Happy Birthday, Dad

dad and mom

Today would be The Old Man’s 60th 62nd birthday.

He had a habit of forgetting details and making them up on the go, including his own age.  Since sometime around his fiftieth birthday, he started rounding his age up to sixty.  He also had a habit of rough speech, so was well known to exclaim, “I’m sixty damn years old!…”

While on the topic of Dad’s rough speech, I’ll tell you a quick story.  In the his last house, there was a divided door between the kitchen and the living room – the type often called a Dutch door.  He spent most of his free time in his place at the table, chain smoking cigarettes and reading books.

He insisted that the door between the living room and kitchen stay closed, and frequently yelled at the last person through the door to “shut the damn door!”

For many years afterward, my children thought that a horizontally divided door was called a Dam Door.



  1. Too funny! I know the type. Rough around the edges, yet somehow all the more easy to love.

  2. Haha! Reminds me of what Bill Cosby says in Billy Cosby, Himself. He and his brother grew up convinced their names were Jesus Christ! and Dammit! 😉

  3. Ahh…fathers…. Where would we be without them?

  4. Sheila Mom to Seven says:

    Is that your mom on the picture, or YOU? 🙂 Wow.

  5. Thanks for sharing! But I don’t call it “rough speech.” It’s “emphasis.” That’s all.

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