for a few lucky individuals.  I also picked up part of Bethany’s costume for the church’s Christmas pageant…and I just realized I forgot to get the materials for a backdrop we volunteered to create for the pageant.  Guess where I’ll be going tomorrow?

Later in the afternoon, I took 5yo Bethany shopping for a gift.  Together, she and I came up with a fun gift for the whole family that she could pay for all by herself with just $3-4.  She’s working very hard to keep it a secret, so I won’t spoil it by telling here where her sisters might see it.

While we were out, we went to a feed store and bought the dog a couple of early Christmas gifts: a duck foot and a pig snout.  I confess, I bought both mainly for shock value.  I was successful.  You should have seen the kids’ faces!  It was best $1.89 I’ve spent in a long time!

2013-12-09 16.55.29 2013-12-09 16.58.11

The dog was insanely excited about the duck foot.  Have I ever told your our dog can talk?  He only says one word: Mom.  When he wants something from me, he follows me around just like one of the kids growling, “Ma-ma-ma-moooom!”  Don’t believe me?  See for yourself.

On his way home from work, Perry got a tree.  He took a bunch of the kids to work with him today, so they were with him when he stopped to choose it at a local nursery.


Just before he snapped the photo below, he told them to look busy.  I think each person’s idea of what it means to look busy says a lot about that person.  What do you think?


After dinner, Perry and I went out on yet another shopping errands.  T’is the season, you know.

And the tree?  We didn’t decorate it, or even bring it in the house yet.  It’s sitting outside in the cold cold COLD, waiting to have its trunk trimmed tomorrow, right after we find the saw.

Tomorrow’s goals, among a hundred other things:

  • Decorate the tree
  • Work on Parker’s stocking, at least a little bit
  • Settle on a plan for Bethany’s costume



  1. Did you know that the Christmas tree is in the Bible? You might want to look up Jeremiah 10:3-4.
    Here is a fascinating further study: http://youtu.be/-RdJvQg7YqI
    Blessings on your dear family! We enjoy reading your blog.

    • Jean, I can see why people might compare that to a Christmas tree, but you can’t ignore the context of the passage. It’s describing a false religion, a specific pervasive form of idolatry that used trees and groves, and people were bringing them into their homes for the express purpose of idolatry. Just as using gold or silver-plated forks doesn’t mean we are worshiping our flatware, I don’t think that decorating trees with gold or silver colored ornaments means we are worshiping them.

  2. LOL at the various interpretations of “look busy”

  3. I’ve been shopping, too. For a vacuum as ours has finally called it a day and our two long-haired golden retrievers and our flocked christmas tree require us to have twice daily vacuum sessions. I’m thankful for vacuums.

  4. don’t forget to pick up the backdrop

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