Books I Have Read (free printable for kids)

I’m still blogging in my mind, but no one has invented the Telepathic Blog App yet, so I can’t prove it.  I did, however, attend a fun and refreshing little blog conference here in San Antonio last weekend, and I am really, truly, planning to start blogging again.  Soon.  Maybe.

In the meantime, here’s a quick little project I did this morning for my kiddos, and I thought I’d take a moment to share it with you.  This is the first printable I’ve ever shared, so be kind.  🙂

Books I Have Read - free printable

Books I Have Read – Title, Date finished, Author, and 2 line Summary for 5 books (free printable in PDF format)

Every time one of my younger children finishes a school book, I take him or her out for an inexpensive treat – a dollar burger, a trip to The Dollar Tree, or something similar.  If they want, I let them wait and use 2 outings at once for a trip to the dollar theater (which actually costs $2 for each of us).  They always ask if reading a “regular” book can count, but I would be taking someone out every day of the week if I were that generous!

But here is a compromise: With this printout, they can earn an outing every for 5 books they have read – and they’ll have a good start on writing a mini book report!  As they gain practice, I’ll add a few more lines for the summary and switch to a 2-page format.  It will be easy since my printer does 2-sided printing painlessly.

Of course you can make up your rules, but I did put just a few requirements for my own children as to which books are acceptable:

  1. It must be a new book that you have never read before.
  2. You must read it – audio books are great, but they don’t count toward this goal.
  3. It must be at an appropriate level for you.

In the future, I might require that a minimum number of books on the list be non-fiction.

My kids are already enthusiastic readers, but I think this will encourage them to read with more purpose, seek out new titles, and retain more of they read since they will be summarizing each book as they finish it.

Do you use something like this? Would you like to?  If you download and use this, I’d love to hear what you and your children think!

Can’t wait for frugal friday!

I just posted on Frugal Hacks about 2 very different deals, each fabulously frugal and exciting in its own way.
One could easily be tied to chocolate, and the other has to do with books. See why it’s so hard to choose a favorite?

10 Tips to Read More and Read Better

I love books. Old books, new books, baby board books – each one is my very favorite ever.
I used to say that I loved reading, but I really don’t make enough time in my day to justify that claim. This is something that I am trying to change, and Tim Challies has a very helpful post on the subject: 10 Tips to Read More and Read Better. It’s a handy numbered list just long enough to inspire but short enough for those of us who, well, you know…those of us who don’t have time to read a lot…
ht to my friend MamaArcher

Now it’s confession time. How many people clicked to enlarge the image just so they could see the titles on my shelf?

Bonus points if you have any of the same books.