My Brother is Obviously a Genius!

Posted by Megan

Which one? Well both, but for now I’m talking about Perry.

He likes to draw. Today he handed Mom a piece of notebook paper. “This is for you, Mom. I drawed it.”

A while later, Mom was looking at the picture and realized that this child prodigy I’m so blessed to have as a brother drew these people from the perspective of a short person. They’ve got small heads, huge feet, and are craning their heads down to look at you. He’s four years old for Pete’s sake! I just thought I’d tell you, so you won’t be shocked in twenty years when he’s rich and famous.

Before and After

Posted by: Kittykait

I came across this photographer’s blog recently and have really enjoyed looking at his pictures! I really like the effects he uses on eyes, which is where I got the idea for what I did:



I like poetry. I like reading it and I like writing it. Recently I have posted a few of my poems to facebook, and I have been greatly encouraged by the applause I have received from my friends, so I decided to share it with y’all.

Summer Breezes

summer breezes slip softly through the tall grasses,
I breathe in the heated air,
Almost feeling secrets whispered
as the velvet zephyr passes.
my soul resonates with the music ruffling my hair
I could almost dance,
but instead I write.


Sands of Time

I walk along the sands of time,
feel the music floating past.
stars above me
moon behind me
fire inside me.
I wish that I could change the past,
erase the footprints in the sand.
forever gone
forever made
the die is cast
and all things fade.



Silver-blue and exquisite
they pour from a summer sky
drowning the night with a heady perfume
daring me to fly
soaking the world in their milky light
the moonbeams slip softly down
I can almost taste them,
but instead I write.


Another riddle

OK here’s my longer harder riddle. I couldn’t wait till next week! But I will wait to Monday to post the answer. Please try to get the answer before you look at the comments, If anyone else finds and posts the answer before next Monday!

The answer is a single word, each clue gives you one letter.

For hint #1, see
what you can see in this
enigma I’m giving to ye.
The sea calls its name
But it’s not in the sea

Hint #2  is a fizzer it’s true,
But it’s in this Hear Clue,
four times 2. Look close
and closer if you want
to find wear the answer
to this enigma is fraught

You might be kind of thinking,
What’s it going to take?
but its just a piece of cake.
Do you know your ABCs?
A dozen loses one, is clue
Number three.

One, two, three
and here’s number four.
Do you know math?
it’s the square root of Y.

Answer ( High light to see ) :

Clue # 1 See & sea = C

Clue #2 The letter A is in this clue 2 times 4

Clue #3 12 -1=11 K is the 11th letter of the alphabet

Clue #4 y is the 25th letter of the alphabet E is the 5th letter of the alphabet 5 is the square root of 25

Complete answer: Cake

Big-mouth puppet

posted by 7 yo Becca.

Yesterday my sister and I found instructions for a big-mouth puppet.
It was  fun and easy.
This video is going to tell you how to make it.
Please leave a comment if your kids try it.

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Jamie Soles music

Slow down and read: there’s a free full download here for any and all!

Another item on the list of Things We Love is any music by Jamie Soles.  He is a husband, a father of 8, and a musician with a great talent for putting God’s Word to music.  Our children have nearly memorized all of his songs and I’m astonished daily at what they’ve learned.  They are unbeatable in Bible games and they usually win by quoting the lyrics from a Jamie Soles song.  Can you name Hosea’s 3 children and tell what each of their names means?  Do you remember what Jacob asked his children to promise?  Do you know what Abiram did?  My 10yo can answer all of those questions and many more.  Check out his website and visit the individual album pages for tasty samples of all his work.

Mr. Soles has generously given us permission to share one of his songs in its entirety.  I talked to the younger girls and they chose “Up From Here” as a favorite.  It’s the title track from the Up From Here album, which has an amazing variety of sounds, from humorous to somber and everything in between.

Free download:

Click to download the song Up From Here, then visit Jamie’s contact page to tell him thank you!

I was very excited to receive news that he is now taking orders for his newest album, Pure Words.   Here’s what he has to say about his latest.  I tried to shorten it, but it’s really worth reading the entire thing to get a glimpse of Jamie’s motivation:

Pure Words is a collection of songs from the early Psalms…It seems to me that the Church should be singing the Psalms, her ancient songbook. In a number of places in the New Testament the psalms are spoken of or quoted as though they had been uttered by the Messiah. If this is the case, and I believe it is, and if the believer’s task in life is to grow more into the image of Jesus, then mastering the Psalms would be a wise way to learn the mind of Christ. Do you want to be like Jesus? Well, here is a treasure trove of the way that Jesus thinks and expresses Himself in song. Learn to sing them well. Jesus is pleased when His people know how He thinks.

Most of these songs are taken word for word from the ESV Bible. I have taken artistic license in a few places, particularly in older songs, but I have found that the ESV makes doing so unnecessary. There is something very musical about this translation, something which accommodates it to contemporary song without need of revision. This is a very good thing, because today’s churches need to be singing the Psalms, and doing so in a fashion which makes sense to the modern ear.

To the Church of Jesus Christ the King; may these songs be useful for you, and helpful in your pursuit of Him.

We took a poll and below are more favorites in our house.  You can click the song title to play the free sample or visit Jamie’s online store to buy any song instantly for $1.75.  Click the album title to see the complete lyrics:

To learn more about Jamie Soles and his music, tune in for his interview on Kevin Swanson’s radio program on August 14.  Did you miss it?  Don’t worry; you can listen to previous programs.

Custom designed banners

posted by Kittykait

I love messing around in adobe photoshop, so when Vision Forum started their affiliate program dad asked me to make them some banners. Here is what they have put up that I did:

There are more they have not had a chance to put on the web yet.  Here is one of them:

Anyways Mom just suggested that I post on our blog about it and ask if anyone has a family business and would like some banners or tower ads? I would charge 2 for $20 for banners and 2 for $35 for tower ads.  Payment is due after I make an ad that you like and if I cannot there will be no charge.

I also enjoy tweaking the color schemes of blogger templates but I need a little more practice at that. ;D

Scripture Songs

As our family has matured in our walk, we have learned to analyze our entertainment more and more carefully. Long ago, we used to mindlessly absorb music and movies, ignoring the worldviews behind them. After all, weren’t watching them for the purpose of learning; we just wanted to be entertained. Hence, we evaluated them largely upon how well they entertained us and just made a mental note to reject any lessons we disagreed with.

We have been gradually working on sanctifying our music and video collection over the years, analyzing the messages and worldviews, slowly and painfully weeding out those old favorites that really are not glorifying to God. We have far to go but we are making progress.

We recently received a copy of Scripture Songs CD, and it is lovely! Kelly has an absolutely incredible voice. My favorite was the short but amazing a capella track at the beginning of the disc. It gives me chills every time!

Kelly has set to music lengthy portions of Scripture – some songs are entire chapters – and she does so with almost no changes to the wording. Nearly all of the lyrics come directly from the Bible, word for word.

BTW, Kelly blogs as Word Warrior on the subject of Families Against Feminism – a topic near to dear to us. Go say hi to her, check out the pictures of her brand new baby, and listen to some samples from her CD. And then buy it, because you’ll like it. And tell her I sent you.