Christmas deals

We’ve been eyeing this catalog with interest each time it arrives in our mailbox.  If you’re sad to see VF go, this company has a similar flavor in their toy selection.  Just thought I’d share their latest sale since I’m an affiliate. 🙂  They have hundreds of items at 60% off, and there’s still time for Christmas delivery if you really want it.



  1. I was so sad to VF go. I didn’t even realize it was gone until I went to their website a few days ago looking for something for my 3 y/o son and found nothing. After that, I’ve been thinking a lot about your family and praying for you guys in the transition.

  2. I was wondering if you knew of a place like VF with products and resources for girls? Thanks!!

    • Teresa, I wish I knew of a place like that. But honestly, most of the “boy” toys are just as fun for girls. 🙂 There are just a few key categories that are missing, like dolls and dress-up.

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