Giveaway – More Than Rules: Exploring the Heart of Beauty and Modesty


Today’s giveaway is Bambi Moore’s e-book, More Than Rules: Exploring the Heart of Beauty and Modesty.  If you don’t read Bambi’s blog, In the Nursery of the Nation, you are missing out!

Black Friday special: get the PDF for $.99 or the Kindle version for $2.99!

But even if you do read her blog – or especially if you read her blog, you’ll want to read her e-book on the difficult and divisive topic of modesty.  Bambi bravely tackles the subject without laying down rules and drawing arbitrary lines on the arms, legs and neckline.  Instead, she delves into the heart of the matter.  What is modesty?  What is beauty?  Why should we care?  How can we seek God’s will when we choose our wardrobe?

An ebook I wrote on beauty and modesty

Here’s one of my favorite bits from the book.  When discussing modest dress, people often make the assumption that modest = ugly.  Some even refer to modest dresses in general as “frumpers,” i.e. frumpy jumpers.  Not true.

Our lives make public announcements. A Christian woman’s clothing should make an announcement of “good works professing godliness”, not “pride” or “sex.” But why? The function of a Christian’s good works is to glorify God.
Consider Matthew 5:16: In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.
It is self that drives us to steal glory that belongs to God alone, no matter the tactic. It is self that makes us desire the focus and attention of others, to want their admiration and praise for clever wit, high social standing or clothing that is too expensive, too tight, too short or overall improper. Incidentally, clothing that screams, “Just look at me! I’m more spiritual than you because I’m dressed in a jumper two sizes too big!” is also immodesty because it seeks to attract attention.


I love this review by Jacinda of Growing Home

“More Than Rules is, hands down, the best work I have ever read on modesty. In typical Bambi Moore style, More Than Rules delivers a timely and convicting message with humility and humor. Though generally a divisive topic among Christian women, Bambi breaks through barriers of legalism and antinomianism and presents a biblical doctrine with grace and kindness that will ultimately lead others to contentment with who they are in Christ. It’s an affirming and encouraging read for those who sometimes feel like living in the modesty trench is a losing battle, and for anyone just curious about what it means to be modest, consider More Than Rules your ticket to a whole new wardrobe! “

Interested?  Learn more here.  You can read the introduction for free.  Ready to buy?  Get it as a PDF, or get the Kindle version from Amazon.


Bambi has agreed to give a copy of her e-book to 5 winners!  To win, just enter any or all of the following ways.  Please leave a separate comment for each entry.

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I’ll leave the giveaway open for 7 days before I randomly choose the winners.

Giveaway: new double album by Nathan Clark George

This giveaway has ended and the winner (Sheila G.) has been notified.  Thank you to everyone who entered!

Are you familiar with Nathan Clark George?  I’ve been enjoying Nathan’s newest album on my phone lately every time I leave the house.  His music, composed for worship, is energizing and peaceful at the same time.  It’s beautiful and reverent, and nothing like what passes for contemporary Christian music on the radio.

From Nathan’s bio:

It is Nathan’s desire to encourage a thoughtful and meaningful approach to worship and the Scriptures in song.  He continues to write and record many folk tunes based on theology, poetry, and everyday life…

Nathan’s concerts are eclectic, truly musical and aesthetically pleasing.  He understands the delicate balance of being fun and meaningful – of being powerful but not ear-splittingly loud – of being rooted in history but immediately understandable.  In his view concerts should leave you wanting more, they should inspire and encourage.

His new album, due to be released on November 10, is called To Live is Christ.  It’s 22 songs consisting of 11 Psalms and 11 Songs/Hymns on two discs.

This isn’t Nathan’s first album.  He has several others available on Bandcamp.  My favorite is his Christmas album, A Midwinter’s Eve.  It’s full of hauntingly beautiful renditions of many less popular Christmas songs. You can listen for free, or buy to download – just $9 for 14 songs or $1 each.  I am not a music purchaser, but I’m definitely buying this album!

Oh! Look! You can listen to his new album here!

How cool is that?!  Is it working for you?  If not, go here to listen or to buy: To Live is Christ

And here’s a special gift for Life in a Shoe readers: download a song from his new album for free!  Just give your email address to download Calm Content.


One randomly chosen reader will receive a real, physical copy of Nathan’s newest album, To Live Is Christ!

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This giveaway will be open for 7 days, then I’ll randomly choose a winner to receive a free album.

This giveaway has ended and the winner (Sheila G.) has been notified.  Thank you to everyone who entered!

FREE! 5×7 Custom Softcover Book with 20 pages (just pay $2.99 shipping)


I know I just posted about the practically free Dr. Seuss books, but I couldn’t pass this up either.  Doesn’t it look fun?  What a perfect Christmas gift for grandparents or other family members – or a young child.

With your personalized cover on this softbound book, you can create the perfect (and very affordable!) storybook.  Beautiful page backgrounds and clip art embellishments invite you to get creative!

  • custom printed softcover
  • basic book is 20 pages
  • add up to 130 additional pages
  • add as many pictures as you like and resize and move them
  • add text and clip art to make a one-of-a-kind creation
  • let the system auto-fill the book with your pictures or place them exactly where you want
  • new book themes have an array of coordinating pages and matching clip art embellishments
  • AND new customers get 40 free prints!

We’re so bad about collecting thousands of digital images but never actually printing them.  I think this is a great way to actually USE some of our amazing photos as gifts!

Fun deal: 5 Dr. Seuss hardbacks for $5.95 plus a 2014 calendar

I posted about this once before, but the deal has changed so it’s worth mentioning again.  You still get 5 fun hardback books for $5.95 (shipping is FREE), but now you get a free 2014 calendar too!

My boys have a calendar in their room, and they love marking off the days each morning.  It’s a much more natural way to learn the days of the week, months of the year, holidays, etc. than in a workbook!

And of course every home needs some Dr. Seuss books for beginning readers, and for reading aloud to little ones.  I think we’ve been through 4 or 5 copies of The Cat in the Hat.

I’ll admit I don’t like a lot of the newer Dr. Seuss titles – which have very little to do with Dr. Seuss –  but I find the older ones charming and nostalgic.

What is your favorite Dr. Seuss book?

This is a monthly book club, so you will automatically be sent additional books each month if you keep your membership.  If you don’t want to, there’s no obligation to buy and you can cancel online or by phone anytime.


$4 Vision Forum sale

If you like Vision Forum, you’ll want to know about this sale!  Several pages of great stuff priced at $4 each!  I saw several titles I have personally loved and recommended in the past.  If the past is any indication, it’s very likely they will add more items over the course of the sale so be sure to check back often!




A few of my personal favorites:

Ten P's in a Pod (Paperback)

$4.00 (Save 71%)

Tints of Nature giveaway!

This giveaway has ended.  The winners are Melanie, Elizabeth and Lori

By Kaitlyn

Having long hair is a great accomplishment, or so I’ve been told, but I haven’t had a real haircut in nearly 4 years and it is boring.   Just to clarify, I don’t keep it long because I think lightning from heaven or the rod of correction will strike me if I don’t, but every time I think about cutting it I have a horrible dream that I shaved my head bald on a whim, interpret as you will. 😉 That, and I promised myself I’d see it at my knees one day.

So here I am trapped like Rapunzel while Megan chops and hacks at her curly mass changing it as she will.   I had to find some way to curb my appetite for change, but that’s just it, I’m afraid of change. After rolling this dilemma over in my head I finally settled on the idea of having red hair, partly inspired by a red-headed photographer friend.

In the name of health, fear of change and inexperience I decided on a natural semi-permanent dye.  With some research I found Tints of Nature to be the closest match to my criteria, and with some conniving I managed to get it for free, er, I mean, Tints of Nature was generous enough to sponsor a review. They sent me two boxes of Semi Permanent Golden Copper Blond, which is really similar to this color (I think they discontinued my color).












Megan and I set to work on application less than ten minutes after it arrived at our door step, the time it took to convince Mom that it was a good idea to start 2 hours before we were due at the airport. The instructions were very clear (once you found English among the other 23 languages).  Even homeschooled newbs can follow without too much trouble.


She started at the front hairline, per the instructions suggestion and worked her way back.  Application took a total of about forty-five minutes.  I was a little worried that the front would come out drastically brighter since it was in for more than twice as long, but it all looked pretty even. It brightened up my natural tone while still letting my natural highlights shine through.

The dye left my hair feeling really soft and there wasn’t a trace of distinguishable chemical smell.  Megan liked the smell so much she was about ready to eat my hair.  The color is lovely and brilliant outside. I definitely look like a red head with direct light and sunlight. Inside it’s a little less obvious.


Left: Zing! Right:My natural color with a little bit of coconut oil 🙂

  Since the dye is semi-permanent a little bit comes out with every shampoo.  Honestly it’s a bit depressing. Every time I shower I see orange rinsing down the drain and I feel like the wicked witch of the west, “I’m meeelting!”, but it’s a good incentive to take care of my hair and use the least amount of harsh soap possible. At first I noticed a very small difference in the color each time I wash.  After 4 washes I was still a red head (see below), but the fiery look was almost gone.  Now that I’ve washed it 12+ times (6 weeks) I keep thinking it’s gone then I catch a flash of red and realize that I still have a lot of red undertones that I don’t get naturally.


Overall I’m very happy with the results. It was fun, easy and super exciting.

The Giveaway


Now it’s your turn! Tints of Nature generously is supplying three boxes of dye for us to giveaway. We will choose three winners randomly midnight June 24th. To enter go over to Tints of Nature’s store then leave a comment with your color choice. For a second entry share this giveaway on Facebook and/or Twitter.  Remember to leave a separate comment for each if you do both. Again, entries will be accepted until midnight June 24th, then we will choose three winners who will be contacted by a Tints of Nature Representative.

4 Free Redbox rentals

This is cool!  I’ll get a kickback if you join, but there are a million offers I could say that about.  I’m sharing this one because I’m excited about the offer itself!

We have a Netflix account that allows us unlimited streaming for times we don’t want to leave the house and rent from Redbox.  But we also love Redbox and use it more than we should.

Here’s a way to kill those two birds with one stone:


The free trial is a no-brainer.  Just cancel before the month is over, and you had 4 free rentals!  My oldest daughter and her husband watch all their movies online, then use the rental credits for video games instead of movies.

If you already rent from Redbox regularly like we do, the $8/month membership is a great deal.  Deduct the price of the rentals you would have bought anyway ($1.20/night), and the unlimited monthly streaming comes to just over $3.  Bonus: If you stream most of your movies instead of renting from the kiosk, you won’t have to pay for an extra day every time you forget to take the disc back.  I think we pay more for forgetting than we do for watching the movies!

I checked and most titles that are available in the kiosks are also available for streaming.  This saves you the time and trouble of tracking down the movie you want, plus there’s no chance you’ll forget to return it.  Or, umm, try to return it with the wrong disc in it.  Not that I’ve ever done that.  Don’t worry.  The kiosk rejects it, and then you just have to go home and find the right disc and go back to the kiosk again.  Grrr.

Need more motivation?  Check this out:

Grab the Redbox Instant App on all your devices to browse and stream movies away from your computer. We have most Android phones, iPhones and tablets covered, at 3G, 4G or by Wi-Fi. (By the way, if your wireless carrier isn’t Verizon, it’s perfectly OK!) And if you’ll be going offline for a while, use the app to download a title or two in advance. Save it on your device to watch later!

Can you see why I’m excited?

Sign up for your free 1-month trial and 4 free rentals

What movies have you seen lately that you recommend?

Free Father’s Day photo mug plus 40 free photo prints ($5.99 shipping)

mugI love photo mugs!   We made one for Perry for Christmas a couple of years ago, and managed to get all the kids on it by creating a photo collage of our own, then using it like a single photo on his mug.  They made me one for Christmas, too, and I swear my coffee tastes better from that mug.  Why wouldn’t it, when I’m looking at 11 happy smiling children?  If they were always happy and smiling, then maybe coffee would taste that good out of any cup.  😉


Here’s a great gift for Father’s Day.  Even with the shipping cost, it’s a great deal!  Order by May 31 for guaranteed Father’s Day delivery, so your husband’s coffee can taste as good as ours does.

Oh – and after they break the handle of the mug doing dishes?  It still tastes almost as good.  But they bought me a new one for Mother’s Day anyway, just because they love me.



I have been remiss. You can be a better homemaker.

Edit: This sale has ended.  I hope you bought your bundle in time!

Friends, I’ve been bad.  I knew weeks ahead of time, but I’ve been too lazy to blog and tell you about the HUGE ebook sale going on this week.


I knew ahead of time because the 4 Moms book is part of the bundle.  If you already bought your copy of our book, you’ll have digital rights to an extra that you can give as a gift when you buy this bundle!

This week only, you can get any or all of the 97 ebooks in this Ultimate Homemaking Bundle for just $29.97, plus $140 in free products!  No fair jumping to the bottom to see the freebies!

Prepare to be overwhelmed.  Here is a complete list of the books included.  Remember, you don’t have to take them all unless you want them all.  You can choose just what you will use yourself – but your links are only good for a limited time, so do download anything you think you might want in the future.  At 30 cents per book, you can’t go wrong!




But wait! There’s more!



But if you’re like me, you jumped ahead to see what else you could get for free.  Right?  Everything below is included free when you buy your ebooks.


A FREE Two-Month Membership to Fit2B Studio, where their wholesome workouts for the whole family are tummy safe and particularly target Diastasis Recti (split abs). ($19.98 value. No shipping restrictions.)

A $15 store credit to TruKid. With products like their aware-winning sun care, they are dedicated to providing all natural skin and hair care for kids, babies, and now pets. ($15.00 value. Standard shipping applies. International shipping available.)

Your choice of incredible natural products like sea salt and clay for FREE. Choose from the Redmond Trading Earthpaste Bundle ($24.90 value) or the Facial Mud Bundle ($26.90 value). (Standard shipping applies. Continental US only.)

Your choice of a FREE heirloom sourdough starter or FREE yogurt starter from Cultures for Health, the leading supplier of starter cultures and supplies for making cultured and fermented foods ($12.95 value. US & CAN addresses only. Standard shipping applies.)

Your choice of: a FREE 3-Month Subscription (for new accounts) or 30% off a One Year Subscription. Plan to Eat is an online menu planner that uses your recipes, scheduled for the days you want them. ($15.00 valueNo shipping restrictions.)

A FREE Culinary Herbs Assorted Seed Pack Check just in time for spring planting from, a living whole foods company. ($11.95 value. Standard shipping applies to all US states and territories- no international shipping for seeds.)

Get $10 off Union28’s original “my husband rocks” tee. Their marriage apparel lets you celebrate your spouse in style. ($10.00 value.Standard shipping rates apply. International shipping available, but free shipping only available within USA.)

A $10 store credit plus 1 FREE lip balm from Bee All Natural. Their whole body products nourish and heal, and are made using only the highest quality, food grade, organic ingredients. ($13.49 value.Standard shipping applies. International shipping available.)

A FREE 2 oz. bottle of your choice of liquid herbal formula from TriLight Health. They specialize in fast acting, great tasting natural herbal remedies. ($12.95 value or moreStandard shipping applies, within the USA only.)

Your choice of 3 FREE ePlanners OR a 3-Month FREE Membership toListPlanIt, whose mobile lists will help to organize your life. ($15.00 valueNo shipping restrictions.)
What’s your favorite part of the deal?  I love the mission and designs of Union 28!  Wouldn’t their shirts make a fun wedding or anniversary gift?

Time to file taxes

TaxAct: free e-filing for everyone!It’s time to file taxes if you didn’t already, and I didn’t.  I’m still waiting on one final piece of info, but I do know who I’m going to use.  In fact, I already filled in all the blanks and will be ready to e-file once I get that last piece of the puzzle.

Aside from printing and mailing your return the old-school way, I know of three major competitors in the e-file business, and I’ve used all three.  In the past I have used H&R Block because they had the best name recognition.  Then I switched to TurboTax because they were cheaper and actually found me a few more dollars when I used both sites to compare.

Last year, I tried both of those plus TaxAct, and I settled on TaxAct.  I thought all 3 sites were very comparable in ease of use, and all were comprehensive enough to handle my multiple streams of income and deductions.  The biggest difference: the first two are free if you fall under a certain income level, while TaxAct is free for everyone.

There is a catch: TaxAct charges you $9.99 if you want to import all your information from the previous year.  So it’s free the first time, then in the following years it’s up to you to decide whether your time is worth $10.  Since I have 10 kids at home and quite a few sources of income, I chose to pay for the import this time.  It was still cheaper than their competitors.

But I’m guessing that it probably only saved me 20-30 minutes, so I probably just passed up the chance to save the equivalent of $20 or $30/hour.  Next year, I’ll enter the info myself, buy the family a bucket of ice cream to celebrate, and still have a few dollars in my pocket.