30 Days of Thanks, Day 30: Travelling mercies

Today is the last day I’ll be doing this, and tomorrow I will start 25 days of Christmas.

Today I am thankful for what my dad always called “travelling mercies.”  Whenever our family left the house as a group – every week for church and less frequently for other reasons – he gathered all of us together around the table to pray for travelling mercies.  By God’s grace, we always arrived home in roughly the same condition as when we left, and we always found our home the same way as well.

We just got home from 4 days and 4 nights in Austin with the extended Coghlan family.  We live in a very quiet neighborhood known for its low crime rate, but there have been several minor incidents lately.  I was apprehensive about leaving for so long, especially during such a predictable time of the year.  We even took the dog with us, leaving our house quiet and empty – and vulnerable.  I guess I still haven’t entirely adjusted to city living, because I was really uncomfortable about doing this.

But we made it safely to Austin, and nothing worse than a little vomit happened while we there.  It wasn’t even anyone from our household – how did we escape that?!  And we made it safely home again.  Our house was was not broken into, or if it was they didn’t find anything worth taking.

Also, we didn’t die in a fiery wreck.  I’m being flippant, but I am truly thankful.  God is good.



brother in law

grandma and grandpa

yours truly



post-turkey coma

post-turkey coma

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  1. Personally, I don’t think birthing lots of babies equals hag. I think Kim looks gorgeous because she loves her husband and he loves her. And he therefore doesn’t let her take the full brunt of life on her own. And she has thoughtful and considerate children. Way to go, Team Coghlan!

  2. Sheila in MO says:

    Hmm, that’s funny. I was going to comment on the picture of you and two people have already beat me to it. So I’ll just say it anyway… what a PRETTY picture! Seriously you are freakishly young looking in that one. It would be cute to put that pic next to the one that was taken at a lower-than-your-face-and-too-close-up angle. We can all feel gorgeous and hideous on any given day, right? 🙂

  3. What a lovely picture of you in purple! So glad you had a safe and peaceful trip.

    • I was just coming to comment on how pretty you look in that picture too! You look way too young to have birthed so many babies! But then again, maybe that’s why you look so young.;)

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