Meet Gypsi!!

I think I have talked about this a little. I have been wanting a Border Collie for some time, but Australian Shepherds are better family dogs. So after searching the web for a while I found one up in Waco. That’s a long drive from here, so my uncle and aunt who live up there brought her down for me!

She is a black tri-color, 3 1/2 months old, so she likes to chew on things. She’s really curious, so she’s learning fast. Kaitlyn, Mom and I have been teaching her some basic commands like, sit, come stay, and heel. ¬†She adjusted to our large family rather fast, but I think Bess liked her better when she wasn’t so rowdy. ūüėČ
Her full AKC registered name is going to be Gypsi Rover (like the song). I chose between three of my favorite dog names, Ida (we met a family with a really sweet Border Collie with this name), Mona, and Gypsi.

Isn’t she sweet?!?

Dolls for sale

Posted by: Lydia Mae

I have 2 Fidelia dolls for sale. They are new from the clearance shelf.

The reason these were on clearance is because one eye on each doll is a little lazy. See? ¬†She looks like she’s winking.

Vision Forum sells these for $75. I will sell them for $45.00 each/w shipping.

I am selling these to replenish my savings because I am buying an Australian Shepherd partly because we are thinking about getting goats, and also because they are good with small children and chickens.
I¬†originally wanted a Border Collie, but mom and dad think an Aussie would be better around small children and chickens.¬†They are a lot like Border Collies, same size, same coloring, but they have slightly different¬†temperaments, Border Collie’s are a bit more energetic, and are some times a little nippy. Hopefully I have found one already, but I’m not sure. Cheers!

3 Evangeline Dolls For Sale – new in box $50

doll3posted by Lydia

These beautiful blonde dolls from Vision Forum have been discontinued, but Megan and I found 3 on clearance!  They are high quality, made in Germany, with hand-rooted hair that can be styled.  All 3 are wearing green checked dresses and are in perfect gift-giving condition.

They are $50 each, including shipping.

Who is your favorite fiction author?

Mine is R. M. Ballantyne,  because he writes very interesting historical fiction that I can read for school and just for fun. He writes very descriptive  fast-paced stories. One of my favorites is Hunted and Harried because it is a story of the Scottish Covenanters.  Another is Gorilla Hunters, the story of three friends who go to Africa to hunt the mythical gorilla.

I think Ballantyne is one of the best historical fiction authors for young adults.

Joshua Phillips has a blog about Ballantyne, and he is running a poll on favorite fiction authors. He would like several hundred responses so please go to Joshua’s¬†blog and answer his poll…

For Sale

posted by Lydia

I am saving for a Border Collie.  The reason I want a Border Collie is we have some friends that have a dog that we think might be part Border Collie. She is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever seen!! And on our way up to Branson MO we visited several people and it just happened that most of them had Border Collies.   So I hope to get one soon. I love dogs!!!

I have several things for sale,

  1. Under Drake’s Flag. The top two corners a little banged up but not very bad at all. Regular price $22. Will sell for $10.
  2. The World of the Trapp Family. The bottom right corner is dinged up a little but besides that it is in like new condition. Regular price $25. Will sell for $12.
  3. American History to 1865 by R. J. Rushdoony. 1,080 minutes on 37 discs.¬† There is some cosmetic damage, but the CD’s themselves are in perfect condition.¬† Regular price $150. Will sell for $75. SOLD
  4. Glenbrook Valley Train Set.¬† Like this one. There are a couple of empty spots in the styrofoam, but we looked carefully at the list of contents and it looks like everything is included.¬† We think you should take a chance on it – this could be a great deal!¬† manufacturer’s suggested retail price: $340.¬† Will sell for $70.
  5. Casey Jones Train Set. The box has a little shelf wear, but the electric train set is new. Regular price $150. Will sell for $80.
  6. Self Storing Fully Furnished Dollhouse. The box is a little worn but the dollhouse itself is new. Regular price $139.  Will sell for $80.  SOLD

Shipping on books is $3 for the first and $1.50 for each additional.  Shipping is included on other items.  Please check our For Sale page for other new stuff from me and my sisters at very good prices.

Hiegh Ho To Branson we go

Posted by: Lydia Mae

Day 1: We left on Thursday (July 2) at 5:00 am (really we did, as crazy as it seems, we actually left on time) we drove for 5 1/2 – 6 hours till we came to Glen Rose. We had lunch with some Facebook/blog reader/old church friends who own a blackberry farm. They were very generous with there blackberries (they gave us approx. 7 pounds). After lunch we drove some a few more hours and then had dinner and spent the night with Kelly and Andrea (Ah the Life) we had a great time.

Day 2: We ate a really good breakfast with Kelly, Andrea and their mom and we left and went to lunch with some other blog readers who lived about¬† an hour away. We played spoons, a fun and extremely semi violent card game¬† ate lunch, played with legos, and realized we were late for our own¬† “party”¬† Smockity Frocks, Karen and Paulette were there it was fun. After that we went to a 4th of July party with some friends from a sister church where I reintroduced myself to a some girls I met a few years ago. There was a little square dancing and I got to dance a some, a nice little seven or eight year old boy asked one of my friends named Amanda if she wanted to dance and she said that she didn’t want to, but maybe one of us might want to because no one had asked us yet. Looking a little sheepish he asked Megan if she wanted to, she said she would rather not.¬† So he asked Deanna she said that she didn’t really feel like dancing, after being rejected three times he hesitated not sure if it would be any good to ask me, when he did acted as if he expected me to say no. I immediately said ‘yes’ and we had a lot of fun. After the dancing there were fireworks and sparklers and soon after that we left. We stayed with Amanda and her family that night

Day 3: We ate breakfast with Amanda and her family that morning (It was one of the best breakfasts that I have had in a long time) and then Amanda went out to milk the cow. She let Megan, Natalie, Becca and me help, I think it was fun(I know that might sound kinda weird, actually wanting to milk a cow but I have always wanted to live on a farm and I love animals ūüôā ). Any ways soon after that we left and have been on the road since that. When we were passing through Oklahoma it was kinda creepy, there was wind, lots of wind and heavy rainfall and lots of clouds that looked suspiciously like tornado clouds or, maybe we are just really paranoid.

Well that’s all that has happened so far.

Several Things For Sale

Posted By: Lydia Mae & Meg

Megan and I have some stuff for sale,

  • 3 copies of The Family the lower right corners of the books are bent forward in the front and the back. Retails for $20.00 will sell for $5.00 2 PENDING; 1 LEFT!
  • 1 copy of Backyard Ballistics like new condition except for a little bit of shelf wear. Retails for $17.00 will sell for $7.00 PENDING
  • 1 copy of How to Build Tree houses, Huts and Forts almost perfect condition except for the top right corner is a little bent. Retails for $15.00 will sell for$7.00 PENDING
  • 4 copies of¬† Backyard Homestead with minor damage on the spine.¬† Paper is a bit “chewed” in one small spot on each, but damage is not structural. Retails for $19.00 will sell for $7.00 each.¬† 4 PENDING
  • 1 copy of Backyard Homestead perfect condition retails for $19.00 will sell for $9.00¬† SOLD

Note: Shipping is $3 for the first item, and $1.50 for each add’l. Please add $4-5 dollars for shipping to Canada.

Paypal is our favorite method of payment!

Remember to check the For Sale page for more great deals on Vision Forum products!

Vision Forum books for sale by Lydia

posted by Lydia

I have three huge beautiful hardback books for sale. Since they are extra heavy, shipping has already been added to all these prices:

  • Noah Webster’s 1828 Dictionary Like new condition.¬† There is small rip and a little bit of wrinkles on one page near the middle. Retails at $75. Will sell for$35 w/shipping.¬† PENDING
  • The Complete Works of Flavius Josephus Almost perfect condition.¬† There is a bit of slight shelf wear. Retails at $60. Will sell for $30 (w/shipping)¬† PENDING
  • The Pilgrim’s Progress Perfect condition except for several small holes on pages 179-190 from the binding process. Retails at $60, will sell for $30 (w/shipping)¬† PENDING

Note: For shipping to Canada please add an extra $5.00.  All images are stock images from the Vision Forum site.


A few Things For Sale

Posted by: Lydia Mae

I have three dolls for sale,

  • Liberty #1 (new style Made in China ), She is in perfect condition she even has her hair net. Will sell for $50 shipped.
  • Liberty #2 (old style, made in Germany):¬†¬† Wearing a pretty pink checked dress.¬† Ink from clearance sticker bled through onto the skin of her arm, so she is marked.¬† Comes with the long sleeved Regina doll dress to cover the mark (no cap or apron).¬† $35 shipped. SOLD
  • Liberty #3 (old style, made in Germany):¬†¬† Wearing a pretty pink checked dress.¬† $50 shipped.

The main reason I am trying to sell these dolls is because we are going to a homeschool conference tomorrow and Saturday and I would like to have some spending money, and a few people in my family have birthdays coming up. We do 10% tithes in our family and then I have to put half of what is left into my savings.

PS. Mom said to mention the Drawing that ends tomorrow night.

For Sale update

Posted by Lydia

We have just added six new dolls to our For Sale page. The prices range from $40 to $5o (including shipping).  We also have seven books that we have not added to the For Sale page.

Shipping is $3 for the first book and $1.50 for each additional book (yes this is different, we are going to change the pricing on the For Sale page too)

If you want to buy any of this, you can tell us in the comments or use the contact form on the For Sale page.