Let’s try this again

usOK, here we go again.  You might have noticed my blog has been, well, not quite itself lately.

It was broken.  Very broken.  In desperation, I tried several desperate measures.  Some helped, others didn’t.  Then I decided it was nice not feeling obligated to blog all the time.  I just left it standing with my very oldest posts and had some fun mommy time instead of continuing to stress over how to fix my broken blog.

Now, thanks to friends, I think most or all of my blog’s problems have been solved except one.  It’s a huge one, but it’s just one.  Here’s the deal: I’m going to work on putting everything back, including all my posts between 2007 and now.

Here’s your part of the deal: you’re not going to complain if you have to put up with one of those annoying captcha boxes when you want to see my blog.  It should only happen to you once, or maybe once in a while, but not with every visit.  You’ll just be asked to type in a username (which is given to you right there: just read the little box) and do a single math problem that any homeschooling mom should be able to do in her head.  If you can’t, just call one of your know-it-all kids over to help.  They love that feeling of power when moms needs their help instead of vice versa.

Are we all good with this arrangement?  I hope so, because while I don’t miss feeling obligated to blog every day, I do miss using it as an online journal so we can actually record and remember all the fun stuff that happens around here.  And I miss YOU!