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Happy Birthday Beloved!

Happy Birthday to the prettiest girl in the world. (and a darn good blogger too)

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Kim

She's mine!

Very well said.

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Kim is one her way back home today so I thought I’d throw out a quick post.

Do you remember “Ask the kids: Do you want a big family?” ? Well one of our oldest internet friends Valerie put the same questions to her children., in a post titled “Why So Many” and I really appreciated her answer at the end of the post:

The Mommy
Our lives have been very hard in some ways, especially over the last 8 years, but I love having a big family, and I look forward to having many grandchildren, if God pleases.

I wholeheartedly believe the Bible truth that my children are a blessing tome, but far more compelling is the fact that they are a blessing to God. Each of them was especially created for His glory, for His honor, for His praise, for Jesus must forever be praised by millions upon millions of the saints of all the ages.

I like MORE, because Christ is worthy of MORE praise and because joyful fruitfulness in marriage tells a very important truth about the relationship between Christ and His church, especially when it occurs in the midst of difficulty.

She and I used to be on a discussion list many years ago and her uncompromising stand against birthcontrol is one of the things that changed my thinking once and for all about the issue.  If not for Valerie I might not have met 5 or 6 of my children. Praise God for faithful withnesses!

Well said Valerie and thanks!

Beautiful and Wise

posted by Perry C.

Kim at the conference

Photo courtesy of Carmon and Anna Friedrich @ Buried Treasure Books.

Stay tuned for more!

Father’s Day

Father’s Day came late in our house this year.

Perry and I had scheduled a 2 day trip to Dallas the week after Father’s Day to have Parker circumcised by a rabbi.  That may sound like a long way to drive, but while we did want Parker circumcised, we really didn’t want to repeat the AMA experience. Since we didn’t have time to shop around and check references, we went with my midwife’s enthusiastic recommendation.

It also helped that we had a lot of family in the Dallas/Fort Worth area who would love to meet our new son and would happily lodge us.  Our only cost would be time and gas, plus the rabbi’s fee.

But the cost of gas is pretty high when you drive a 15 passenger van.  After some quick calculations, we figured out that it would be worthwhile to rent a car for the drive, leaving most of the family at home.  I called around and found that we could rent a car for 2 days with unlimited mileage for just over $60, far less than we would save in gas.  Even better, we would save wear and tear on our van and enjoy better air conditioning.

I handled the arrangements myself, but while Perry thought I was reserving an economy car, the girls pooled their money to upgrade our rental for Father’s Day.

Instead of 2 days in a modest and sensible economy car, we spent 4 days in this:

It was supposed to be a Mustang, but alas! Somebody was having too much fun and didn’t turn in the Mustang on time.  I can’t say I blame him, but it meant my poor husband had to settle for a Camaro.  I think he handled the disappointment rather well.  It probably helped that the Camaro had a bigger engine than the one in our monstrous van.

Of course, he made sure to share nicely with the kids.

Can you “VROOM”?

It was, I think, a happy Father’s Day.  For all of us.

Why didn’t I think of that?

Dad: Boy, what’s on your shirt?

Perryboy: that’s my gum

Dad: why is your gum on your shirt?

Perryboy: I put it there

Dad: Why did you put it there?

Perryboy: It kept falling out of my mouth!

I’m late. I wish I was there. Act now supplies are limited!

From Perry

Your probably asking yourself what in the world do all three of the above have to do with one another.  Let me illuminate you.

  1. I needed to write this post yesterday
  2. It’s about the NCFIC.orgSufficiency of Scripture Conference” and I REALLY wish I were there.
  3. They are selling the audio messages from the conference @ a presale discount until the conference ends (in a few hours) so the “supplies” of discounted audio sets are very limited. Hurry up and you can still get yours for a 22% discount — FOR A LIMITED TIME!!!

But wait there’s more! (no really there is )


Due to my high level connections at the NCFIC I have been able to arrange to give away 3 sets of the full conference audio! Now I’m having the giveaway for the sole purpose of helping to spread the word about all the hard word the men over at the NCFIC are doing, specifically the “2009 Sufficiency of Scripture Conference“. So if you will help me to spread the word I will enter you in a drawing for one of three audio sets from the 2009 SOS conference.

Here is how I’d like you to help.

Blog, Facebook, or Twitter links to the blog and conference audio sale. Then comeback here and leave a comment to let me know where and how you helped get the word out by leaving a comment and a link to your post.

Link to any or all of the following

Conference Page:


NCFIC Conference Audio sale page:

I will leave the giveaway open until Wed the 16th of December.

(one last link: facebook page )

UPDATE: Link back to the giveaway for an extra entry in the drawing

2009 Family Portrait

The Fam

2009 Family Portrait

I can’t decide if this is funny or sad…

From Perry

So WHY should we trust him?

So WHY should we trust him?

We are a bloody people.

Bear with me there are extensive quotes below from several different articles.

From Whitehouse .gov

Speaking shortly after the confirmation, the President said he was grateful for the Senate’s confirmation, and gave special thanks the Senate Judiciary Committee for their hard work. He then reflected on Judge Sotomayor’s qualifications, and the historic nature of her confirmation:

….They’ve gauged her respect for the proper role of each branch of our government, her commitment to faithfully apply the law to the facts at hand, and her determination to protect our core constitutional rights and freedoms….

This is a role that the Senate has played for more than two centuries, helping to ensure that “equal justice under the law” is not merely a phrase inscribed above our courthouse door, but a description of what happens every single day inside the courtroom...And in the end, the outcome of your case will be determined by nothing more or less than the strength of your argument and the dictates of the law.

These core American ideals — justice, equality, and opportunity — are the ideals she’s fought for throughout her career…

You can read the President’s full statement here.

(emphasis mine and every time I read one of the phrases I thought “Unless you are an unborn child”)

In a National Review Online article titled “Death by Privacy” Contributing Editor Mark R. Levin tells us

“Finally, Blackmun focused on his legal rationale in Roe. He began with a review of the right to privacy, writing, in part:

The Constitution does not explicitly mention any right of privacy. In a line of decisions, however…the Court has recognized that a right of personal privacy, or a guarantee of certain areas or zones of privacy, does exist under the Constitution. In varying contexts, the Court or individual Justices have, indeed, found at least the roots of that right in the First Amendment…in the Fourth and Fifth Amendments…in the penumbras of the Bill of Rights…in the Ninth Amendment…or in the concept of liberty guaranteed by the first section of the Fourteenth Amendment….These decisions make it clear that only personal rights that can be deemed “fundamental” or “implicit in the concept of ordered liberty”…are included in this guarantee of personal privacy. They also make it clear that the right has some extension to activities relating to marriage… procreation…contraception…family relationships…and child rearing and education….

Blackmun felt that the right of privacy, wherever it comes from, includes the right to abortion. Do not look any further for legal argument amidst the voluminous opinion, because it does not exist. Perhaps the extensive historical analysis was included to compensate for the lack of legal analysis.

But Blackmun went further, and the Court followed. Not satisfied to strike down the Texas law, Blackmun began to write what seemed to be a new federal statute. According to Blackmun’s opinion, a woman’s right to abortion could only be abridged by a compelling state interest. In effect, Blackmun argued that there was an inverse relationship between a woman’s interest and the state’s interest that ranged across a spectrum from conception to birth. Therefore, the state’s interest at conception was minimal but increased as the pregnancy progressed, reaching its peak at the end of the pregnancy. A woman’s interest, paramount at conception, began to give some ground to the state’s interest in protecting the fetus as it matured toward being able to live outside of the mother. But Blackmun specifically declared that the unborn child was not a “person” under the Fourteenth Amendment, and thus had no equal protection rights.”

During her confimation hearings Rupublicans asked Judge Sotomayor how she felt about the status of abortion in America.

“The court’s decision in Planned Parenthood vs. Casey reaffirmed the court holding of Roe. That is the precedent of the court and settled in terms of the holding of the court.”  – Sonya Sotamayor speaking before the Senate Judiciary Comittee during her confirmation hearings.

You cannot make immorality moral by court precedent or legislation. Abortion remains an evil, murderous thing whether or not the court and the legislative branch.

So in honor of Judge Sotomayor’s historic confirmation I am posting a video that puts a live face on the “private” act of abortion, and saying a prayer. I am prayng God will grant repentance in time to spare us from chastisment.

Now I will be joining the 40 days for life campaign this fall.

How about you?