Throwback Thursday: Grandpa and Grandma’s house

I don’t usually do the Throwback Thing, but I stumbled across an old photo and I am trying to get back into a habit of blogging, just a little.  So here ya go.  It’s my grandparents’ house, not in its current magazine centerfold glory, but as I will always remember it.

grandparents house


I still haven’t gotten over the loss of the red shag carpet, and I hope to see that rocker in heaven.  And is that a Fisher Price Little Person I spy on the floor, just in front of Grandpa?  A tiny cylindrical guy with a bald head and a green torso?  I secretly despise the new-fangled plastic Little People with all their fancy details.  Ugh.  Where’s the imagination in that?

It’s hard to tell when he’s seated but Grandpa is a big guy, so big that his nickname was Harry Gorilla.  The other people in the pic are Mom, me (age 6), and my next two sisters.  That may be a peek of Molly the Old English Sheepdog in the lower right.  She will always be Grandpa and Grandma’s dog in my heart.


  1. Nana Ruth says:

    Love the picture! I’m about the age of your parents and we had yellow shag carpet in our first home. Had a vacuum attachment called a “rake” to clean it with. Ah, I remember it well 🙂

    You look just like your mom!

    Glad to see you blogging again. I cheered when you got everything back up on the blog 🙂

  2. Old pics with grandparents do bring on the nostalgia! On a blogging note, how is it writing posts under the dark cloud of first trimester nausea/fatigue? Is it hard to keep it up? How are you feeling?
    Marybeth 🙂

  3. We had a lot of those little cylindrical people/furniture when my sis and I were small. I never knew they were fisher price. We called them “little dollhouse”. My kids play with the remnant now.

  4. I love your grandparents! Although I have never seen your grandfather with out gray hair!
    Love, Becky Garrett(Sanchez now)

  5. And it looks like a Fisher Price dog as well. That is a fun candid shot. Thank you for sharing it.

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