Here are some acrostic poems I wrote:

See the flowers blooming,

Peeping from their buds.

Rising from their winter graves,

Into the warm spring air.

Now they can show their splendor,

God is good, he gave us spring.


Feel the breeze a blowing,

Little flowers blooming,

Out in the sunlight,

Where the puppies romp.

Every day a new flower blooms.

Raising its head heavenward.

Spring, the prettiest time of year!

Lydia Mae 12 years old

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Fun, fun, fun

Mom and Dad decided to install smoke detectors. Dad wasn’t home and Mom couldn’t get up on the wall so she let me install them. So, I climbed up the wall onto the ledge and drilled the holes for the drywall anchors.Then I put the base against the wall,  put the screws in and twisted the top on.  It was fun and easy and another excuse for me to climb up on the ledge above the kitchen. 🙂  I installed two more, one in Mom’s room and one in the laundry room. I didn’t take pictures when I installed those ones. In the top two pictures the square of drywall you can see behind me is the entrance to the attic.

Here are some pictures Mom took while I installed the first smoke detector.


Remember Sestra? I thought I would post some more pictures of her. 🙂

She likes to hide. Do you know where?

She's gone!

Tip tail

Under her water dish!

Cozy Snake


Whenever I put back inside her cage she tries to get out again.

Let me go!!

Homeschool Kids Write Assignment 51

My Dad was very rotten when he was young(when I say rotten I mean ROTTEN). He told us hundreds of childhood stories, most of them rotten things he did to his brothers.  Here is my favorite. 🙂

When he (Dad) was eight or nine  and his younger brother (Christopher) was four or five there was a big oak tree in his back yard.  They live on a hill so the yard sloped away from the back deck.  Dad, Nathan (Dad’s friend), and Christopher went out back to play with a rope that was tied to the back of the tree.

They tied Christopher up with the rope so they could swing him off the deck. At the last minute Christopher freaked out and wanted to be untied. Nathan and Dad didn’t untie him.  When they were about to push him off the deck Nathan slid the rope under his neck so that if you saw it from the right angle it would look they were trying to hang him. Unfortunately Grandma saw it from that angle just as they pushed him off the deck.

Grandma went running out screaming, thinking that they were trying to hang Christopher. When he swung back to the deck he had rope burn on his neck. Nathan ran and hid while Dad got in trouble, and still if we ask Grandma then she’ll tell us of how Dad tried to kill Christopher by hanging him.

This post is part of this week’s Homeschool Kids Write project. Go see more!

Lydia C. 12 years old

‘One Thing I Love’ in 50 words

I love to draw animals, mostly horses. I like drawing because I can study God’s creation better. Drawing is something that you can never stop learning. Anyone can learn to draw of they want to. Horses are  fun to draw. I usually draw just the top half of their body.

– Lydia

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Christmas lights

Christmas is only 25 days away(or 24 depending on if you count today)that’s just over 3 weeks!! So, Megan, Natalie, Becca and I decided that it was time to get the Christmas lights out. We untangled the masses of Christmas lights that hadn’t been touched since last year, threw the broken ones away(blah blah blah)…

Any way we brought the broken bulbs in the house and messed around with them and then I decided to make this:

Merry Christmas

A story I am writing…

Posted by Lydia

This is a story that I have been writing since June or July of 2007.
I haven’t gotten very far in it because I couldn’t think of what to write for a while and then I would write a bit and the same thing would happen over again,  until I had gotten to where I am and now I can’t think of what to write. Click here to read

Please tell me what you think. 🙂

A new pet…

Well, she is not exactly new any more.

This is me (Lydia) holding Sestra.

This is Sestra. She is a 21″ Checker Garter Snake.
I have had her since August 20th.
Many people at my church don’t like snakes. Surprisingly, many of the younger children like her. There is a  3yo, 5yo,and a 2yo(PC4).

I have fed her many geckos and a tree frog. Soon all of the geckos will be gone (winter is coming) so I will feed her baby gerbils.
Sestra might grow up to 4′ long. I think that it would be even more fun to have a big snake.

Are you are wondering where I got my love for snakes? I’ll tell you.
My mom’s mom had a Ball Python that was almost 5′ long.
My Aunt Michelle had gotten Spike (the snake) as a present when he was about 10″ for her birthday when she was 12 or 13.
This was 11 or 12 years ago. I remember how much fun it was to hold him even though we didn’t hold him much. When we did we all (every one who wanted to) held him and were always begging for longer turns. Spike would now be 11 or 12…
only he managed to escape in 2006.


6 Things meme

This is Lydia.  I should have done this earlier. I decided to test a wrist walkie-talkie, anyway that is a story for another day.

Mom tagged me for the 6 things meme.

The six things meme
The rules:

1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write six random things about yourself.
4. Tag sixish people at the end of your post.
5. Let each person know he or she has been tagged.
6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

6 Random things about me:

  1. I have a pet snake and I hold her on my head.
  2. I can’t go more than a week w/o Chocolate.
  3. I am terrible at writing, and I can’t spell very well at all.
  4. I am a tree climber.There are 2 trees in particular that I can climb very high in.
  5. I never wear shoes unless I have to.
  6. I didn’t lean to swim until I was 8 (we didn’t have a pool close bye for the first 6 years of my life).

People I will tag.

  1. Grandpa at Just muddlin through
  2. Becca at Just horsin around
  3. Uumm that’s all that I can think of.  🙂


For those who live in the San Antonio area.

2 Female Holland-Lop Rabbits

  • 1 Brown & White
  • 1 Taffy

$50 for both w/ double-cage and dishes, or $30ea w/ cage, and dishes
Add’l cages for sale.
Email Mom if you have questions or would like to buy one or both of them. 🙂